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Poll on optional selection in CS 2015

Hi All,

Request everyone to participate in this poll regarding the optional which you have selected in Civil Service exam 2015.


  • Request mods to keep this poll thread on top till the due date of application form.
  • Early days yet, but definite decline in Pub ad takers.
  • @vignesh kindly also post the link for viewing the poll results
    Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
  • Only 113 responses so far. During last year after prelims, close to 3000 candidates participated in the marks poll. Please poll your responses.

    Request mods to keep this thread on top.
  • Only 137 responses so far.
  • Man here there are more PSIR people than Philosophy guys!
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • ^It's been just 3 days. Have patience my friend. Although I don't think the results will come as a surprise.
    But I had to comment to keep this thread on top at least once in a day so that people are aware that there is such a poll here.
  • It would more useful to conduct this poll once the prelims results are out.
    2014-1st attempt,mains--pol science
  • It would more useful to conduct this poll once the prelims results are out.
    aptly said . This year prelims will be a big turnover point for many .
  • @vignesh Why have not separated language paper???? ~X( :-O .. plzz separate language paper , Even we want to know that..
  • pure desh main kya koi botany nahi padh raha hai?
  • The most sure-shot sign of the no. of candidates enrolled for each optional subject is the SEATING PLAN AT YOUR CENTRE during the Mains.

    UPSC makes you sit optional-wise at the centre. Last year at a centre at Delhi where I gave my exam I took the liberty of hanging on a little longer after the Sociology exam as the next day was Hindi and there was hardly any rush to get back and start revising. There were at-least 300-400 candidates at my centre. My findings for the optional were as follows:

    #1 Geography - Approx 40% of all the candidates
    #2 Public Administration - Approx 20% of all candidates
    #3 Sociology - Approx 15% of all candidates
    #4 History - Approx 10% of all candidates
    #5 PSIR/Psycho/Philo - Less than 5% each

    These percentages are only indicative because the way UPSC put those seating plans at my centre, it was - different optionals on different margins of the notice board. So just by having a glance at it you could tell the extent of notice board covered by people from different optionals.
    When victory is certain, even the cowards can fight.
    Brave are those who fight even when their defeat is certain.
  • Pub ad still going strong
  • Pub ad still going strong
    it will still do... even i wanted to change my optional but so much less time and this stupid feature of demon Phase and Age (DPA) to fill optional before seeing your marksheet and now with just a few attempts, i hv no option and netiher any optional left. so i am sticking with my old optional and so would others be doing it
  • What's wrong with the stats? Civil engineering optionals ke maximum students hain!!! lol

    Some stupid tampered with the process i guess :|
    Jaake mehertabaan se keh do ki apni kiraanein ginkar rakh le, mai apne sehra ke zarre zarre ko khud chamakna sikha raha hoon!!
  • I request moderators to close this thread as instead of helping anyone its stats are misleading for new aspirants who are yet to decide their optionals. After seeing huge numbers for civil engineering and geology I visited the poll link again and discovered that one can submit multiple responses. So this farce poll serves no purpose.
    @Etat @root @Vibin
  • As a poll creator, I request mods to close this thread. We have idiots everywhere. Not sure what to say about the stupids who polled multiple responses.
This discussion has been closed.
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