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Which is better for law - Ambition or Nirvana?

edited July 2016 in Law
I have taken up law as my optional and am thinking of joining coaching for the same, mainly for writing practice. Can law students please suggest which is better of the two - Ambition or Nirvana?

I am a law graduate.


  • Do it own your own...I don't think that there are any good coaching...I am taking help of a law professor...
  • Oh alright. Will this be your first attempt?
  • At first blush, the title appeared to be such a fascinating philosophical debate in the making. :D
    Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...
  • No it's not my first attempt... I have changed my optional from history to law...
  • both are useless
  • Dnt join any.self study.
    There are better starters than me but I'm a strong finisher.
    Usain bolt
  • Any more inputs on this Bhai/behen log?
  • Guys,

    Why isn't there a dedicated forum where all law optional students can discuss their preparation and strategy.? There hardly seems to be any help from those who have cleared with law optionals. Apart from a blog which is 6 years old and one by Mrs. Riju Bafna, none of the successful candidates have given an insight into taking law as an optional.

    And judging by what is being written of the coaching classes, they seem to be of no help. I wish there was someone to atleast guide us. I am still clueless about how to frame answers and what to study and what not to..

    Calling out for anyone who can be of some help in this journey..
  • Try us out for free!

    Law Optional | UPSC

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  • If anyone requires advise on law optional, let me know. Although not taking it as an optional but did my llb from law fac. Apparently Rahul's coaching for judiciary nd law optional is good i have heard as a few of my friends took it. First line of reading should be invariably dukki. For topics not covered in dukki, follow standard books, dukkis include all cases of case materials so no point double reading. Subject is generally vast, so select your materials carefully. Dukkis are really good atleast for the prescribed syllabus part. I prefer Jain instead of Singhal.
  • There is already a thread on law optional do refer that your doubts will be clear. No coaching is required for law optional provided one is law graduate
  • As you are already a law graduate you can definitely manage by self study.
  • Ambition will make you chase a ghost of under 100 rank and will leave you bitter in the end. Nirvana on the other hand is the ultimate goal so go ahead with that.
  • Does NIrvana have any test series?
  • oldrusty said:

    Does NIrvana have any test series?

    it conducts test only for its students not outsiders.
  • oldrusty said:

    Does NIrvana have any test series?

    it conducts test only for its students not outsiders.
    @anuragvermaA : Thanks bro.

  • I believe Nirvana is better...have heard good reviews about it
  • dont join ambition and by urself.thats better.
    i joined ambition but i dropped it in one month as it was not good and not up to mark.wastage of money and time.
  • nirvana also not up to mark.there are no good coaching centre for law in rajender nagar
  • Ambituons alok ranjan sir is good and rest is crap...problem is that he is very lazy and donot take aal subjects....but he teaches consti , contract and ipc very well.
    D darkness of night cant stop d sun from shining
  • ambition vs Nirwana...a probably question for philosophy this year..haha
    DANICS 2017
    Optional - Philosophy
  • rohmetra said:

    Ambituons alok ranjan sir is good and rest is crap...problem is that he is very lazy and donot take aal subjects....but he teaches consti , contract and ipc very well.

    Appreciate your ability to understand him.

    To me he sounded like a retard. Moreover, the tricks that he shares in the class to remember all the articles- tell me honestly, do they work?

    More than half the time in the class is spent listening to his useless sermons and personal stories.

    I wouldn't recommend Ambition to anyone. Worthless and hopeless coaching.
  • Has anybody joined Rau's Law optional or can provide a review of it?
  • Hello everyone. Got the opportunity to return after so many years on the website. I have appeared in cse interview in 2014, 15 and 16 with good scores in law though interview killed my chances everytime. Currently I am engaged with a private firm independent of the vicious cycle of the exams. So, I am willing to give back to the aspirants my share of knowledge and experiences. Anyone interested can pm me.
  • I am thinking of subscribing to Lawxperts' notes. Anyone who has seen the notes would like to share their opinion?
  • one stop destination for IBPS Law officer and other law related exam
  • @Boooyah lawxperts is good for test series but as far as notes are concerned going for original sources would be a better idea as it would make the content streamlined.
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