National Register of Citizens is for whole country, says Amit Shah SC directs Madras HC to decide plea against TikTok ban on April 24 EC submits detailed report in SC on biopic of PM Modi Health Ministry has no vaccines for Haj pilgrims Special kits to probe sexual assault cases

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Aspirants Diary of Current Events - The Daddy/Appa/Baap of all Affairs that are Current.

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Guyz lets start a data-base thread of current events. Some of us read The Hindu, Some ToI , Some AIR, Some PIB, Some Vajiram, Some Sriram, Some Synergy and the list wont end. We all cant read all of these. Neither is it needed. Also, we dont want to miss any crucial event. So here we Go!
We form an Aspirants' Diary of Current Events(ADCE) here at current IAS. Here, members contribute what events they found important whatever the source.
ADCE can serve as great helper to other awesome collaboration proposals like Mind Map Thread and Colloborative GS Notes thread by providing them feeder of current events.
We can also form Foccused Discussion Google Groups where we pick up events and associated issues from here and then discuss that issue from many dimensions and update that issue with any new events added to the diary.

and Drona asked,"what do you see?","the sparrow's eye!"......and Krishna replied,"Turning their discerning mind to That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim and the sole object of their devotion, they go whence there is no return"


  • Current Affairs for Civil Services Exam 2k13

    March 10
    * Civil Society Activists(Nikhil Dey and Aruna Roy) terms Time Bound Delivery of G&S and Grievance Redressal Bill as RTI-2 and revolutionary. As

    * Former CBI Director appointed Governor of Nagaland. Earlier, another former CBI director was, Amar Pratap Singh, was appointed as UPSC member. This may raise the debate on independence of higher statutory/constitutional bodies.

    *Increasing violence culture among youth. Students at Allahabad University hurled bombs at each other in a clash which arose because of breaking of queue.

    *Ageing INS Viraat undergoing refits. Need of INS Vikramaditya felt.

    *Tata-Aldesa begin works at a section of EDFC(Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor). 1899 KM of EDFC from Ludhiana to Dankuni and 1500 KM of WDFC from Dadri to Mumbai.

    *Mobocracy in Pakistan : 170 Houses and shops were set to fire in Christian Colony of Lahore over allegations of blasphemy. Blasphemy couldn’t be discussed as its discussion is also regarded as blasphemous. South Asia’s Communal Violence is a grave security threat.

    *In Nepal, the consensus deal (transitional election government with CJoSC as head) is being jeopardised by contentious issues of
    > Transitional Judicial Mechanism Ordinance
    > Final deal on the integration of former Maoist combatants is also elusive. Maoists want Colonel level integration for a small ratio of senior combatants, while opposition denies that.

    * Sudan and South Sudan
    today(10 March) is the day of execution of de-millitarization at the border conflict areas. India (ONGC), alongwith China and Malaysia has crucial stakes in South Sudan oil-fields.

    *As per media reports, Obama administration is to set in motion an ambitious global effort (including 11 nation Trans-Pacific Partenership) of trade talks with economies of Europe and Asia including major developing economies such as India, China and Brazil. All this means Obama is moving away from risk-averse first term policies towards unprecedented legacy in international trade policy. Such a policy is going to have impact upon India’s pharma, IT services and financial sector.
    and Drona asked,"what do you see?","the sparrow's eye!"......and Krishna replied,"Turning their discerning mind to That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim and the sole object of their devotion, they go whence there is no return"
  • @AK_CS
    Good initiative.
    I will start contributing in this once I am done with some work in few days.
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    Nice initiative,I have started taking IE from today replacing sadda "the hindu".So hope to continue IE in this thread.I shall also give imp. points,pointers,sentences,words coming for that day making it short and easy.May post facts which may not be current but came in the news sans "the hindu" news posted here.

    p.s grammar may be compromised for shortening the sentences,so apologies beforehand and if you find any mistake ,do point out.

    10march IE
    1.Foreigners leaving India and Indians coming from abroad -not req. to fill embarkments and disembarkments forms before immigration.
    -These form's content has also been reduced.
    Its due to new Immigration,visa and foreigners registration and tracking system (IVFRT)after headley's visit :) .Applicable from july onwards.

    2.India had voted against Iran at IAEA 2005,but relations fine.

    3."Saranda Development Plan."Ramesh opposes fresh mining leases in this area specially pvt. party(his pet project).But forest advisory committee (FAC) of MoEF allowed jindal steel 1 month earlier for minning and now given some land to SAIL,though FAC agrees that Project elephant authorities need to be consulted for this area.(obviously coz elephants are there in numbers).

    4.Defence Budget of some countries for the present year.(Incr or decrease)
    USA-decr.(still very large compared to others),
    SL-super incr.
    ,UK-super decr.
    ,Japan-incr.(due to china island issue),
    China-incr.(Indian experts say that they spent 60% more then official budget presented).

