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How important and relevant topics of Demonetisation and Black Money are for Prelims 2018?

I'm referring Mrunal Videos for Economy part of the prelims. Should I skip the videos on Black Money as I'm running late in my preparation?
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  • There's sufficient time left, cover everything.

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    @sylvian_10 My query arised from the fact that these two topics weren't included in BES-16 or earlier lectures of Mrunal Sir. I am in the impression that due to demonisation in the end of 2016, these topics were included just for Prelims-17.
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  • @raja.rancho If there's anything I have learnt from upsc is that policy issues tend to get carried forward. They might not sneak in some little question about black money or demon in prelims but hit us over the head in mains. You never know. Might as well be prepared ahead of time? It wouldn't hurt to listen to him as it is he makes everything concise, make notes and then leave them be for the final revision before prelims.

  • @sylvian_10 Thanks
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