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Last 23 days - Prelims 2015

edited July 2015 in Miscellaneous
before read this save below image file, then only you understand

Theoretical analysis

1) Red circle -

a) they represent "Double digit" questions came every year from these 3-subjects, which means no matter number of questions are less or more from previous years, minimum 10+ questions came (subject = History, Geography, Environment)

b) 1st priority these subject

2) Blue circle -

a) they also represent double digit questions came, but 3/4times.
(subject = Polity and Economy)

b) 2nd priority these subject

3) Green circle -

a) they also represent double digit questions came, but 2/4 times.
(subject = Science)

b) 3rd priority


Mathematical analysis

Now average all year questions

1) History = 16q + Geo = 13q + Environment = 24q => Total = 53q

2) Polity = 13q + Economy = 13q => Total = 26q

3) Science = 11q

Total = 53q + 26q + 11q = 90q
which means, 90q x 2marks = 180marks, you are going to attempt this year.


Pattern analysis

Subject = 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 => 2015

History = less - more - less - more => less ques came this year
Environ = less - more - less - more => less ques came this year
Economy = more - less - more - less => more ques came this year
Science = more - less - more - less => more ques came this year
Polity = less - more - equal - less => ??? ( more)
Geography = equal = equal - more - more => ?? ( less)



  • jisa tara shri krishna ne arjun ko ladai ke phele, muah khol kar brahmand ke darshan karye the, usse tara se aaj aapne ye analysis kar ke "qutl ki subah" ke phele hum sab ko upsc ka divya gyan diya hai
  • गिरते पत्तों के हौसले का हाल बुरा होता है,
    ज़ोर हवाओं का होगा हर साख समझता है ।
  • सबसे irritating तब होता है जब कोई कहता सर मैने तो 2 बार revision भी कर लिया ………॥
  • nice analysis
    One of the greatest mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results
  • edited July 2015
    Except for Environment, this analysis looks good by some random Obsessive-Compulsive-UPSC-Must-Repeat-Its-Actions Theory. :)>-

    Since IFoS exam has been merged with CSE Prelims, E&B ain't going anywhere, rest cool!
    Meri Falak mujhe wapas chahiye!
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