Bengal School of Art and Ganesh Pyne

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I'm writing this topic because of its importance as a remembrance of Pyne. There are chances of asking it in prelims/mains.

1.Bengal School of Art
The Bengal School of Art first originated from Kolkata (Shantiniketan)
Mostly associated with Swadeshi movement led by Abanindranath Tagore. Don't mistake it with Indian National Movement, Its is about Nationalist Art Movement which is Swadesh

2.Brain Child: Binfield Havell.

3. About Abanindranath Tagore:
Abanindranath Tagore was the principal artist of the Bengal school and the first major exponent of swadeshi values in Indian art. He was also a noted writer. He was popularly known as 'Aban Thakur'. Till that time oil paintings were very famous among European and Indian Intelligentsia(kept Raja Ravi Varma in mind because he used oil paintings).

4. How was he a nationalist painter, different from others?
As an opposition to above he used Indigenous(swadeshi) material like tempera(refer to bottom of the page) for Ancient Indian Murals(directly painted on wall) and Mughal Art Paintings for praising the glory of India's past. His followers later on followed his style and formed Nationalist Art Movement often called the Bengal School. His first painting Winter's morning was with water colours. His Famous painting is on Bharat Matha as a mythological goddess with four hands holding objects symbolic of India's national aspirations:-

Bharat Mata Painting By Abanindranath Tagore

5. Other Famous Artists
Other famous artists of Bengal School were Asit Haldar, M.A.R Chughtai, Sunayani Devi and Kshitindranath Majumdar.

6. What was it in news recently?
-Ganesh Pyne: one of the last legacies in Bengal School of Art, recently expired. Awarded with Rajaravi varma Award in 2011 by Kerala Govt.
His art was hugely Inspired by A.Tagore's "Winter's Morning" in water colours. His style was Poetic Surrealism (Surrealism:- Its very famous during 1920's as if people draw paintings in an unconscious mood but later on it was criticised and the movement was dead, but believe me guys you will love surrealist paintings ,just google it).
-His themes had elements of the subconscious; the mercenary, the demons and the angels were aspects of the self split from his waking reality inspired from Bengal Folklore and Mythology.
-His Medium for painting: Water Colours, Tempera and Gouache with Ochre. Black and blue shades.

[Water Colors: Color pigments Suspended in water soluble medium
Gouache:Similar to water color but has more pigment ratio than water + Chalk is present for give it more reflection and opaqueness
Tempera: from dried Egg yolk+water+colour pigment powder]

P.S. I wrote just to throw some light on Schools of India. Any information further furnished is highly appreciated,

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