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Economic & Poltical Weekly.. how good is It?

I came across some really good articles in EPW archives but couldn't read fully... so I was thinking whether to subscribe online or not.... Need veterans comments...


  • do it if you are studying pol sci or economics as your optional.. It too detailed.. Not for gs.. My opinion
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  • not for gs it is meant for only 1-2 optional subjects like pol sc or economics
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  • Ha. .. I was considering it for sociology optional.... it features thinkers like Andre Beteille, Deepankar Gupta, Rajni Kothari etc... its worth it I guess
  • Post any required article here, people with subscription can mail you the pdf. No need to subscribe, there are good articles but you don't find time to read them all.
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  • i have been saving some of epw article since can save pdf of current epw issues
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  • Epw is good but there are chances to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material which gets generated over weeks and the depth of the articles. Note taking may also prove to be a time consuming exercise.

    If ur In u second+ attempts you can use it to add value to ur preps. But for first attempt better to rely on newspaper as the only source.
    Adding one more newspaper to ur prep may add more value than a weeks epw.

    My 2 cents.
  • @Bureau_crazy. . U r right. .. chances r we ll get lost in the info from these articles with little utility in the mains/interview. .. my 4th attempt ( could not make it to interview) so want to improve my optional marks somehow... desperate.... Btw I read 2 newspapers TH & IE ... thx for ur input...Btw wht ur optional n attempt
  • @Vegetagoku @Bureau_crazy

    I have concluded after analysing CSE mains-2014 paper that, there is an increased importance of the magazines like EPW, Frontline, Yojana, Kurukshetra. The questions in the GS-II/II paper were not just from one year from mains-2014 but from the earlier dates.

    I shall like to share here the analysis of a random website, which I think is quite useful.

    Analysis for GS-II, mains 2014

    Paperwallah recommends all the aspirants keep in mind the following golden rules:

    Age of ‘coaching mafia notes’ is gone. As you can see in the above 20 questions, you need to have a solid opinion based on wide quality reading.
    Progress and study has to be incremental. A single paper like GS-2 touches a wide spectrum. You cannot expect to finish the syllabus, if you are serious, within 2-3 months. You cannot mug up cheap notes and be prepared for the exam.
    The above two points does not mean you have to study 18 hours every day for 10 months. Absolutely not. Just widen your study area, and study slowly, regularly, daily.
    The above 3rd point means the following – Read The Hindu exhaustively, critically…daily (I am a poet now, move aside Gulzaar saab!!). Focus on important issues of The Hindu, points and opinions, and do further reading on the issues flagged each day by using the net. For example – all the Paperwallah paid subscribers read selected (important) The Hindu articles daily, then attempt a high quality quiz on the same daily in the evening. Lest they forget, they attempt weekly quiz and monthly quiz. Each day Paperwallah compells its members to think critically and makes them realize where they erred in their understanding…Ok… Enough..We cannot go on advertising our services!!!
    Beyond The Hindu, read quality articles of people like C. Raja Mohan, ET articles, writings of legal luminaries. Include Frontline in your armour.

    Analysis for GS-III mains 2014

    So the learning from the GS Paper-3 pattern is that apart from The Hindu, it is very important to read issue based articles on the net, refer to EPW and Frontline regularly. Of course most of the questions in GS Paper-3 were based on The Hindu editorials. However to develop a solid opinion about issues one should enlarge the reading horizon. It is also important to note the fact that moderately difficult or easy questions are very dangerous as far as question marking is concerned, as most aspirants have satisfactory knowledge and tend to write similar answers – which means the person(s) who will check the answer sheet will tend to give average marks to all. Hence it is all the more important for the aspirants to show off their knowledge even in easy questions. And this extra knowledge will not come to you by joining coaching mafias and reading their ‘worthless, copy paste notes’ compiled by their bunch of looser employees/ proprietors. Please understand that now aspirants have to move beyond the so called ‘notes’ culture. You have to take the pain to read authentic, high quality articles, magazines and newspapers on a sustained basis for months, if you wish to develop the knowledge and the balanced opinion which is required to score well in questions like those asked in GS Papers 2 and 3.


    The examiner now wants to answer the questions, exactly like a seasonal civil servant, But this civil servant has to be a great mixture of a IAS+IPS+IFS. The more you depend on such magazine, the easier it would be to impress the examiner.

    What's your say.
  • @Bureau_crazy. . U r right. .. chances r we ll get lost in the info from these articles with little utility in the mains/interview. .. my 4th attempt ( could not make it to interview) so want to improve my optional marks somehow... desperate.... Btw I read 2 newspapers TH & IE ... thx for ur input...Btw wht ur optional n attempt
    My optional is History. This year is going to be the first of many attempts. Last year had started prep for prelims but had to leave studying because of my fathers illness and death. Started this year again.

    I had subscribed for all mags last year - epw frontline wizard yojana. My above analysis of epw was based on my last years experience.
  • if any 1 subscibed down to earth pl share
  • How to choose articles for economics optional in EPW?
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