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Sanskrit grammar teacher...specially for writing Sanskrit

Hello guys ....

My optional is Sanskrit..(UPSC) and I had completed my class from Rajender sir (In GTB Nagar )..but I had an issue in grammar (special in writing Sanskrit)...
Did anybody suggest, any good teacher regarding this....


  • Hey mr. Sunlight, I'm also preparing sanskrit(upsc), if u find any teacher for grammer plz share the information.
  • Kailash Bihari sir

    Panini classes
  • Hello Guys...
    1st of all, sorry for not responding you...

    My experiment with Sanskrit as CSE optional....

    I started my class with Rajender sir...but I found some issue with him...

    1. Don't give attention towards grammar (especially, Sanskrit writing )....it is much needed these days, BCS In paper 1, you have to write at least 70-100 marks and 50 marks in paper 2.

    2. Don't cover all topics, especially paper 2 (section B, C, D).and also unable to understand the present trend of the question...Guys these you can not leave the whole section untouched and you have to keep previous with him paper while reading.

    3. Too much un-organised regarding his class schedule.

    Positive with him...

    6. Although the good understanding and knowledge about Sanskrit but he will not initiate any things, you have to go first....it is very difficult with such optional.
    7. He is excellent in paper 2 [section 5-8 and section 1 ]. And paper 1 -[ section 3,6,7] and good in vibhakti, samas , sandhi from section 1 to some extent .

    What about panini Ias..after having deep conversation with some serious aspirant )...
    1. Good in grammar
    2. Required Time period is optimum for syllabus
    3. Organsied class schedule .

    1. do not cover most of topics from paper 2 and paper 1 ( just introductory coverage ) and also unable to understand the present trend of the question...Guys these days, you can not leave the whole section untouched and you have to keep previous paper with him while reading.
    3. Too much wasting time in nonsense things in the class room.

    My suggestion.....
    See, both teacher (Rajender sir and Panini sir ) good teacher but not for UPSC (as per current pattern).....major negative point with them, their student spirit were dead ( no update in his existing knowledge ).
    ......I solved my problem with Grivani Ias (Mishra sir )

    1. Cover topic extensively with the previous year ( excellent in this)
    2. supported student
    3. Highly committed with his schedule
    1. Take 1-1.5 months extra from usual trending time, to complete syllabus
    2. Sometimes, do unnecessary talk ( but recover back very soon).
    3. He just started, so lack of some experience (as compare above teacher )but sufficient for us.
  • http://girvani.in/about/..........

    He will start his new batch form 25 March/ 2019
    His contact number.. 9355120351, 8929054251, 7838854414.....
  • I have opted sanskrit just ....please old souls share your experience about this subject..and right starategy...
    अभी ज़िंदा हूं पी लेने दो़
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