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SC Cutoff prediction - CSP 2015

edited September 2015 in Speculation & Protests
90-100? :-S


  • cutoff for general minus 20 marks = S.C Cutoff
    Pre=2 Mains=2015 Optional=Political Science
  • how much you expect for gen? my guess 115 aprox. n SC to be arnd 100 +-2
  • how much is expected cut-off for SC ?
  • my guess..
    general would be around 100+/- 5
    sc might be around 90
  • general cut off is being settled for below 3 digit figure so s.c cut-off should be between 80-90
    Also,some S.c candidates with good score will land into general category and some may lose out on csat so this range seems more feasible
    Pre=2 Mains=2015 Optional=Political Science
  • your talking about cutoff, that means the last candidates score in sc category , so dont expect 80-90, it will be at 60-70, general category will be around 90+ only.

    just my opinion , may increase or decrease
  • Max - 85, neeche kitna jaaega bhagwaan jaane...
  • My score 90 (sc) avg from 3 differnt keys. Guys post your score here. What do you think 85+ should start for mains?
  • 85-93 kya chance hai.mei soch RHA tha mains k liye Delhi shift hone k liye ...plz suggest me
  • @stuartMill_2014 me too in same confusion. I think 85+ have great chances.
  • Click here for UPSC IAS answer key
    Mera pyaar beshumaar....
  • Just checked both papers

    Paper 1


    Paper 2


    My take on SC cutoff:

    80-90( Maximum can be 95 in extraordinary situation)

    Abhi toh masti 1 week
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"
  • my score 110 -115 p1
    140 p2(no use :()
    but 85 is enough to clear prelims.....start preparation guys....dont waste time in speculations
  • My score Maximum- 105-106...Minimum 95 (SC) ...Paper -2 -110
    Shall i start preparing for MAINS..
    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity
  • My score - 111

    Max SC Cutoff - 90
    Optional - Law
  • edited September 2015
    Going by the feel for the paper, and my 3:years of experience with P1, cutoff for general candidates should not cross 100. In extreme cases, it may approach 110 - but that's unlikely. It might be closer to 95.

    Anyone over 100 in P1 ought not to waste a single moment now.

    Even if you're unlucky, reading would never go to waste. That applies double to people under 100.
    Prelims : 2/5; Mains : 0/2; Interview : 0; Remainder : 1+1 (Tired but not; Retired) / Medical Science / Kolkata / Nihilist extraordinaire | Thanks a lot...
  • A bit of suggestion to all..
    Guys! see we will keep on speculating about cut-offs, what is the actual cutoff only UPSC will tell and that also 2 months later, I performed kind of OK, but I am not checking the answer keys, as I am afraid if I found out I am on borderline it will be very difficult for me to concentrate for mains, and no body knows the cut off.

    So I am skipping verifying against answer keys and will suggest the same to those who think they have performed well to not check their answers, and maintain the feel good factor they had when they came out of the examination hall, I am telling this especially to those who are new, cause I have experienced this thing last year when I scored 207(against CL/Vajiram answer keys) and people were screaming cut off will be 210-21, it really sapped the much required energy when I could have done something. So this time I am advising against getting too sure about your selection or Rejection.

    So, Only those people should check who are worried about their performance and are very anxious, rest who "think" they have done well should refrain from checking and try to maintain the feel good factor and start mains preperation.
  • Hi All....

    What all do you think is the SC category cutoff, generally, compared to General cutoff ?

    I think difference is of 20 marks....what all you think ?? Please pour in your thoughts ...

  • 85+ good chance of clearing... just start ur mains prep. Do not waste time looking for assurances/confirmations from online fellow aspirants. The more you dig into it(cut off speculation) d more confused & dejected u will be.. Its vicious cycle..
    Tk break for day or 2 and start...so tht ur prep. tempo is not affected much...
    Al d best fellows..
    CSE Mains (Geography)-3rd attempt
    IFOS mains- 2nd attempt
  • I don't think so...20 marks difference nhi rhega max 10-12 marks rhega
  • Reason 1-prev. Ye tk 400 marks mei 30 marks ka difference rhta hai.
    2- prev. Year csat mei logo ki what lgti thi so GS mei score krte the tb difference GS k wajah se balance ho jaata tha
  • What I feel is that in general category last year a person with 75 marks in GS Paper could also clear prelims.... Now assuming it was mainly due to apti paper that he/she was able to clear the prelims.... so if remove that factor & knowing the fact that in GS apart from what somebody would have read last year... there is not much (<5-10% additional) one could have read ... cut off for general would be additional 15 marks this year...i.e 90 marks.... so going by what you are saying SC cut-off would be somewhere between 75-80 this year ???
  • and also the fact that questions were a bit easier this year comparatively... I assuming that... what all you think ??
  • @Movingon
    Bro 10-15 marks Se zyada Ka difference Nahi dekhna chahiye going by the past trends.
    Anyone above 85(worst case scenario marks) should start his prep

    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"
  • *rehna
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"
  • 97 with both shankarias and als...
    but mere attendence fill up karne main omr no. ki jagah roll no bhar dia...
    kuch prob hoga kya?
  • @Movingon
    Bro 10-15 marks Se zyada Ka difference Nahi dekhna chahiye going by the past trends.
    Anyone above 85(worst case scenario marks) should start his prep

    What you mean by worst case scenario ?

    It would be foolish to judge cutoff by past trends.

    CSAT - each question had 2.5 marks and GS had 2 only.

    Nearly 50 % people who cleared from 2011 had CSAT as advantage.

    But this time - though Paper 1 seems easy at the first look people might still end up at 50 % marks in General Category on an average.

    What I meant to say is those 50 % people from CSAT pool would have felt difficulty with paper 1.

    So considerably cutoff may come down. Since 2011 attempt guys are also in the race - they may fill in those gaps.

    I expect the cuoff for SC category would hover around 78 - 86 ( last SC candidate to be selected based on the number of vacancies or 15 % )

  • By Worst case scenario I mean after averaging the variations in institutes keys as they r not sacrosanct
    Take my own example....last time ShankarIAS was giving me 95 n Vaji ...90
    I ended up with 84.5

    So this time I would take my score to be 10 less than these so called awesome keys....which will come to around 100

    N regarding cutoff...see bro,personally I would love to c that it falls way below 85 (even <80) ....rest all z in hands of Upsc
    Let us all take some break n then start study again
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"
  • I just have 3 submissions for my assertion of 75+ cutoff for SC category (i.e 90 for General Category):
    1. CSAT being scrapped does not mean automatic transfer of marks from Apti to GS.
    2. Few people saying that bcoz CSAT is scrapped ...people will study more GS. Now we all know the meaning of "more" in GS......If GS Paper of this year was there last year with Apti paper being intact.... I believe people would have scored the same marks as this year...So I personally see no "logic" in "More time for GS this year " logic
    3. Last point which I think is fair is that this year paper was a bit easier compared to last year.....so 75 +15 add. marks = 90 marks for General cutoff & accordingly 75+ for SC category...

    (Why I have taken 75 for General for last year??...same logic as point number 2....I believe there is no such difference in GS prep. this year or last year as there is only so much that one can do in GS )

    Please share your thoughts....and anyways just wanted to put these points...anyways best of luck to all of you...
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