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I am creating this thread to discuss Kannada Literature optional. We can share question papers , Coaching materials , and have a meaningful study through this online platform.

First we can start with this year paper. Anyone interested !!!


  • @Sid108 dude are u in Delhi . are u interested in group tactics for kannada
  • @kannadiga101 I am in Bangalore as of now.I am planning to go to Delhi in June. For the time being, I am happy to discuss in this forum.
  • K buddy . I switched from philosophy to Kannada . we should help each other . stay in touch . if there s any queries . you are free to ask
  • Sure. 2014 is my 1st attempt. Pretty much finished Kannada syllabus. Nw revising and consolidating Narahalli and Sashi Marulayya notes.
    What abt you ? Fresh start after 2013 mains result ?
  • My second attempt . I m in beginning stage . I very quite good hold of GS .
  • U have made a good choice by choosing Kannada as optional
  • @Sid108 dude . do u have any news about kpsc notification . ?
  • No info on new notification but 2013 result was published 10 days ago
  • @kannadiga101 Any idea about Kannada paper evaluation this time ? Is there any butchering like Geo ?
  • No butchering . after consulting many people I have made this choice
  • @sid108 I have to improve Kannada writing speed
  • @Sid108 do you know any review about anarghya IAS for Kannada . I think I should join . how ever when I called them yest they said classes will begin on march ending . please let me know if any of your friends have taken coaching from them
  • As per some info, Anargya is the best available option in Delhi. My friends have attended Narahalli classes
    in bangalore
  • are engineering students allowed to take kannada literature as optional........i mean some news paper articles say that u you need to have studied graduation in particular language to be eligible
  • That restriction is removed. Now anyone can take literature option
  • Hi hello everyone .. I am glad tht this discussion is for kannada literature as optional ... till now I have not started with this optional ... some of seniors suggested not to take it as optional ..... what you guys suggest
  • @priyankaraj Do not decide your optional based on what others say. Just go through the syllabus and decide what suits you the best.
    As far as Kannada is considered - its pros are
    1. Short syllabus
    2. Sweet syllabus. You will enjoy it a lot if you love mythology and fantasy. Most of the portion is story based, so no mug up or boring
    3. Awarded good marks consistently if one has good command over the language
    Cons -
    1. Very difficult for English medium candidates to clear without coaching.
    2. Quality coaching is available only at Bangalore

    I have not found it difficult. Difficulty level varies from one individual to another based on his interest and background. I am from Kannada background and have excellent command over the language . I already knew most of the mythological stories , thanks to my grand pa/ma, mother and TV serials.

    Final advice - One of the senior asked me to write a small essay about Mother in 150 words, when I asked him the same question you asked above. If you can manage it, then you will have no problem whatsoever.
  • Anybody in Delhi ..
  • Hi thanks for the replying and giving suggestions on choosing optional subject :-) I have seen the question paper and syllabus also ... I found it easy but one of my senior(sadist guy) suggested that without coaching and dedicating at least 6 months completely for this subject .. will not be able to complete this syllabus .

    Thanks for detailed email its boosting my confidence...

    I have good command over the language and also interested in taking up Kannada literature ... my only issue is.... at this point of time I do not want to join classes .. I am residing in Bangalore ... near to Vijayanagar coaching center area only ...but I cannot join coaching classes ... I want to do self study with notes and text available ...
    I will take up this ... pls provide me the list of books and if possible share your notes and naranhalli sir notes too.

    hope you help me out in this issue :-)

  • @priyankaraj since you are residing near vijaynagar, you can find narahalli sir notes in hariprasad book shop.
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    @priyankaraj - what Je_peux said is correct. But coaching notes do not cover all. You got to do some research after reading them once. BA/ MA notes might help you. This is must to get 230+ in the optional.
    You will find relevant resource at

  • Hi thanks a lot for the information .... I will visit tht book store in weekend ... Thanks a lot :)
  • hi @sid108 I have gone through the article and thanks for sharing it ..... and thanks to u guys ,,, really u ppl are helping me out in this and special thanks for not demotivating to take this subject as optional... definitely I will switch to other resources once I go through the notes ... hope u will continue to guide me in this subject ..:-)
  • Hi @Sid108 / @priyankaraj ,

    found this thread quite helpful. i needed a little info on good coaching center for UPSC kannada literature in bangalore. i checked out in spardha chaitra, Narahalli sir is not conducting classes anymore there.

    please give out some suggestions. Thanks :)
  • @Nir_11 Do you know why he is not taking classes ? He might be taking classes at other coaching institution. Last time I met him was in Oct 2013 and no idea after that.
    Nevertheless, try to collect his handwritten notes from seniors. Best alternative option I can think of is Universal Coaching Centre near Vijaynagar and JSS near Banashankari
  • @Sid108 guru jaldi Delhi kade baarappa swalpa guidance beku .
  • @kannadiga101 I will upload the Rajdhani ticket dated 25th August soon :))
    Are you from north Karnataka ? How is your Kan prep going on ?
  • Illa mandya da gandu .. @Sid108
  • @kannadiga101 So How is Kan prep going on ? Joined any coaching ? Did you complete atleast once ?
  • @Sid108 Hi.. any reviews on Anarghya IAS academy for kannada literature in Bangalore? there is a professor called Manoj sir who teaches here itseems.. any personal reviews or opinions from friends? please let me know. i am planning to join here if its good for kannada
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