(Please advise) marked incorrect bubble in roll number on OMR - CSE 2018 Prelims exam

I made a mistake in 1 digit of roll number in case prelims exam and darkened a wrong bubble. I could not correct as whitener was disallowed . Invigilator asked me to cross bubble and mark correct bubble. Did any of you have faced a similar issue before. Please let me know what can I do now.


  • No need for worry, I did the same mistake in previous cse prelims but i have written mains in that exam. They cross check with attendence sheet. I suggest not to waste single second thinking about this as i did.
  • Thank you so much ,you don't know how much burden you have lifted for me. I feel really thankful to you.
  • I couldn't find any guideline or anything anywhere , thank you so much
  • Welcome, we arent the only ones who made this blunder. I am sure of this.
  • dont worry i did the same mistake in 2016 my copies got checked
  • Same happened with me in 2016. Upsc will take care. don't worry
  • Thank god for Forumias @Neyawyn for creating platform where we can share our issues and get sorted out. Thank you all for taking time for answering my question and solving this issue. Really thankful. !!
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