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1s attempt or practice

I want to clear both prelims and mains in 1st attempt but a teacher wants me to focus only on prelims currently and see about mains later. If I don't clear mains( In case prelims is cleared) then this would be a practice attempt for me. I don't want to give 2018 attempt unless I am sure of both prelims and mains, and I know that my level mains preparation at this time won't help me clear mains. What to do


  • Not an experienced candidate or anything of that sort but here is my opinion- No one can be sure of clearing both mains and prelims and that should not stop you from writing the exam. Prelims and mains aren't too isolated, only a few extra topics are added. Your input( study material) remains the same irrespective of the stage of exam only the output (pattern of stage) differs. If you have done all basic books by now along with CA go and give this attempt instead of worrying too much about selection
  • Just a suggestion from experience: somewhere inside your mind if you target 2019, your motivation will not be same as when you prepare for 2018. If you clear prelims, you will prepare for mains vigorously which will either propel you to interview or will help you a lot in next mains as you will practice answer writing, do optional religiously, do ethics and topics like arc and world history. There are 6 attempts, first attempt is too early to think about saving attempts.

    Second thing, ask yourself why do you want to crack exam in first attempt even when it will be your second year of preparation? Just for psychological good feeling or there is something more about it? I hope you can take a wise decision after pondering over these things. Good luck :)
  • If anyone wants all the subject videos of Visionias GS foundation batch 2017, comment or mail me at cseaspirant2018@gmail.com. It will be really helpful to all those who can't afford GS coaching due to some monetary constraints.
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    Prelims and mains are interlinked.
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