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need suggestions to start preparations with more willingness

After not clearing Pre in 2016, I need suggestions to start preparations at this point of time. I took some time off after Pre. It was my 3rd attempt; done GS n Socio coaching already.
I need to focus on writing for mains and widen my current affairs for Pre. Besides, I need to work on d means to get back with a focussed and a willing approach.
(Engineer, now pursuing Master in Sociology)


  • -keep doing basic things without thinking much...this year prelims is 2 months earlier scheduled..reading newspapers but not over-doing it and wasting time,managing pre based current affairs,static portion for pre keeping in view past upsc papers and trends....i.e focussing on pre without burdening competition is getting very tight in pre specially in general category..newspapers continuinity is needed for both pre and mains..and i.e the only thing needed to be done for mains before pre..+to keep in touch in writing practice,writing one 1.5 hours essay every sunday till 2 months before to stay motivated u can occasionally attend free mock classes at various coaching institutes,stay in touch offline or online with those who have written mains 2016..and slowly time will pass and prelims 2017 is closer than what it appears to be...watching free educational videos,documentaries,RSTV,LSTV,news videos etc for motivation and value addition but not at the cost of core study...will help.just keep interest in current affairs alive..and rest of things would fall in the the way this masters in socio persuing regular or distance mode?from which college/university?...creating backup? :)
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