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Help Required: Stuck at Bootsplash screen!

edited September 2016 in Tools & Technology
Howdy folks.

I have an x58a-ud 7 motherboard. I recently changed my cpu case ( Corsair spec alpha) and upgraded to water cooling (Corsair h60) from air. Now, after i turn the PC on, the system doesn't go beyond the bootsplash screen. I have a PS/2 keyboard and nothing works i.e. cant go into the boot menu. I have posted a pic of the screen for reference.

I have reset the CMOS battery several times but in vain. The hex error code on the mobo shows 50. I am just clueless on what to do exactly. Any leads in the right direction would be appreciated greatly.

Thanks in advance.

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  • edited September 2016
    Have you tried to remove all components inside CPU and put them back tightly (like hard disk cable, etc ) ? When i had PC, even a slight disturbance used to bring such issues ..
  • Well, disassembling the whole thing and putting it back together would eat up a lot of my time. I have checked the ram(s), connections etc. though. The connections seem tight. Just cant wrap my head around the issue :(
    An Ounce of Action Is Worth a Ton of Theory
  • edited September 2016
    No need to disassemble everything but hard disk cable if its loose, OS may not load..so try to put back cables of important items which are involved in the process of booting..For me , it was always the hard disk cable issue..its RAM dirty, i guess we should hear beeping sound for that
  • I have checked the sata connections. As mentioned above, all connections seem snug and tight. :neutral:
    An Ounce of Action Is Worth a Ton of Theory
  • The hex error code is 50 btw!
    An Ounce of Action Is Worth a Ton of Theory
  • I once faced this issue.

    Later while investigating the matter for nearly one hour I was with the conclusion that it was the RAM slot's connection with the motherboard.

    Took it to service centre and got replaced as it was under warranty.
  • Thanks for your input(s) guys. The thing is, this setup was working perfectly before I changed into a new cabinet and a cooling system. The system is booting up, so I don't think the problem is with the ram or hdd :(

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  • edited September 2016
    @dragonborn is the heat sink fan running?
  • Yes. all the fans are running fine. The system is not shutting down by itself!
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  • Hmmm seems like your system is not getting past POST check
    Use function keys or use memtest functionality if ur motherboard has that
  • The keys are not active. I have a PS/2 keyboard.
    An Ounce of Action Is Worth a Ton of Theory
  • Ok your motherboard looks old doesn't matter. This is definitely connection problem buddy.
    Do one thing remove ram (both) slots start the machine you will hear a beep sound take a screwdriver run it across u might see a spark the system will then shut down
    put the ram in check all connection esp water watercooler.
    Hope this helps
  • Checking all the connections now would be too much work! :( I wasted a lot of time on this issue today! cant afford to lose more time on this. I guess I have to take it to some repair shop! T_T
    An Ounce of Action Is Worth a Ton of Theory
  • edited September 2016
    dismount the fan set up...remove processor and put it back inside..if u had applied thermal paste for air set up, clean it thoroughly...it has been known to cause problems; (disconnect the dvd drive as well)
    u got to go back to air , use thermal paste and see whether it works and verify that the problem comes from new cooler

    i know u dont have time, but no other way i guess
  • And yes error code 50 is generally memory issue(ram)
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