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Thank you for your tremendous response, to the revision classes for Prelims 2017being conducted in New Delhi. Based on your requests and suggestions, we have come up with new classes as per below schedule
(1)Art & Culture Revision ( REPEAT ) - May 27th & 28th, (2) Modern History ( REPEAT ) - May 30th (3) Govt Schemes + Allied Issues - May 31st (4) Environment & Ecology - Friday, June 2

Seats fill up in a few hours, and we don't plan any more repeat classes, so register early. Click Here to get more details and register early to avoid inconvenience. All revision classes will be held from 5PM to 8PM.

Strategy for lsw in bpsc mains.

Lsw is one of the most favorite optional in bpsc.guys discuss the strategy,books,important topics etc for lsw here.kindly help who are new to this subject.


  • Pankaj tiwari, indubala and prashant sir ki book kahte hai padhne ko
  • is there is any good teacher who can teach LSW in one month ?
  • Shuru karte hain fir
  • @StuartMill_2014 kindly elaborate with book names also.thnks
  • well ....jahan tak mujhe pata hai.there are 3 books.any idea how the subject is .....ii mean pura ratta marne wala hai ya kuch logical bhi hai.moreover i cant find syllabus in english. [-(
  • Bhai ek baat btao kaun sa optional mei rattna nhi hai except science...fir kyu paresaan hona...rattna shuru kro do
  • Its a sincere request to all guys to kindly share:

    What other books are needed to supplement : Labour laws,Industrial relations and Social problems---> by Pankaj Tiwari.
    Previous 1/2 year LSW paper
    Syllabus in English.
    Everybody goes through hell.
  • Yaar books k naam batao koi
    LSW 2012.doc
  • I have attached a 2012 question paper of lsw.cant find more.if any one had more .....plz post
  • Please do all the discussion regarding BPSC Mains 2016 under the below thread :
  • Paper 1 syllabus in English

    1. Theory of labor legislation-Types of labor legislation.
    2. History of labor in India
    3. Act’s associated with the labor affairs
    a. Factory act ,1948
    b. Minimum wages act,1948
    c. Payment of wages act,1936
    d. Equal remuneration act,1976
    e. Workman Compensation act,1923
    f. Maternity Benefit Scheme,1961
    g. ESI act,1948
    h. PF Gratuity act,1972
    i. Child labor prohibition act,1986
    j. Bidi Cigar worker ,act,1966
    k. Bihar shop and establishment,act,1953
    l. International Labor Organization, and their effect on Indian legislation
    m. Labor administration in Bihar

  • @sks_sinha1
    Bro paper 2 ka bhi english me syllabus ho to post kardo.
  • @sks_sinha1
    Bro paper 2 ka bhi english me syllabus ho to post kardo.
    bhai yahi ek mila to post kr die.... jaise hi dusra mile to pakka kr denge.
  • Syllabus paper-2
    1.Industrial Relations and Trade Unions with reference to India and Bihar
    a. Industrial Relation- Meaning,Scope and Main Features
    b.Industrial Disputes-Forms,Causes and Prevention;Methods of Settlement,Collective Bargaining,Industrial Disputes Act,1947
    c.Workers participation in Management-Causes,Institutions,Present Scenario,Reasons for failure in India
    d.Trade Unions in India-Brief History,Types,Objectives and Methods to Attain them; Structure and Administration,Political Affiliation and Leadership,Problems of rivalry and recognition,Trade Unions Act,1926
    e.Code of Conduct and Code of Discipline

    2.Social Welfare and Social Security
    a.Social Security-Meaning,Scope and Methods
    b.Unemployment-Meaning,types,causes,Suggestions for eradication,Unemployment related schemes
    c.Poverty-Meaning,cause,extent,solutions,rural poverty in India and Bihar,Policies for eradication
    d.Child Welfare-Problems of children,children welfare schemes
    e.Women Welfare-Problems of women,welfare schemes
    f.Alcoholism-Situation in Bihar
    h.Beggary- Nature,cause,situation in bihar
    i.Social security programmes in Bihar- Old age pension,Unemployment allowance,Group allowance,Bonded labor rehabilitation

    PS: English Translation from Hindi Syllabus :P. Hope helps me in Hindi paper in Mains :D:D
    Everybody goes through hell.
  • LSW ki koi test series hai kya Eng Medium mei..
  • Hand wriiten notes r available in market book of pankaj tiwari in form of previous yr question & one as per syllabus is also available readily in market...thats all ...if any one frm delhi i can help him in getting materials..its a good second option subject confirmed frm selected people in bpsc..
  • @MaterialisticMonk Thanks for ur help... By the way how to handle various labour laws in P1... For instance in child labour Act, there is an extensive list of processes and operations where child labour is prohibited... Do v need to remember such provisions also
  • @final i havnt started preparing lsw i m doing my geo optional ryt now.
  • @MaterialisticMonk hey man how are you doing geo? I asked for geo material from book stalls in front of bpsc office but they said they didn't have any. Same available in Delhi?
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