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How do we delete our account?

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How do we dellete our account from this forum? Apologies for a separate thread.

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  • No, this is actually quite a valid question.

    Let me answer this for you.

    Since you simply "sign in" using your existing Gmail or Facebook account on ForumIAS, you do not "create" an account.

    What you do not create, you cannot destroyed.
    Therefore you cannot delete your account.

    This in a way is good for all of us. Whatever one has said or done here, both good or bad, stays with him/her on ForumIAS. Forever.
  • hmm.. this is bad. as the generator of data, i should have control over it. even data giants like google and facebook allow that. may be u can create a data policy where you disclose such things when people sign in.

    anyways thanks, i will just signout and ask my browser to forget the password.
    UPSC 2013 All India Rank 1 | Indian Administrative Service | Earlier : Indian Police Service
  • And what about those who have signed in, through an email id and not through facebook?
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    @ForumIAS i signed up with google/facebook but i can sign in using the same log in separately(which is on the left side). why is that? how does this site know my log in when it is not routed through google/fb(i.e. when i did not make a forumias account)?
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    I think not giving users control over their own posts is very unfortunate. Why shouldn't the user have the power to delete all their posts etc. ? Also, the post is not very clear, in one line it is mentioned that you do not create an account and in other it says that you cannot delete your account.
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  • Currently you can only sign in to ForumIAS with an existing Facebook of Google account. You may use a different (non Gmail ) Email ID for your Google account, but you can only sign in through the two of them.

    Why do we not delete accounts?

    - Because a number of people believe they can get away with what they do or say. They sign in to ForumIAS for a brief pleasure. We discourage that.

    - it would not be practical for us to do so since we receive such requests from a large number of rogue users who did or said something stupid. Handling such requests is not feasible with the current infrastructure.

    - We have received at least 32 requests from candidates selected for the three premier services IAS, IPS & IFS to delete their content. This has not been honored because 1) system is not designed in that manner and 2) the community loses out on the benefits of the wisdom shared by the candidates. We do send an email to those users after 6 months asking if they still wished they could delete their account. 24 replied that they were okay with it.
  • Please remember that Google & Facebook also collect private and personal data such as :-

    Phone Number,
    IP Address.

    They discourage users from creating anonymous accounts.

    We do not collect your Name, Phone number and trash all 1 month old IP addresses and allow anonymity and screen names. You have to pay some price for anonymity.

    When we move on to a more intrusive architecture that forces users to share such data with us, we shall provide a way to remove such data.

    However, what we currently have is :-

    1. You may request for deletion of some posts by you. We honor such requests.

    2. You may request change of your username. This request can be made once only.
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    What if I become a rogue user? Will you then delete my account?

    No. We merely make that account read-only for 15 days. This means, they cannot post comments on ForumIAS. But they can login and read content during that time.
  • @ForumIAS Is there a privacy policy for this forum?
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  • Yes, at the bottom of this page.
  • Why should someone delete her/his account and posts ?
    These forums are supposed to be a repository of knowledge for all- currently active members and for future members.
    This forum is just a medium and what you post should remain here(excluding indecent and inappropriate posts).
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  • Yes, at the bottom of this page.

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