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New to ForumIAS? Please read this first : Rules of Posting in the forum

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Welcome to Please go through this thread very carefully, to get to know about how things work on

Every community develops a culture that is created by the people of the community. On ForumIAS, we promote an open culture that adds value to your preparation, adds to your knowledge and creates a vibrant community. We aim to be a support group for people preparing for the Civil Services Examination, where they can express their concerns, share their success stories, ask for help, and answer the same for others.

Aspirants Anonymous.

If you have just discovered this website, chances are that you will be immediately wanting to post a question by creating a new thread. We strongly suggest that you to first go through existing threads and see how people behave and interact. What is acceptable and what is not. For example, trolling is not, and you may not troll. is a community for mature aspirants, and (unfortunately) one may observe that it may not be friendly to new people who are planning to begin their preparation, and may sound like non-serious aspirants at first. This is not something we encourage among our old member, but it happens.

One way for new members to avoid this is to go through the text below, as well as some of the links posted below. A smart way to build goodwill on the forum is to answer some user queries. For example, if you are from finance background, you may answer some questions from the Economy Category.

An index of important threads are available below for you to go through before posting a new question. Chances are your query has already been answered by someone before.
N.B.: These rules apply to all content hosted on and its sub-doamins and their pages and content.


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    Attention: Please read this before making any posts or starting new threads.

    1. General Etiquette:

    (i) Silence is better than BS: We love to hear different voices, but you must treat other members the way you would like to be treated. Personal attacks are strictly dealt with. No hate speeches. Impassionate outbursts need not be vulgar. Do not post unnecessary provocative messages. Do not be condescending. Do not behave in any way that you would not behave in a formal setting.

    (ii)This forum runs on active exchanges. Do participate rather than just "lurking."

    (iii) Thank people. When your query is answered. Use the "thanks" button instead of posting a big "Thank you." Don't be the leech who doesn't thank those who help them.

    (iv) Protracted heated personal exchanges are strongly discouraged. Sort out your personal issues over PMs. Flaming is strongly discouraged.

    (v) Do not troll the forum. Do not encourage trolling. Do not respond to trolls. Ignore them. They want your attention and they want to irritate you - don't gratify them. We retain the right to terminate any account that we suspect of trolling, impersonating well-known users or well-known people unilaterally, in the interest of peace on the forum. You may appeal against such bans by contacting the administrators through details posted on our contact page.

    (vi) No profanity or adult language is permitted. Do not put in anything that could be considered sexually explicit, chauvinistic, or unparliamentary. Do not post unnecessary provocative or lewd / vulgar messages. Do not be sexist or condescending. Do not behave in any way that you would not behave in a co-ed class. This applies to text and images posted, as well as to profile images and signature text.

    (vii) Users may not post under multiple names or pseudonyms. One person is entitled to only one screen name / user id. If a person is banned once, we retain the right to ban all subsequent profiles created by the same.

    2. Links, Contacts, Personal Messages

    (i) No Spam: ForumIAS has zero tolerance towards spam. Spammers are not welcome. No marketing rules. Do not use the forum to promote your product, service or business.

    (ii) No self-promotion: You may have your personal website / blog that you might want to publicise here. Sadly, that cannot be allowed as it opens the doors to a litany of spam. Please don't post links to personal blogs / websites on the forum - they will be deleted (notwithstanding Rule. 2.(iii)).

    (iii) Your first 5 posts on the community cannot contain links to other websites. This is a sure-shot criterion for account suspension and any content left by you may be deleted.

    (iv) Do not post your email address on the forum requesting material. Firstly, it invites bots, and secondly, we prefer public conversations. We aim at not being the no-brainer community where one person posts something and others leave a message like "..pls sir...send me GS material at my email" Please don't expect people to reply to your posts via email.

    (v) If you wish to chat with a particular member about anything personal (like sorting out personal differences), please use the private message (PM) feature, rather than chatting on the forum.

    3. Thread Creation, Getting Information:

    (i) Do not send your query messages to multiple people, especially immediately after joining.

    (ii) Use the search feature to look for the thread of your interest. You may also utilise the Quick Lookup thread for the same purpose. You'll be amazed at how many times the same question / doubt gets asked. UPSC aspirants tend to have very similar queries.

    (iii) Ask questions publicly on the forum, by creating a new topic, if none exists already.

    (iv) Do not start a new topic with "Help," etc. as title. It says nothing about what your question is about.

    (v) Ensure that title of the topic you're creating is self explanatory. Titles having less than 4 words are discouraged. The Best way to ask a question is to directly put it in the title (e.g: Which is the best book for Economics? etc.). Try to begin every thread with a Capital Letter. Do not use extra letters like "zzzzzz" or '......' in any part of your post, least of all in the topic name.

    (vi) Choose proper categories from the drop-down list when you create a new topic. That will make the everyone's life a lot easier.

    (vii) We are a topic restricted forum.

    Topics that are allowed by default are either (a) directly or indirectly related to the Civil Services Examination, (b) other UPSC exams / State PSC / banking related that UPSC aspirants pursue as career backup and (c) secular threads under our social section.

