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The Hindu notes making Group

Hi anyone here preparing for UPSC 2018 and interested in making notes from The Hindu on daily basis,
I need a few (max 5 approx) aspirants to share notes from daily news paper on mutual basis.
Replacing newspaper with Monthly compilation is helpful only to some extent. We dont get quotes or some facts that useful for intro or conclusion.
Also for individual taking notes of the entire newspaper may take more time. Its difficult to manage daily.
To maintain balance between these two we can form group and share quality notes on daily basis.

Idea is like
Sharing notes from different sections of the Hindu news paper
eg Editorial one person who comfortable with ed,
International pages one person who interested in IR,
Economy section with person interested in that,
National news front page with person interested in that
(I am comfortable for any section remaining)

Another idea is sharing notes from The Hindu with notes from any other sources like Indian Express or Livemint or PIB. (Many recommend Livemint now)

Its should not be a copy paste from other places (unless itself v.good in nature)
Unnecessary portion of the news should be removed - Notes should be useful for Prelims and Mains point of view
Background of the issue should be added
Attempt to link with static portion, our basic sources is good.

It's strictly on mutual basis among members around 5, as long as one share their section notes, they ll get other sections notes also.
Only sincere aspirants who are comfortable in taking notes on regular basis.
If someone notes are not upto the standard, either we try to improve with inputs or move with other person if that not works (Time is precious, sometime for newcomers may take time to understand and realise the requirements of upsc)
Lets make form a group and decide finer details.
Hunt alone


  • From newspaper if we compile quotes, facts etc we can use it aptly in our ans.
    It will boost our mark by 0.5 - 1 per question provided we done remaining ans good to avg just like others.

    For any social issues like prevalence of untouchability or corruption or open defecation etc
    "India freed itself from the yoke of the colonial master, but 70 years after decolonisation, it appears we have to wage yet another war of independence, yet another freedom struggle"

    For India's economy or IR
    - Now India $2 trillion economy, is expected to become $5 trillion economy by 2030.
    - India could emerge as a world economic power

    Civil aviation sector issue (GS3 Airports)
    "Socialist mindset that flying is for the rich proving detrimental for Civil Aviation sector": Ajay Singh, Spicejet promotor.
    Hunt alone
  • Taken from one article

    Indian Economic slowdown:
    Paradoxical situation

    Good picture:
    - One of the fastest growing economy
    - Low inflation
    - Forex reserves $400 billion.
    - Fiscal target
    - Current Account Deficit (CAD) was within 1% of the GDP
    - Low global oil price
    - Two consecutive years normal monsoon

    - Growth slowdown
    - Investment paralysis
    - Poor job creation

    Possible causes:
    - Demonetisation
    - GST
    - NPA of PSBs
    - Corporate balance sheet

    1. Amnesty Scheme for disclosure of undisclosed income
    - One time
    - Smaller one time fine and mandatory investment in specified sector for certain period
    - eg. 50 of domestic holdings, 100% of foreign holdings.
    - For infrastructure sector, bank recapitalisation
    - 7 years lock in period
    2. NPA resolution
    - Asset quality review and classification
    - Provisioning
    - Shortfall in capital - recapitalisation
    - Bank board to be fully empowered to decide loan resolution
    - Loan restructuring, one time payment etc
    - High level Committee comprises former bankers to screen loan resolution process.
    - Clear guidelines for screening, vetting.
    3. Agriculture productivity
    - Agriculture Infrastructure
    - Storage, post harvest processing, water efficiency technologies
    4. Exports
    - Make in India
    - Medical tourism
    - Defence exports
    Hunt alone
  • Thanks getting more ideas on how to move forward.

    I think we can't do research for every topic on our own. Smart way is using what we already studying in our preparation
    eg if net neutrality is in news. It's old issue getting back to limelight due to some recent developments.
    Instead of doing search everywhere, we can use what we already having and studied ie old Vision monthly magazine - it's already covered in depth, we should use that here and move to next issue. As I said earlier, I compiled last one year vision IAS monthly magazine section wise with index (polity, economy, security, IR, sci&tech etc) so easily can search and the availability of the notes on any issue before looking for other sources.

    Same way we should connect recent developments with our primary source (instead of searching net immediately) NCERT, Laxmikanth, Ramesh Singh, Any one IR, security management books.
    Hunt alone
  • It's done.
    As of now 3 persons started.
    Anyone who interested message me in telegram account username @CSP2018.
    Hunt alone
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