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  • Democracy’s relevance in the face of New Global Threats

    World has faced many threats in the past. In the first half of the 20th century world had to face two world wars. In the second half of the 20th century cold war and weapons of mass destruction put a question mark to the very existence of Human Race. Democratic National and international Goverance including the System of United Nation , Democtratic values of equality, justice and liberty have also offered resistance to the Global Threats in the Past.
    World is now facing a myriad of threats from digital world to the Climate Change, from Racism and religious bigotry to the terrorism,deeping and widening of the Global Inequality etc. In this context it is worth examining the relevance of democracy in containing the Global Threats.

    Terrorism as a Global Threat

    Terrorism aims at some political or ideological goals through the use of violent terrifying means. Rise of ISIS, Spread of Al qeada in different continents, Haqqani Network, Let (Lashkar e Toiyaba) and Jem (Jaish e Mohammad) of Pakistan are some example of terrorist organisation.
    They are global threat due to the reason of – possible access to the weapon of mass destruction, possible emergence of socio- cultural and political fault lines especially in diverse country like ours, increasing instances of lone wolf attack and indoctrination etc.
    Democartic values like participation, justice and equality has checked the growth of the terrorism to some extent. But international politics and undemocratic nature of International Organisation like United Nations due to which the world is facing the threat of terrorism. United Nation has not been able to bring in a working comprehensive anti terrorism convention. Different countries of the world is still differentiating the state sponsored terrorism, Good and Bad terrorism to achieve their narrow international objectives as in the case of response of china and USA with respect to the state sponsored terrorism of Pakistan against India.
    We can tackle the challenge of terrorism by –(1) bringing in true and genuine reform of UNSC (2) Ethical and democratic process and response in the International relations like the present European Refugee crisis (3) inculcating the democratic values in the domestic constituency of the countries

    Digital world : democratic space for freedom of expression vs the challenge of global security

    Internet provides the most democratic platform to the people across the nations to express their ideas. However internet is turning as a source of global threat by –(1) by providing unregulated platform to express lies and narrow interests (2) as a platform for self indoctrination and lone wolf attacks (3) Cyber war /crime/threats (3) anonymity to the culprits (4) difficulty in the traceability of the culprits (5) increasing vulnerability due to Physical and Digital Integration for example IOT(Internet of things)
    In case of this threat democratic requirement of free speech and expression is creating hurdles for the regulation of the internet. Therefore there is a need of global democratic governance of the internet. Suitable mechanism to contain the propaganda machinery of vested interest needs to be evolved. India as a world’s largest and most diverse democracy should take the leadership role in formulating such a mechanism.

    Climate Change as a Global Threat

    IPCC assessment in its 5th report projects a catastrophic climate change due to the 2 degree centigrade increase in temperature. Economic Failure, climate related migration, International and domestic conflicts for water, Failure of agriculture and increasing disasters are some of the possible consequence of the 2oc rise in temperature.
    To contain this hazard we need to check our global emissions of GHG (green house gases).Paris deal and its implementation in letter and spirit is very essential for this. INDC (intended nationally determined contribution) was an innovative democratic means to get a global consensus. However quick economic growth for getting edge during the elections in various democracy can check the true implementation of the paris deal. Changed stance of the USA is a case to the point.
    Such polluting economic growth will be counterproductive to every nation. All the countries need sustainable economic development. People in all the democracies needs to be educated in this regard. Various NGOs and Intergovernmental Organisations can play a lead role in inculcation of such value system in different democracies. We also needs to find such solutions which can check the GHG emission without hampering the growth of employment and eradication of poverty.

    Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08

    GFC of 2007-08 has resulted many challenges to the various countries –(1) Rising and sustained unemployment (2) sharpening inequality (3) Questions on the utility of the present form of capitalism and International organisations like IMF and World Bank for example the Euro Zone Crisis and Greece (4) Changes in the of the political values which is increasingly becoming xenophobic , anti globalisation. Nationalism and Parochialism is increasing. The present US response on the Immigration, Protectionism and terrorism can be seen in this regard.
    Mass based politics and general anxiety has weakened the democratic values in many countries which led the emergence of uncertain political trends in election results. However democratic institution and checks in the form of Parliament and Judiciary can contain the arbitrariness of the democracy facing such threats.

    There are many other global threats like weapons of mass destruction, proliferation, International Issues including North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq and Palestine etc, Epidemics, Increasing Populations etc . Democratic system and values have the potential to check such threats. However it is the loss of the democratic values, weakening of the democratic system and absence of the democratic reform of the international organisations like UN which is decreasing the ability of the world to contain the persisting and emerging threats.
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