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hi guys any body here appearing for ssc cgl 2013 . kindly share the valuable tips which are to be kept in mind to score maximum.


  • Just chill bhidu..thats it...Plan meticulously how you're going to use that 120 minutes...Thats have to be wise and careful to attempt those questions first which you can do in less time and can answer accurately..I'm too a IT professional attempting...Even though we are everytime busy in preparation ,practising..its only the utilisation of time effectively in exam which makes you different from others..
  • start with GK, then English and then dive into maths and quant do the questions you know and remember not to get stuck on difficult questions
  • thanks friends for ur valuable inputs
    if any other can be shared here
  • Just don't waste too much time solving a question , if you know at first glance mark otherwise leave it and don't come back again and again on a question that you aren't able to do. Instead try a fluke.

    One more thing, don't panic even if your questions go wrong. even toppers can't get all of it right.

    Divide the time you are going to spend on each section.
    Usually GS should be 15min , english 15 to 20 min at the most . Reasoning should be 35 min . and rest of the time for maths.

    In case you solve 140+ with certainty and you should not leave other question mark them too. as minus marking is just 1/4 , even fluke marking gets around 4/10 hits thats 2.5 marks extra.

  • @kiransimha The SSC Exam on 14th got postponed. I hope you have not already reached the venue :P
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    Ah! Thanks a lot @neyawn :) I had filled up the form. However as SSC wanted me to take a trip to Bharatpur, Prelims being just 45 days away and CAPF physicals looming over my head, I rather choose not to go. Lol. I am happy now :) And 28th would clash with SBI. I was still contemplating to drive down. Lol. Thanks a lot man :D
  • @fallen_leaves ssc , sbi , capf .. what other exams (other than upsc )for backup are you guys giving ?
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    @mags_tell Well. Earlier I hadn't filled up anything apart from CSE, however I figured out it is always better to have some options.

    What all did I apply for -
    1. CAPF - Assistant Commandant - To me it looked as the next best alternative to Civil Services w.r.t Pay-scale, Job profile etc.
    2. SBI PO - Again Pay-scale, Job-profile and such.
    3. SSC - I had filled up the form, but I wouldn't really drive down to Bharatpur for SSC. It is a good option, but with all due respect, I would not have opted/joined even if I qualified.

    What can be other alternatives ( I didn't apply) -
    1. APFC - Asst. PF Commissioner.
    2. LIC - There is an exam for officer level entry.

    W.r.t Backup as such, I am not looking at any of the above as an alternative barring CAPF to some extent. I had a decent job in States, backup would be going back to the old job and/or going for a specific Masters course that I always had in mind. They accepted me and also deferred it for an year, I hope the need to reapply doesn't come-up someday! :|
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    giving sbi , ssc, insurances . got assistant mea from ssc 12
    also IFoS beside IAS
  • @fallen_leaves What? Are you suggesting that you had no idea of the postponment and were actually planning to go there? I mean, my link was breaking news to you?
    *No good deed goes unpunished* | I am no knight, do not call me Sir | I write articles for Civil Services Aspirants, you can find them at |
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    I just wanna know one thing guys, do the people in ssc sleep when they make schedules , 2 days before exam they remembered it a holiday and postponed it and the worse on the day when there is a exam of sbi. I don't know how many students will be affected by it.

    its my estimation atleast 4 lakh candidates will not be able to give either of the exam and they are forced into it.

    Can't anything be done about it, PIL or Something in the court , as its a case of public grief. If ssc could postpone the date to some day where there is no exam.

    If anyone knows how to file a pil let me know, one of my friend intends to do it. ??? @Neyawn @all or anyone else.
  • @fallen_leaves What? Are you suggesting that you had no idea of the postponment and were actually planning to go there? I mean, my link was breaking news to you?
    Haha! Lol! No, not at all. What I said was. Yes. I had no idea about the postponement and that was because I wasn't going!
  • I had decided not to go for reasons mentioned earlier. This postponement has just saved me from any regret/guilt for not appearing, as I would go for SBI PO than go for SSC (that too to Bharatpur :O )
  • @sanki Agreed on that. Why don't you check some FB pages/forums for SSC CGL. I am pretty sure people must have already initiated/planned something about it!
  • ya guys i know the information about the postponement.i am from southern region.when compared to sbi po and ssc clearing chances wil be more for ssc in my view
    wat say friends :D
  • ya guys i know the information about the postponement.i am from southern region.when compared to sbi po and ssc clearing chances wil be more for ssc in my view
    wat say friends :D
    southern region's exam is scheduled to be held on 21st itself. no postponement there. you would be able to appear for both ssc and sbi po. :)
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  • @kiransimha
    sbi po paper is tougher than ssc. But wait for the time it might be possible for you to give both the exams. Don't loose hope.
  • friends really this site is some kind of boosting for me
    when ever i feel myself low i wil see all your discussions and wil get on with my preparation.
    and let me intoduce myself friend shortly O:-)
    i am from andhra pradesh completed BE FROM CBIT IN 2011 and right nw pursuing masters in osmania university as a back up option
    its nt a back up option but as nt to waste year took admission for name sake and preparing for all the exams which ever are indirectly related to our upsc preparation.gave an attempt last year but was screwd as by checking myself got around 196. :((
    thought of giving serious attempt dis time but still laging in some making it myself clear frm time to time by visiting this forum.and hoping for the best.
    the way ideas sharing here was reallyy awesome
  • is rajesh verma suffice for csat quant part.
  • is rajesh verma suffice for csat quant part.
    U can read any book...just make sure you got concepts well....I solve more previous papers of banks, CAT,MAT and make a Note Book (I call it as Mistakes Book)..used to do like that from intermediate...more practice ..I read one's an interview of CAT topper from Visakhapatnam in The Hindu, the secret for his success was practice and basics..
  • is a score of 113 enough for a general candidate to qualify in tier 1?
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    @glycer999 bro i am counting on the fact that last time the cutoff was was 80. so i am expecting something like 80-85 again.
    do revise trigonometry. you can expect min 4-5 straight forward question. no tricks invloved here.
    i reached 45 min late. had no intention of appearing for the exam. they allowed me to appear for it. all i was able to do was 96 questions in an something like 70 min. :P ;;)
    Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering.
  • paper was lenghty guys and i attempted around 140 questions and getting a score of around 105-110.wat do u comment friends about the level of diificulty of paper and it was in news today that ssc cgl 13 paper was leaked by the involvement of 9 officials including some other outside guys.
  • @Woodpecker I already wrote exam on 21st evng session and getting 113 when i checked from a key put up in a site...there were 3-4 mistakes in that key,so overall my score would come around 110-115... want to know whether i can qualify with dis score to prepare pleasantly for tier 2...otherwise half of the time goes waste in speculations and dilemmas...

    Ya..last time the cut off for general was 82...but this time paper was easy,so i think cut off will increase...

    96 questions in 70 min was good yar...i hope the accuracy was also good...
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    @kiransimha i wrote in evening session and found the paper easy overall compared to previous years...reasoning was too easy comparitively...gen awareness,upsc folk can mark atleast half the questions right...quantitative,i can't comment,bcz i'm a biology student and left all trigonometry and geometry questions,as i never looked them after 10th,so donno about their difficulty level...english was of the same level as previous,overall i feel paper was bit easy and cut off will move to the higher side,may be around 90-95..i may be wrong..others who wrote exam,pls share ur opinions...
  • @glycer999
    where did you find the key.?
    can you share the website here???
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