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Is our state is example for socialism or capitalism?!

Now our present government deviated from socialist and welfare stand which were mentioned in premable..This situation is like evolving of neo-captalism.But they are talking like that something big is achieved.( No big Achievement though)
Above is my opinion
Please share yours too....

P.S: Every Plan/Yojana introduced by present government is remake or giving way to involve corporate.
Don't say that Nehru selected mixed Economy...
And don't compare with China and Russia.They are different in stage.But we??????
P.S: Please Answer in English..


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    Transition for every economy be it capitalism to socialism or vice versa,needs a structural shock.(Remember Gorbachev's reforms).Ours 1991 reforms were a kind of Gradualism. Our weak capital industries and high rate of pverty,did not allow us to follow a rigid stance of capitalism or socialism. Even the Champions of western capitalism has certain traits of socialism,be it ObamaCare or Finland's Universal Basic Income.
    So unfortunately yes,till both the above conditions prevail,we will remain a mixed economy.(Our Stance of WTO Solar Dispute over weak industries denotes the same)

    P.S Considering the stance of Present governement,sorry to say..But I don't think they also know what they are meant to do. Right wing in the present dynamism is the most confused slot,where on one side they are in for investment like anything,sizing bureaucracy,but on the other hand..Adhaar and other initiatives are meant for effective welfare( Don't screw me for this,even I contest the above point)
    Prelims=1 ,Mains= 1, Interview=0
    Essay-141 , GS-396 , PSIR Optional.
  • @Beuce I agree with you.
    But currently we are heading to nowhere.
  • @Beuce I agree with you.
    But currently we are heading to nowhere.

    why do we need to head to somewhere?
    economy is like a vehicle running on a road.
    if the road is bad with potholes, you need to switch to 1st gear - if private investment is not picking up, state needs to jump in, go for state expenditure on infra and other sectors which provides money and employment to its citizens. state needs to set up industries in public sector in such a scenario.
    if road is very good, we switch to 5th gear - if the private sector is out of its infancy, state should loosen its control from industries and relegate to its regulating role. it should allow laissez faire wherein private players compete with each other in a free market. state intervention is not desirable in such a case, only regulation is required.
  • F5... yes regulations are required and very strict regulations but in case our Country, regulatory mechanisms are often inadequate or marred with corruption + recently there has been a constant effort to undermine & weaken regulatory bodies....
    when it comes to industries esp manufacturing India is facing an asymmetrical competition from China plus there is lack of skilled workforce in India, China was able to do it because of big government spending and proper implementation and planning, however we have abandoned planning, shunned gov spendings in name of fiscal deficit and implementation is worst...
    Resultant is the Crony Capitalism we see today with cases like Nirav Modi, Mallya and so on.
  • Stigmatized Capitalism :trollface:
    बने पुजारी प्रेमी साकी, गंगाजल पावन हाला,
    रहे फेरता अविरत गति से मधु के प्यालों की माला'
    'और लिये जा, और पीये जा', इसी मंत्र का जाप करे'
    मैं शिव की प्रतिमा बन बैठूं, मंदिर हो यह मधुशाला ।
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