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Mapping for geography optional

Hello frenz......I hav taken classes from Shabbir sir last year........I am planning to take up mapping for a few days, can any senior give some advice on how to proceed.....I mean it's too.much that he taught in the class........wt shud be the way to cover mapping considering cost benefit ratio wrt time spent on it ......


  • Practise basic mapping capitals,important towns..,waterfalls,border features, focus on north east and hilly states...
    the more the merrier concept can't be applied to maps..cost benefit is very less...
    keep track of important places in news..just refer atlas when you see sth interesting in newspaper..and have a brief idea where the location is..for e.g mawlynnong(2018)..cleanest village in asia..i had read about this i had a brief idea where it was...
    i never devoted much time studying maps..
    Chaman meñ iḳhtilāt-e-rañg-o-bū se baat bantī hai ,

    Ham hī ham haiñ to kyā ham haiñ tum hī tum ho to kyā tum ho .
  • Kk...thanks buddy
    So the idea is's not worth giving dedicated time for it...
  • There is a book by Majid Husain. Quite useful for traditional entries
  • Majid sir also provides mapping classes during the start of all his lectures. I have taken the course in Neostencil
  • Thanks @drt and @geoninja .........but I have the entries with me......have taken classes from Shabbir sir. But issue is time........... how much time shud I spend on it, or shud I even spend on it or not is the @doncorleone9999 said, do only the basic sites, I m planning that only for now......may b it will help in prelimns too......
  • Anybody doing Prem Patel's Book.
    Its relevance and review.

    @carali @geoninja @DonCoreleone
  • Never really heard of it :#
  • Anybody doing Prem Patel's Book.
    Its relevance and review.

    @carali @geoninja @DonCoreleone

    it's a good book..i always do my mapping work of pre and geo mains from it...
  • Anybody doing Prem Patel's Book.
    Its relevance and review.

    @carali @geoninja @DonCoreleone

    it's a good book..i always do my mapping work of pre and geo mains from it...
    Kk...thnks .....will have a luk
  • I think for mapping Plying with google map can also serve purpose, like just take up five - ten places, check out its location in google map and try to understand the regional context. I mean the near by important places which has recall value. Like If I see NTPC Korba, Its location is on the cross section of two perpendicular line one line cutting Mid-Point of Nepal and Other Straight line joining gulf of canbay and Kolkatta approximately. I think this way you will never forget maps.
  • Is thier any thread where I can find

    How to write paper 2 answers, which are more like gs3 to look like geography....?
    Yes, I know to add India map, use models from paper 1 ......but still they are looking generalistic........
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