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Subject wise segregation of Insights NCERT (2014 & 2015) MCQ's

Hai friends..
Those who are preparing for 2016 attempt, please spare few minutes..
I've subscribed to insights 2015 test series but couldn't qualify prelims.. missed narrowly..
Coming to the point. I have 2014 & 2015 Tests of INSIGHTS test series.
Of these 7 tests (from 2014) + 13 tests (from 2015) i.e total 20 tests were purely from NCERT's.
I have sorted out all MCQ's (of these 20 tests) into subject wise i.e History, Polity, Geography, Economy, Agriculture, Environment, Science & Tech.
MCQs of these tests on NCERTs were sorted out with 95% accuracy. some Qs of Modern india (Making of constitution) & Polity may look similar, like wise "Economy & Economic Geography" etc..
But i have made sure that, Questions will fall into respective subject category.

These tests helped a lot during my preparation and prelims exam. (High quality Q's and Explanations).
So, if you people are interested.. We can create separate word doc / pdf file subject wise..
So that we can revise fundamentals more and more.

All You have to do is just give me your valuable ONE hour time.
I need 20 people for these 20 tests.
I'll provide Question numbers Subject & test wise. You have to copy paste the Question & Explanation at one place.

1) You need to have computer / laptop.
2) Insights 2014 & 2015 tests (Hope you already have). If you don't have i can give you.

What will you get:
(Assume we are going to have 20 people to work on this with 20 (wo)man hours)
1) Subject wise (His,Pol,Geo,Econ etc..) compiled MCQs (Q & A) files (of 2014 & 2015).

Interested people can inbox your mail ID's ( or mail me = claro.cse@gmail dot com )

Only interested people who can work collaboratively for 1 hour in your free time are welcome.
I welcome ur suggestions & criticisms.
Please look at the attached image for sample.



  • Friends..
    Thanks for the response..
    sent mails to you with Q's no.s..
  • @claro
    hi friend i read ur post so im eager to participate in this collaborative work.
    plz send sorted out qstn no.s
    so that i can contribute and share the final files.
    my email id

  • @claro
    hi friend i read ur post so im eager to participate in this collaborative work.
    plz send sorted out qstn no.s
    so that i can contribute and share the final files.
    my email id

    Hai.. Sent you mail and allotted the test with Question numbers subject wise. plz check.
    happy sharing =))
  • Hai friends..
    Thanks for the response.
    Still few more tests left.
    interested people can inbox (comment here) your email IDs..
    or you can mail me =
  • edited November 2015
    @ friends
    Kindly check your mails for template files.
    As one of you asked, i have mailed template files, where you can do your part of work.
  • @ All
    It seems many of you were confused with image of my 1st comment.
    Bcoz for sample, i've uploaded different tests for different topics..
    to clear the air.. now i've uploaded NCERT test - 7 (2014) subject wise.
    Like wise i've segregated all 20 tests based on NCERTs.
    Few more tests left, interested people can inbox ur mail id or leave ur email id here.
    INSIGHTS NCERT MCQ (Test - 7 of 2014).docx
  • @claro
    Plz add me to ur group.
    My mail id
  • Plz add me
  • @claro
    Plz add me to ur group.
    My mail id
    Hai Laksit.. Added you to the group.
    I've sent files to you.
    We can share among ourselves, after all the 20 persons done with their part of work.
    Thanks for the suppport
  • Plz add me
    Hai Nav,
    Check your mail.. i've sent files.
  • Plz add me to ur mail id
  • please add me
  • please add me also...My mail
  • add
  • @mitesh pagala_baital vivekmani
    Added.. plz check your mails after few minutes..
  • please add me
  • edited November 2015
    @ All
    Hai friends.. Thanks for the response..
    If anybody wants compiled files (after final work), you are welcome bcoz 4 more tests left.
    mail me (see top comment) or inbox me ur mail id
    M intrstd
  • But where r the qstns ?
  • But where r the qstns ?
    i've clearly mentioned that, i'll mail everything, yet you are asking "where r the qstns"?
    Any way we were already 20 members for 20 tests (based on NCERT).
    And we have decided SUNDAY MORNING will be the deadline to submit (to me).
    After that final editing will be done and shared among ourselves.
    P.S: If any one failed to submit, then we will accommodate you in place of his/her.
  • plz add me too.
  • Hey,

    Please add me to the group as well. Much appreciated.
  • Hey,

    Please add me to the group as well. Much appreciated.

    ps: Forgot to give my mail id.
  • Hey,

    Please add me to the group as well. Much appreciated.

    ps: Forgot to give my mail id.
    Added you in waiting list Atul.
    If anybody failed to submit the given task by afternoon, then i can accommodate you..
    Thanks for the interest
  • Hai friends..
    if anybody interested to be part of this.. You are welcome..
    Of these 20 tests.. Only 14 tests were done.
    Still 6 more tests left, as some people failed to submit due to their busy schedule.

    So only 6 people required..
    If you are interested mail me ( ) or leave your e-mail ID here..

    P.S: Those who are really interested and able to devote few hours mail me.
    plz add and send the data
  • Hi, sir pls provide Subject wise segregation of Insights NCERT (2014 & 2015) mcq along with questions. I'm interested in that n thkful to u
  • Plz add n send d data as well
  • @claro that will be highly beneficial for all.
    Kindly share if you can please.
    Humanity is above all.
  • Can anyone share the pdf?
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