    5.Air India employee fact salary cut from April.It would include no productivity linked incentives for the airline staff.

    6.After Doha failure,USA sets for a global round of trade talks mainly to influence China,Brazil,India and TPP(transpacific partnership) also comes into the picture (growing asian markets like vietnam,s.korea and mexico;canada etc).

    7.Find out "karst landspace" commonly called natural sinkholes.

    8.Interview with Moily.Few imp. words and facts to look upto if donno.
    -NELP,CCI,Rangarajan committee(recommendations),LNG
    -75% of petroleum products imported,de-regulation of bulk diesel(i.e diesel used in freight carriers mainly) increases railway costs,way out of such high costs-public transport (but would car lobby like SIAM allow ? :p )

    9.Last but not the least,read this small article "Wharton's graceless action". On recent wharton's incident by soli sorabjee.
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • 11MarchIE
    1.30K MW power generation capacity is said to be added in last 2 yrs but not as much in actual coz
    -projects idle or partial load(plant load factor).
    -fuel shortage,domestic coal low,gas prod. v.low.
    -CIL stopped signing fresh FSA.Even if signed,CIL not willing to release coal to those who dont have firm PPA's(power purchase agreements) with distribution utilities.Now bidding process is getting further complicated.
    Related terms :1.Price pooling- 2.Cross subsidisation :

    2.Air Asia (India) pvt. ltd-Malaysia cos. &Tata venture resently cleared for investment in India by FIBP

    3.ETF (exchange traded fund)-[]
    Fin Min approaches EPFO to discuss investing in PSU-ETF (only blue chips listed PSU's initially so that its less riskier ,encouraging investors),comes at a time when dept. of disinvestment are finalising ETF which is likely to start next fiscal,also EPFO was wanting to adopt investment pattern for pension and provident funds as notified in 2008 to improve its returns for its subscribers(currently EPFO gives 8.5 to 9% returns).
    2008 notification allowed EPFO to invest upto 15% of its corpus in equities.EPFO now wants to defer dealing with PSU-ETF untill proper safeguards are put in place.

    4.-Karzai-"US and taliban are in daily negotiation" and wants foreign troops to obey and respect afghan laws and its sovereignty.US denies such negotiations.
    -Aung san appointed as leader of opposition (NLD) for 2015 elections.

    5."Maximum power point tracking"-technique used by solar panel for a battery used in a mobile so that this solar powered mobile charged by receiving SMS developed by "Buffalo Grid"( London based ) operative in Uganda where a single sms would charge the mobile for 1.5 hrs.

    6.-Dept of fertilizer endorsed putting IFFCO under CVC.
    -In a NCERT study on efficacy of "In service Education for Teachers"under SSA;Haryana,Chattisgarh,Nagaland and Rajasthan were falling behind while TN,UP,JK,Guj. doin well.States ranked on the basis of NCERT's national achievement survey for vth class,2011.Coordinated by dept of teacher education.
    -Huge consignments of arms,ammo seized by Assam Rifles in Aizawl was heading for b'desh's shanti bahini org.(what an irony :p)
    -Prez Mauritius holidays ,main issue DTAA.Also influence it before China does the same.
    -MoRD revisiting IAY guidelines,proposed to make state govt. nodal authority to whom funds will be disbursed.Currently centre directly sends to districts and so gets delayed.Also strict efficiency standards for releasing next lot of funds and greater use of IT for progress tab.

    7. Good article on Int. currency situation.Imp terms :currency wars,quantitive easing(QE)policies.

    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • 12march IE
    1.1.SC-only newspaper's editor can be held responsible for civil and criminal cases lodged against it over offending news item,taking cue from "Press and Registration of Books Act" and previous case.
    1.2.SC- Cosmetics and drug cannot be treated at par with food when it comes to labeling with red or green taking cue from "Drugs and cosmetics act,1940.",setting aside Delhi HC rulings in 2002.

    2.1.Bill to amend criminal law placed before cabinet replacing the ordinance promulgated by the govt. earlier.
    -death penalty for rapists in some cases
    -NCTC diluted with power of search,seizure and arrest not given to it.
    -videograph the statement of victim and presence of woman officer(police or civil)
    -difference of opinion on "age of consent" and whether "sexual assault" should be substituted for rape .
    2.2.Dept. of heath research -1st comprehensive manual for examination of victims of sexual crime drawn up with the help of various stakeholders.

    3.Petro ministry writes to CAG that it can audit only books of accounts and not a performance audit of RIL.

    4.Due to low O2 content,3times more exposure to UV rays,low humidity,low temp.,high velocity in ladakh;many skin diseases reported.Xerosis(extreme skin dryness),melasma(skin discolouring),chronic skin inflammation.

