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VajiramAndRavi undue harassment of student(s): What to do? Ideas needed...

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I was a student of 'Vajiram And Ravi' last year(2015). Since I could not qualify for Mains, I requested the faculty & administration at the institute to allow me to pursue my remaining classes next year (this year-2016). They readily agreed but when I presented my application to them, they wrote "may be considered subject to availability of seats" on the application. I did not mind that because they always have seats available in their Test Series batches...so I thought may be it's a convention they may be following.

This year when I contacted them to allow me to attend the classes, they denied me admission saying "unavailability of seats". But from students who were in queue outside to attend the classes, I have confirmed that there always are plenty of seats vacant in the classroom. So the reason that there's dearth of seats comes across as a blatant lie.

Has someone else faced this harassment before? What did you do?

Other people...boys & girls..any ideas as to what I can do??


  • Meet Ravindaran sir directly best option.. or meet Ojha sir (history) or even Manocha sir and ask for his help in this regard.. hope it will help.. seats vacant in class doesn't mean seats are really vacant ..many students don't attend classes..they already do more admission than general capacity of classroom :)
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  • Meet elangovan. He may help you.
  • it may be more difficult than govt. accepting CSE Justice's demand.

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  • @imperfect_serenity Could you please elaborate? Who is elangovan at Vajiram? Is s/he a faculty or in administration? Where does he sit in Vaji?
  • He is in administration. He is 2nd in command. He is a nice person. Just go to front desk and ask about him...
  • friend said:

    @imperfect_serenity Could you please elaborate? Who is elangovan at Vajiram? Is s/he a faculty or in administration? Where does he sit in Vaji?

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  • @imperfect_serenity , @JohnSnow, @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh
    Thanks for the suggestions. Got things resolved thanks to Elangovan sir.

    For some reason though, when Vaji students & administrative staff take his name, its sounds as if they call him Elingovan instead of Elangovan!! Any way...the matter is resolved. Bas 1 hafte chakkar kaatne padhe Vaji ke.
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