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Study Group for Working Professional-Bangalore

edited December 2013 in Social, Tips & Support
Anyone in bangalore preparing for cs main 2013, working professionals are invited to join this thread. Here we can post strategy, books, notes etc as time is a major constraint for us.


  • Nobody in bangalore. ..preparing for cs mains 2013. Moderator kindly close the thread as no one is interested in bangalore for this exam
  • Hi Sam_CB

    I am from Bangalore and working as well. I am surely interested in being a part of the Study group.
  • I am from Bangalore too.Yes,we can discuss and share ideas,books,notes etc
  • @amber and @Swati85 what are your optionals? And how you are manging time, books referred or any study material is available for us.
  • @amber and @Swati85 Lot of books are referred in this forum for preparttion but since we have time constraint can we all zero down to 2-3 books on each paper which covers maximum topics if not all. Any coaching materials you guys are referring?
  • My optional is Geography.I have just started preparing for Mains,so I dont have much idea about all the books
    I am covering up GS -1 and 2 now.Let me finish up these topics,I can help you guys on it.

    I have enrolled in Vision Ias test series..let see how it works.Maybe you can try other test series and we can share papers .I am relying on flipkart/other e biz sites for buying books as Avenue Rd/Sapna sucks!!

  • Hello All,

    I too have started preparation for Mains 2013, optional Pub Ad.

    Has anyone joined any institute in Bangalore for mains coaching this year??
    I am not sure if there is any Study circle in Bangalore BUT I find South end circle library having quite a few serious aspirants.
  • My optional is Economics.
    I have started paper 1 and 2 as of now. For paper 1 I am referring Arjun dev for world history (apart from NCERT books class IX and X), Indian culture form IGNOU material, Indian societ, role of women , povert etc from IGNOU material.
    For paper 2, I am referring Handbook of India's International Relations by David Scott.
    I am planning to get Vajiram's notes for mains to supplement my study.
  • Yes,even I have seen few people in Central Lib studying for Upsc.
  • Anyone joined any coaching institute in Bangalore?? :|
    We have one more thread running in parallel discussing coaching centers in Bangalore, It would be great if anyone of you can shed some light on it :-S
  • Hi @Sam_CB @Swati85 @NGR

    My optionals is either Geography or Geology confused between them.

    with regards to coaching team it's a big waste I had joined Himilaya IAS big waste they never teach anything :(

    Even I am confused with the books to study...

    I will send you my contact info it will be great if we can contact each other and discuss as to how we can study and plan up I think let me know if its fine with you guys. Even I visit the central Lib.. and yes I too buy books from flipkart :)

  • Hello,

    I am okay with it... :)>-

    We can discuss quite a few things as well!!
    In BTW, anyone joining any institute in Bangalore ?? @-)
  • Well I did join Himalaya IAS and well trust me one of the worst place... :(
  • @amber
    Any idea about Impact IAS coaching center?

    They have started newly in Bangalore? DO you think it is necessary to join any institute?? :-B
  • Actually no... I dont think we need to go to institute its my opinion

    Also as we are working time available is also less and the new pattern even the institutes are not too clear about it here
  • @amber I agree with ur view as we have time constraint we may not go to an institute but we definitely need notes and 1-2 reference book only on each paper so that we can prepare well by covering most of the syllabus if not the full.
  • Hi guys am Kiran from bangalore, working in a govt office, started preparing for civils, right now reading indian polity by m laxmikanth and my optional is geography. I guess swati85 has also opted for geography, are you listening @swati85? My booklist for GS : Indian polity by laxmikanth, indian economy by ramesh singh, ncert class 11th, 12th economics, ncert class 8th to 12th geography, history and political science textbooks, The Hindu newspaper, Science and technology by spectrum books, india 2013 yearbook, bipin chandra books for modern history...interested guys can contact me etc @8147660607
  • I heard Navayuva coaching centre in bangalore is best for civils, any comments?
  • Yeah,my opt in Geo too.I am in initial stages of prep.
    Let me know if you need any info about Geo books.As far as coaching are concerned,I don't think there are any good one for mains.
  • Hi folks, I graduated this year, gave prelims and shifted to Bangalore two weeks back to start my job. Couldn't focus much on the preparation in the last few weeks due to shifting to a new city, looking for apartments etc. Will start the preparation in a few days.

    Is the any good library/reading room/coaching near BTM 1 Stage?
  • if anyone wants to join coaching...go for jts institute...won't say its best but it is good specially for polity,geography,history....
    Alive n Kicking
  • Hi All,
    Please share which books/notes you are referring for each paper of GS?
  • Hi folks, I graduated this year, gave prelims and shifted to Bangalore two weeks back to start my job. Couldn't focus much on the preparation in the last few weeks due to shifting to a new city, looking for apartments etc. Will start the preparation in a few days.

    Is the any good library/reading room/coaching near BTM 1 Stage?
    I know only one(GOOD) Lib in Bangalore; CCL - City Center Library, South end circle.
    No idea about others.

  • @NGR : Thank you, but not a feasible option for me. It is about 6 kms from where I live and with bangalore traffic plus a job, I dont think I'll have the energy to travel that far.

  • @peeps:
    I travel mostly 7-8 Kms myself to reach the place #:-S But i am amazed to see people from Hebbal and whitefield come to the coaching (that too before time ) :| nearly 25 - 30 Kms.

    I too work and I choose to join mainly because "I WORK" 8-| ..

    Many reason to join ; some of them are
    1) To have constant tests to see which areas needs improvement( plus good support and ongoing motivation).
    2) To have a good study circle to discuss/argue and learn how to tackle tough situations
    3) To learn what mistakes NOT TO COMMIT X_X
    4) To get a chance to meet/talk to people who have actually cracked the exam
    5) To not waste time reading material not required from Exam point of view(Because of time crunch due to work :-L )

    There are many other reasons which made me to thinking of joining an institute.
    My main intention of joining IMPACT IAS is they have good reputation in TN and the Economics classes are just AMAZING!! ^:)^
  • @All: You can go through the below link to find more on coaching institutes in Bangalore:

  • Hi Guys,
    I am also preparing for CSM 2013. I stay near Hebbal and would like to be part of any study group nearby. For last year Mains, went to Delhi for preparation but this year i am planning to prepare from Bangalore. For revision, i am planning to join JTS course which is scheduled to start in August 1st week and has one month schedule.

  • @Sam_CB
    Cant this thread be extended for all working professionals preparing for CS ?
    As working professionals it would be apt if we all aod each other in attaining our goal .
    Limiting this thread to only bangalore only barr it from being attended by other more experienced & people in need of strategies oriented towards in-job preparation .
    I think all of us working people can help each other through this thread .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @LuV, There are a lot of thread open for different cities. This is one among them for Bangalore I guess

    @mpavankumar, @Sam and others I stay near Jayanagar (Basavanagudi). Let me know if any of you stay close by for group studies...
  • @LuV we may extend this thread but it was made to all working professional living in Bangalore so that we all can do group discussions to help each other.

    @amber I am staying in jaynagar, if u can tell your exact loaction, we can sit together and discuss some topics.
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