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Test Series for Geography : Shabbir vs Guidance 500+

Hello people / seniors,
I want to know which test series will be good for geography optional?
Also, I found out that Shabbir sir have increased their fees and nearly doubled it from previous years. It was earlier 11k but now nearly 20k. Why is that so?
This makes me feel cheated

Himanshu 500+ is also nearly 20k. But the fact that he is quite new in this coaching industry, makes me apprehensive in joining it. Will I get the right guidance by joining it?

If anyone has attended both, can you give me some pros and cons so that I can make a better decision.

Thank you for your time


  • Himanshu Sir is far better than any geography teacher in UPSC industry right now. Most who've attended his classes will concur. Only issue is he may go into too much detail for a few topics. Shabbir Sir's test series is not comprehensive at all, at least it wasn't earlier.
  • Guidance ias will be much better, shabbir is outdated man and even he taught us many concepts wrong
  • Thank you
    @Kalahiran what concepts were wrongly taught by him?
  • Both are good ......but to pick one, go for Himanshu sir, and read Shabbir sir's test series notes as well...... particularly human geography.......
  • I have joined 500+ course of Himanshu sir. If anyone has joined Shabbir sir's test series, maybe we can exchange question papers and discuss important topics taught in class.
  • Shabbir sir. Hands down.

    I have taken guidance from him since my second attempt in 2014. His pedagogy is superlative. Plus he is a companion throughout your preparation and beyond. Benefited immensely from him.
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