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ASPIRE IAS CLASSES to join or not ?

please help me...give some genuine reviews that can join the T 50 or PT cum Mains batch?
heard Nandini was from ASPIRE...have seen some pics too...


  • i was in dilemma too...
    different sites give different reviews...
    some fabricated some genuine...
    but i joined a class as my room mate had joined ...

    -one teacher and teaching all the time conflict or place conflict...(my roomie had joined PT cum Mains)
    -consolidating things and correlating IYB and YOJANA NEWS PAPER like king...
    -Hand outs are nice and handy especially Quick Digest...
    -the site has lots of free material(just register) and the app also...
    -all round development by ego trashing and trips

    -proving how sir and ASPIRE are great since time immemorial
    -Questions of previous days topics and tests can be annoying
    -Asking doubts with curiosity can back fire
    -small classes
    -Toilets are not that good
    -Water not available most of the times.


    GOOD and BAD depends on you...yes Nandini was from their ASPIRE years ago, had her base from here is history
  • Everyone has a different opinion about him.
    You should attend a free introductory lecture before joining. I did a mistake by joining his classes without attending any introductory lecture. I have somewhat pessimistic view of his teaching style and not of the content he provides. I wasted my Money there and I didn't attend much of his lectures except starting 3 to 4. People may differ from my view. You may find him Good at teaching. But I would suggest 'Watch before you take a leap'.
    Yes, Nandini ji was there but so she was at Insights and other classes as well.
    An aspirant joins so many classes and test series until finally he gets selected. But aapne 5 saal pehle coaching li hogi and uss samay kuch bhi palle na pada ho , fir bhi ye log kahi se aapki profile nikalenge admission ki aur chhap denge. One of my friend got selected this year with pol sci optional but History optional classes walo ne uski photo laga di ki Humara student tha. Jabki uska History optional 1st attempt mein tha and he changed his optional to pol science in 2nd and got selected with pol sci in 4th.
    So, what I want to say is Don't go by toppers . Join the class only after taking a demo.
    "The dice of Zeus always falls luckily"
    -- Sophocles

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