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Astrology vs Hardwork and Will-power

if some astrologer tell you that you cannot qualify this exam ....if another and then anotehr astrologer says that qualifying ast ias is not in your fte or kundali...what should one feel and do...
any examples here who have defied theire astrological prediction....


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    any selected candiate friend who has seen his kundali after selection may kindly tell that if he has qualified tthis IAS exam in poor kundali tims or unfavourable planets position.....i need rational and real answers freinds....
  • In response to your first query above, change astrologers till the one who says something favourable to you. :-bd
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  • It may seem joke my dear frend but mattr of failure is dipressng..whn u hv writtn 4 mains
  • It may seem joke my dear frend but mattr of failure is dipressng..whn u hv writtn 4 mains
    Nope. It was not a joke. See mate, you have visited two astrologers, both immensely inimical to your goals. Why not visit someone who toe your lines? I believe there would be some. Whether I believe in astrology or not is immaterial here and so my sense critique to it too. But, what's important is your peace of mind. And that you would get only through some positive reviews by some astrologers, as per the case in hand put forth by you. Get it soon. Negativity really affects psyche in a very bad way.
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  • if next five astrologer say same thing then??
  • You have two options.

    1. Go for the 6th astrologer, or 7th or Nth.
    2. Believing in yourself.
    I'm the Hulk
  • I don't understand this fascination with the word "or". Every third thread here is discussing this word.

    hard work OR luck (in passing)
    quality OR quantity (in attempts in mains)
    more attempt OR accuracy (in pre attempts)
    focus on theory OR case studies (in optionals)

    Is there any compelling reason we cannot use AND instead? I believe those who pass, function in terms of AND.... more OR less ;)

    To answer your query both luck and hard work matter in this exam equally. And astrologers are like diplomats - they never say never. Instead they say its difficult, but you can use this ring, do this puja, chant this mantra, feed these many people, use this amulet etc. In short, there is a way out generally. Ask them for it, perform if financially viable and not against public order, morality and health as per Art 25(1).

    Everything is worth it, if it provides you peace of mind - which is the most essential asset in this long exam.
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  • pre - 2, mains - 1*
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    those who believe i astro pls msg me your date,time ,place of birth..........i have leisure for some days i couldn't make this time
    MAINS-2016, 2017
  • those who believe i astro pls msg me your date,time ,place of birth..........i have leisure for some days i couldn't make this time
    First tell why did u yourself gave this attempt ... Didn't u knew u were going to be out of the list...

    And what's the relation of place of birth.. Em from haryana ... Born in arunachal... I can't see duuur duuur tk how can I be linked to that place anymore.. ;)
  • Amazing ppl appearing for the most elite services in india still asking such question....
    Ever heard 9f phrase - god help those who help themselves...
    If you won't work hard, then whatever astrologer says, you won't accomplish anything.
    Astrology is also a prediction which may or may not come true, it's a probability which you can change with your hard work. There is nothing sure shot in astrology, so take it with pinch of salt..
    I vow to win.... !!!
  • The only difference between lucky and unlucky is that unlucky ignores the opportunity.
    Akal Mrityu Vo Mare Jo Karm Kare Chandaal Ka.......Kaal Uska Kya Kare Jo Bhakt Ho MAHAKAL Ka
  • So why do unexpectd problems in family come...why not all people able to muster same determinatn...why not evryone have same positive attitude...why some birds are shot while in the air while other birds that started to fly togethr reach destination...
  • You know better about yourself than those astrologers....flip a coin..heads- tu ias banega/astrologers lying..tails- tu nahi banega/astrologers speaking truth..see the outcome..honestly ask to the core of your heart...if you like that outcome or not ....if u like go for it..else the other way...astrologers perhaps guess based on facts about u what they know...they may be wrong..
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    its murphy's law....whatever can go wrong, will go wrong////whatever can happen, will happen
    Our survival instinct is our single greatest source of inspiration. - Dr. Mann
  • you know this has happened with me too :
    I dont belive in astrology but my mother took me to one in 2013, he told I will qualify that yr and without much hard work I reached till interview, 2014 I couldnt qualify was not out of my 2013 failure, again went to same astrologer he told now 2016 is his time no change in 2015, I neglected it gave my very best attempt this time was getting 115 in ppr 1 from diffn keys but coulnt qualify ,dont know where and what went wrong and now that idiot's words were echoing in my mind :(
  • The same thing happend with me...i nevr beleieved ib all these predictn...but i was gettng good marks...i wasnt having slightest reason to fail...last yr i missed by 2marks...means just one questn...i went to astrologer..he said u will be able to become...i m trying to build courage n will power...
  • hey bhagwan, is thread ne maar daala aaj. I thought rationality would atleast be prevailing in these circles, but the weapons of fear and low self-confidence are sometimes more sharp than the shield of positivity and rationality can endure. Bahar niklo in sab self-doubts se. The world is not perfect and was never meant to be. Ofcourse, people get unlucky but that is not because of stars and planets. Call it randomness and coincidence, forget it and face the next day as a new opportunity, you will be happy.
    Jaake mehertabaan se keh do ki apni kiraanein ginkar rakh le, mai apne sehra ke zarre zarre ko khud chamakna sikha raha hoon!!
  • I wud not hv believed him if he hasnt told some exact incidents of my past life..
  • leave alone astrology even if god himself comes and tells me that i wont qualify cse ever ,i would still give all my attempts with full vigour
  • Stop letting others fool you. It's nothing more than another way of making a living off of the insecurities of people. It's the mutant evil brother of the great Indian and other eastern astronomical traditions. Don't waste your life after it. Don't fall into that trap. It saps you of your mental vitality and negates your hard work. Your success is usurped in the name of astrology's success. Your failure is branded as insufficient expenditures on astrological paraphernalia.
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    Hindu mytholoogy has it that it was Kartikeya who discovered the Science of Astrology.When he realised that he had come up with a method which allowed humans to make sense of the life and the universe, by taking in to account the things that humans do not understand, he told his father Lord Shiva about it.
    Shiva was quite understandably thrilled and asked Kartikeya to read his horoscope.The son, however, predicted that Shiva will suffer from kandaka shani (bad times, basically) and go through much suffering . The short tempered Shiva was most displeased says, oh really, me, the lord of Kailas, the destructor of the universe is going be screwed over by Shani (who also happens to be his son, btw), we'll see about that and curses Kartikeya saying that none of his predictions will ever come true.
    Anyway, years later, Kartikeya's predictions come to be and Shiva does suffer immensely (that's another story- he has to beg for alms etc, then he goes and hides somewhere so that Shani doesn't get a hold of him etc.) And when he realises that his son's predictions were bang on, he repents and relents, and agrees that Kathikeya was right.
    He feels bad and says okay, I can't take the curse back but I can modify it. And so he modifies it so that some of his predictions will be fulfilled, and some won't - and that's why astrology (if you care to believe it) will always be a 50-50 shot. So far, you have let the astrologers have their 50%, isn't it about time you reached out for your own 50% shot?

    "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."
  • Bro sometimes we act towards making true what the astrologer says. It happens sub consciously.

    If an astrologer says that something wont happen you start to act lazy neglect work and ultimately the thing does not happens.

    I am not a complete unbeliever of astrology. There are some good astrologers who can fairly predict your life over a macro level but dont expect predictions relating to micro level to come true. Many a times astrology also involves face reading and personality analysis.

    For me i had visited a astrologer who predicted about X thing happening in my life. To my shock the X thing had already took place. So astrology is not complete false too.
  • if they say in macro analysis that there will be no chance to your becoming an ias then what will u do.... will your will power cancel that prediction.....
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