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Ongoing crisis at University of Hyderabad - Suicide of Rohith Vemula

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Dear All,
I am sure all of you are following what is happening at the University of Hyderabad these days. There are various version, opinions, and points of view of what happened floating around in social media, but I am sure we are all discerning enough to be able to differentiate between political propaganda and the substantive issue.

Below is a link to a petition that has been started to convey to the authorities the importance of a fair and transparent probe and ensuring that the substantive issue of recognizing that caste discrimination exists on university campuses is not lost; and that the guilty are brought to book..

Please sign and share. Thanks!
Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of ïrony


  • Bhaiiyya ji Ye sab Facebook pa karo.
  • ka baat kar rahe ho.
    koi yakub menon ke liye rally karega toh uska complain nahi karen ka? ab isme dalit se kya lena dena?
    sala kal ko koi rape kare bolo ki dalit aur minority hai.
    university action nahi legi toh band kar de university ko govt ke paise pe fokut ka padho kam aandolan jayda karo :/

  • No interest in rohith vemula...
    I vow to win.... !!!
  • We are nationalist. Hume apne rasth se Matlab h, we don't care about anti national peoples. Usne suicide kiya uska dukh h, lekin uski ideology bilkul shi nhi thi.
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  • Done @asg :)
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  • @root please try keeping the forum for the stuff it is really meant for
  • Done. All the best. :)
  • This thread has nothing to do with IAS exam.

    @root Please check moderator @asg . He is misusing his role of moderator. This forum is not to spread propaganda.
    सुख के सब साथी, दुःख में ना कोई
    मेरे राम, मेरे राम
    तेरा नाम एक साचा दूजा न कोई
  • It is a political issue coz several farmers, students, married women suicide in our country and no one is talking about them, but this issue like dadri case is being highlighted for vested interests and is facilitating caste based vote bank politics. If u want to do poltics ,this forum is not appropriate place...
    I will succeed, not immediately but definitely..
  • 1. Condolences for the loss of life

    2. Strong opposition to the idea of protesting in support of a terrorist

    3. Investigation needed

    4. This is certainly not free of party politics. Whether caste is involved needs an investigation to prove.
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