    Topics that are specifically not allowed are either (a) religious preaching, (b) political statements / campaigning, (c) advertisement / spam of any kind, (d) anything else that goes against the notion of 'absolute political neutrality.'

    4. General Readability Guidelines:

    (i) Do not use unnecessary exclamations or question marks ("??"/"!!!!!!"/"??????"/"..........") in your posts / the topic title.

    (ii) Try to be objective, point-wise and succinct in your questions and answers. Use roman numerals if required.

    (iii) Use proper capitalization in posts as well as topic titles. BLOCK LETTERS ARE IRRITATING AND AMOUNT TO SHOUTING AT SOMEONE. Just like the previous statement. all small is just as bad.

    (iv) You are encouraged to use simple HTML to format your posts. The post editor allows you to automatically adds tags for formatting if you use it.

    (v) Use paragraphs. Don't post a monolithic paragraph-less block. It's difficult to read. You may leave a blank line after every paragraphs.

    (vi) Use English as far as possible. This community has members from all over India. Please try to provide translations if you absolutely must post in a local language.

    (vii) Use Correct English and follow basic grammar rules as far as possible.

    (viii) Do not create a mindless thread full of errors in 1 minute and expect someone to decipher it and present a reply over fifteen. Those threads would be ignored, if not deleted.

    (ix) Stay on the topic indicated in the title of the thread. Shift your discussion to a different thread if you wish to discuss something else.

    (x) When replying to a post, do not quote more from the previous post than you have to. Delete the portions that are superfluous. This is especially helpful for people using the forum on mobile phones. Long quotes translate into long posts and long scrolling between posts.
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    Gender Sensitivity Enforcement Cell (GSEC):

    ForumIAS has zero tolerance for gender insensitivity (v.s. rule 1). For the first offence, a warning is issued and for repeat offence(s) account bans are handed down.

    Any member, aggrieved by gender insensitivity faced on the forum, is encouraged to send their complaint directly via private message to any of the moderators listed below.

    The information that you share with us about the incident will be discussed amongst multiple/all moderators/admins behind the scenes and appropriate action will be taken by consensus after checking relevant facts and antecedents. Moreover, the information, once logged with us, would help in catching repeat offenders.

    Action will be taken within 48 hrs and a follow-up message will to be sent to you. In extreme cases/inadequate redressal, the complaint will be dealt with by site administrators.

    The list of delegated moderators is as follows :

    @ igirit (female) / @ doodlebean (female) / @ Neanderthal / @ LuV / @ sananthan / @ Vibin / @ Woodpecker / @ Thor
    "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."
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    Types of elevated users on ForumIAS:

    1. @Root - Root is the appointing authority and has the final call on all matters. Root is also the arbitrator in case consensus cannot be arrived at, has veto powers and powers to upgrade / demote members.
    2. Administrator - @Neyawn. Fills in for Root in their absence.
    3. Super-Moderators - Moderators who may have powers to ban user accounts
    4. Moderators

    Hierarchy of users on ForumIAS :

    We are egalitarian but the command chain is as follows. This is not a 'pecking order.'

    1. Root, Admins
    2. Members of the Board of Control (BoC) for Moderators
    3. Other super-moderators, moderators
    4. Regular users (posting / silent - most)

    Rules for Moderators on ForumIAS:

    Goals of elevated users on ForumIAS :

    1. Ensure a welcoming / open discussion platform for civil service aspirants, keeping rogues under control.

    2. Ensure sustainability of the same.

    Targets of elevated users on ForumIAS :

    1. Maintain order on the forum by enforcement of rules laid down to the extent possible in a non-adversarial disinterested manner.

    2. Adapt to changes by altering the regulation framework (final call only if BoC agrees).

    3. Try and start / encourage good topics. Control / section off nonsense / bad discussions (limiting to a single thread).

    4. Respect fundamental rights and duties as enshrined in the constitution. Also respect the modal moral structure of civil society. (Acting under moral structures justifies moderator action.)

    Powers of moderators on ForumIAS :

    1. Edit / delete any post of any user in any justifiable way

    2. Banning user accounts (super-moderators only)

    3. Editing thread titles and categories

    4. Closing / Deleting threads or moving them to/out of the 'Private' sub-forum

    5. Access to the 'Private' sub-forum (used by elevated users)

    6. Leave moderator notes

    7. Usual powers of regular users

    Unwanted of elevated users on ForumIAS :

    1. Imposing one's own morality / world views on another

    2. Condescension / Pride - Moderators are expected to act as selfless volunteers in a disinterested manner. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    3. Misuse of additional powers for personal gains / settling scores with other members / etc.

    4. Breaking forum rules themselves (you lose moral authority).

    5. Throttling free speech unless it is in violation of laws / modal morality / forum rules.

    6. Divulging user's private data (email, Facebook, etc) that is only seen by them unless it is a part of due process laid down. Neither should we disclose any user's personal information, nor should we ever use it ourselves for any reason what so ever.

    7. However, moderators are not liable for any action performed by them in enforcing any rule of the forum or any law of the land.

    - Moderator action must conform to the above.
    - Exact rules are unwritten but the limits are well set.
    - Rules applicable for regular users apply to moderators as well.

    Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...
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    An inexhaustive list of duties of moderators is laid out below:

    1. Monitor the threads for violations of forum rules and to act accordingly. Deal with rogue users as per rules laid down. Enforce gender sensitivity as per GSEC regulations laid down under the posting rules.

    2. Close down threads temporarily / permanently, if so required, to control warring. Reopen threads as per requirement.

    3. Edit titles of threads to make them conform to the usual style (preferably 4 words or more; proper capitalisation; fitting in one line; succinct).

    4. Edit thread categories to place them in proper locations if not done. Mostly, they end up in the 'Interview for members only' / 'newspaper' (default) category.

    5. Delete redundant new threads (careful!). Close them quickly and delete a bit later.

    6. Announce / Unannounce threads depending on perceived requirement.

    7. Insert directives on the first post of threads if required to explain its purpose if required / highlighting things like survey / poll inks.

    8. Fix spelling and grammatical errors in posts that you come across (don't have to go overboard - fix what you can.)

    9. Add moderator notes in the usual style for major changes / action.

    10. Enforce the use of English (or regional language with mandatory English translations). This does not apply to threads specifically for Hindi / regional language medium aspirants,

    11. Try and diffuse tense situations on the forum by timely interventions.

    12. Be abreast with policy and the changes to the forum rules and policy.

    13. For super-moderators : Ban accounts that are in violation of forum rules. Follow the ban process as laid down. Don't forget to post on the moderator's thread.

    14. Edit / Remove offensive / spammy profile pictures, signatures. Ban users with offensive user-names through due process.

    15. Log all major (apart from spelling / grammar / thread title / category fixes) actions taken on the moderator's thread (in the Private sub-forum)

    16. Report to @Root (via PM), acts where a fellow moderator is exceeding their powers / acting in a way that violates the letter or spirit of these regulations.

    17. Browse through the Flagged Content and take action if required. Do not entertain frivolous flags, requests for deletion of all their content, etc.

    18. Keep an eye on good contributors who may be nominated later on to contest elections to the post of moderators themselves.

    19. Continue to be the great contributor you have been. Moderating is not the primary reason you're here. Enjoy the forum as before.

    20. Keep calm and be awesome.

    Complaints against the forum / moderators / individual users can be made here : Official Request Thread to Ban / Warn Errant Members

    Suggestions / Technical issues / etc. : [Official] Technical / Moral / Idiosyncratic - Issues you have with the forum

    Request Help from Root or Admin: Post on this thread for the same. Use this thread for technical issues not resolved at the level of moderators. This is not for name change requests. Use this thread for name change requests.

    Gender Sensitivity Enforcement Cell (GSEC) is here

    Account Requests:

    Requests to Ban Your Own Account : We don't allow deletion of accounts. Requests for the same cannot be entertained. We don't allow profile bans on request either.

    You are free to unsubscribe from all email alerts and stop visiting. For a bit more permanent solution, feel free to change your password to something random and not writing it down/remembering it. It would be like throwing away the key. If you still get emails (unlikely), just mark them as spam. Basically, 'ban yourself, if you want.'

    We cannot help you recover accounts later on, locked out intentionally in this way, if you change your mind.

    Requests to Delete Your Data / Posts / Threads / Files: We do not allow deletion of your data / posts / threads / files on request either (mostly). This is an open forum. Allowing data deletions causes discontinuities in the conversation. Think before you post. Better share files through GoogleDrive / DropBox / etc., if you want to do it only temporarily.

    If you have disclosed some confidential / personal data inadvertently, please contact any moderator with the permalink of the post (link in the time) to edit it out. This cannot be misconstrued into a permission to request the deletion large chunks of data that you have posted. The discretion of the moderator concerned shall be final. You are free to appeal to @Root in case you are not satisfied.

    Request to Change Usernames: We have been flooded with name change requests. If we keep changing everyone's names, nobody would be able to recognize anybody. Therefore, we have placed an indefinite moratorium on frivolous profile/username changes. Such requests would be ignored.

    If your request satisfies the new criteria laid down in the first post of this thread, then feel free to post your request on that thread itself. Provide three alternatives in decreasing order of preference. We may take several days to process your request.
    Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...
  • By using this website, you agree by the below

    a) You will not buy, solicit, sell, trade , exchange or cause to buy or sell any material, content , course, video , test series etc, of which you are not an intellectual property owner, or which you are not authorised to sell, for free or by way or accepting payments. We discourage piracy in any form.

    b) ForumIAS shall reserve the rights to terminate all such accounts, and report to requisite law enforcement authorities all details of you activity including name, email, mobile, IP Address.

    c) On receipt or an legal notice or a police complaint on the basis of an FIR, ForumIAS shall provide to the agencies all your data, on the order of a competent authority.

    d) Ignorance of law is not excuse. Please keep yourself safe and do not indulge in piracy , sexual harassment, cyber stalking or any activity that is a criminal or civil offence, which are crime in the regular universe. Also, do not say things here, which you would not say in the real world in the garb of anonymity.

    In all such cases, ForumIAS will abide by the law and co-operate with enforcement agencies and with the aggrieved parties.
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