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UGC NET online Coaching

Hello guys, I want to prepare for UGC NET Exam, but don't know how to start study, please help me.
I have 3 options 1. Classroom Study 2. Online learning 3. Self study.
I have no idea about UGC NET preparation. Suggest me right way & also suggest me study material for NET Exam. :/


  • Self study.
    (Detail information?)
  • Check examrace.com might help
  • Hi Neeta ,i can suggest you to both online study and self study because if you go for any coaching, ,self study is must.so you can get online coaching at home and you don't need to out anywhere .it will save your time .
    i am giving you list of online coaching
    1) www.eduncle.com
    2) 2gk.in
    3) route2jobs
    4) onlinetopper
    5) thecareercastle
    6) 24x7coaching.com
    7) careerpower
  • No need to study for paper 1.... for others depends on ur subject...
    Have cleared net thrice and jrf once in eco...
    Do all past paperd and u will be through
  • Thanks Shivangi & Pranav
  • Self study is always the best option, but you need right mindset to stay motivated for self study. Avoid catastrophic thinking. Instead of thinking, “I’m a mess, I’ll never have enough time to study for this exam,” look at it like, “I may be a little late to study as much as I’d like, but since I’m doing it now, I’ll get most of it done.”

    Classroom coaching are second best thing for many of us, as it provide you an friendly, healthy & competitive environment. As you haven't mention your residence city, It is next to impossible to mention any good coaching for NET exam in your city.

    Last but not the least option is Online coaching for UGC NET exam so all the good options like eduncle UGC NET Online Coaching TCYonline practice tests are suggested already by shiwangi.

    Whether you opt for self study or online coaching or classroom coaching you will always need reference books & Notes for the exam. Rashid Faridi is a well known expert & he provides valuable notes for NET exam at his blog.
    UGC NET Helping notes
  • Thanks Hemantda :)
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