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Political science vs geography

I'm going to appear in for civil services in 2017 but I'm still confused about my optional. I had listed out a few optionals where geography ranked the highest in my priority list given the fact that it performed really well in cse 2014. However, looking at this year's result I'm having second thoughts about my optional and planning on taking pop science as it's interesting as well as doing well.
Is it suggested to tak pol science especially when one does not have much background about international affairs and amazing writing skills ? Does great writing skills really matter ? Can I start psir from scratch ?


  • Please reply to it.
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    If you are really interested for psir then u must opt for it. After seeing the blog of ananya das it seems to be clear that you should have love towards writing practice without which its for sure that one cannot excel mains. Actually pooja the problem with which you are going through, its the one and same through which I am also passing by.
    I am also appearing for 2017 and I also took geography as my optional but after seeing cse 2015 i got nervous and similar haunting thoughts rushed up in my mind. I discussed with few colleagues and what I realised is that we cannot make sure what upsc is going to do in the coming years. I mean to say that this time geography had such a disturbing experience but maybe cse 2016 will have a different subject as a weaker performance. I have also planned for cse 2017 and I am thinking to change my optional to psir but in 2017 there might be two uncertainities- Optional might get scrapped with mains exam including only gs papers or if the optional subjects continue then we might come to know that geography (or other which had a negative performance this year) performed well and psir (or other which performed well this year) results underperformed.
    We need to seriously think on this matter as the journey is about to begin.
    I am also planning to joining pol science (if I finally decide to opt for this) and gs batch in vajiram in coming days.
    You know pooja there is no other subject other than pol science which i could opt for after leaving geography. I went through the syllabus of psychology and few others but I realised that if I could choose any subject other than geography then its pol science. I was so confident yaar that I will go for geography but the results really brought me into tears. After seeing your similar doubt I realised that many friends are on the same doubtful track just like me. Lets make one decision and follow irrespective of the result. This is one thought after seeing the interest towards geography but seeing the result the heart says bhai psir le le.
    Yaar tum hee bataao what to do?
    Should we toss the coin or do what the heart says to go for psir or lets continue with geography???
    One more thing I would like to share that I also dont have any background in psir but my heart is saying ki psir lele....
  • I feel that they do this with any popular optional or the optional with many toppers like they did in the past with pub ad. I don't know!
  • Exactly this is the main point which they follow as per seeing the previous results.
  • So what do you think pooja that should we continue with geography as optional or opt for psir.
  • Are you planning to join pol science coaching or prepare on ur own???
  • Join coaching. Is there any popular coaching for pol science apart from shubra ranjan's ? But you never know. Psir might meet the same fate
  • Other than shubhra ma'm I dont have any idea.
  • But she is the best as per present results.
  • I think going for psir wont harm us anyways as you can see the overlap of around 60% with gs. So even if the optionals are scrapped then also we would be secure.
  • Yeah that's true! But I just have gs level working knowledge of psir
  • You want to join some other teacher for psir instead of shubhra ranjan. Why???
  • I want to join classes in Mukerjee nagar as it nearby
  • But shubhra ma'm is better option. Why to risk unnecessarily?
  • Yeah that's true. You living in Karol Bagh ?
  • I live in old rajinder nagar. Its near karol bagh.
  • I want to share one thing. I came here 2 months ago and started to prepare geography and the cse 15 result came. Completely shocked. No idea what to do. Got frustrated. Mind out of order. Dilemma of thoughts varying between continuing with geo or choose other optional. Still unsure but tilting thoughts more towards psir. I saw ur message today. Feeling relaxed. U r absoultely in same situation like me but u atleast prepared for gs instead for optional. Look at me. I gave my 2 months time on geog.
  • What no
  • U asking for no. Oh its 7291897338
  • Well that escalated quickly! :D
  • :D :D :D oh my !!
  • What iceman??? :D Why dont you guys suggest something instead of all this...
  • This time is really crucial and the decision has to be made soon. Geog. or psir??? Any suggestion guys. Pls dont make fun yaar. Its a confusing issue. :( :( :(
  • Everytime there is a topper from some optional, people tend to get enticed towards that optional. It happened with pub-ad. It happened with geography. It happened with economics. Now seems to happen with psir.
    PS- a psir student since Dec 2014
  • Does that mean if you have interest in any particular optional you just cannot opt for it because of its negative performance in a year after which you have to sit for the exam?
    Suppose I have interest in geography but seeing the results presently has confused my mind that I should go for other optional. And the image of other optionals which struck my mind were pscychology and psir after going through their syllabus. Psir can be opted on the basis of overlap with gs syllabus as well.
    What should be done at last as a final decision?
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