    5.OECD report-India,China and to a lesser degree Brazil is reported to have slow down in growth.
    -Developed countries seeing better growth prospects.
    Implications-Balance of trade move towards Indian and Pacific ocean areas(40% of world GDP).So Obama is so eager for reviving global trades and so supports TPP(having 4 ASEAN countries sans China,India) to grow FTA.
    -India,China going for Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership,
    -India should go beyond its China mandate and fully explore this market.

    6.China's NPC annual address,Xi Jinping speech's main points.
    -reduce ministries in state council ministries(China's cabinet) to reduce redtape,streamline and shows vocal middleclass impact.
    -Reduce scandalous railway ministry-its commercial and administration to be separated,later dept merged with transport.This ministry had huge debt record and indifferent safety record.
    -Boost to food and drug regulators to improve product safety.

    7.1.N.Korea nullified 1953 Korean War armistice.US and S.Korea are in midst of joint millitary drills.
    7.2.Iran and Pak inaugurated gas pipeline in Chabahar,despite US opposition,who had suggested Pak to go for TAPI pipeline instead .Earlier India had also abandoned the Iran pipeline project in 2009 citing costs and security issues (u bet that's the real reason :p )

    8.1.Directorate General of Mines safety said to the WB govt. that underground mining of Moira Madhujore block and also allowing construction of airport city in Burdwan district can render the latter vulnerable to soil imbalances.
    8.2.Commerce Ministry working on allowing exporters to make payment of service tax through tradeable duty credit scrips.Currently duty credit scrips are allowed under schemes like focus product,focus market etc which's cash-in-hand for exporters and they can trade these scrips for paying excise duty and customs duty ,which's likely to be part of the upcoming FTP (foreign trade policy).
    Scrips issued by Commerce Ministry are used for payment of excise duty for domestic procurement.Fin Min not in favor as chances of misuse in service tax payment as service can't be verified unlike physical goods.Also scrips are tradeable,so might not be availed by actual exporters.
    8.3.Govt. working on converging all KYC norms across all financial regulators for FIIs.Union Budget already proposed common KYC norms for all FIIs across the SEBI platform .
    8.4.Indiabulls Power started supplying power to western transmission grid from Amravati TPP and Reliance Power's Sasan Ultra Mega Power Plant (UMPP) connected to national grid.

    9.Article of the day-
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • 11 March

    March 11

    * United States Senate debates over Drone technology/UAV. Debate rages on.
    * South Korea signs MoU with Rajasthan to set up an investment zone at Ghiloth near Neemrana in DMIC / Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, 40% of which pass through Rajasthan. Rajasthan already hosts a Japanese Investment Zone at Neemrana.
    * Israel and Rajathan set up a centre of excellence in pomegranates/horticulture near Jaipur. Israel is a pioneer in water-efficient agriculture technologies.e.g Drip Irrigation

    *King Cobra sneaks into human habitats due to decreasing forest cover. King Cobra is found in Western Ghats in substantial numbers.

    >Iron Ore mining/export witnessed a boom for some years. But, due to illegal and unsustainable exploitation, SC had to ban mining in many regions of the country during lst 2-3 years leading to a shortage of iron-ore for even domestic purposes.

    * These case highlight poor working of our Criminal Justice System in which machinery is just existent in name and Law of the Fish prevails.
    >As per Reports, people flee the village in fear,and to avoid being witness of the killing of DSP in which an UP cabinet minister is involved. In a similar massacre case earlier, all witnesses turned hostile and all the accused had to be freed due to lack of evidence.
    >Rape convict, son of DGP, jumped parole, allegedely, evaded police for 7 years and even became an officer in a bank.

    *AAP registration nears.

    *Today’s editorials Manoj Joshi highlights, how a successful and peaceful transition post-2014 in Af-Pak is in the best interests of all India, China(Uighur), Russia and Pakistan.

    >Farhanaz Ispahani, former MP of Pakistan, highlights the dire security situation, especially for minorities, in Pakistan in the backdrop of brazen attack on Christian Colony in Lahore. She points out
    * In 1947, Pakistan had healthy 23% of its population as Non-Muslim citizens. Right now, this is reduced to 3%. Now smaller muslim denominations such as Shias and Ahmediyas are new minorities and they are killed regularly. So, if business-as-usual goes on and i extrapolate, we are going to witness a mega-war in south asia during our lifetime:P

    * Another editorial criticises the timing and approach of Indian government towards Tax Residency Certificate issue on CGT on Mauritius investors.

    * TH urges centre to lift Sri Lanka issue out of domestic politics and move forward on strong Human Rights plank.
    * Narayansamy regrets Sri Lanka’s denial of killing of fishermen.

    *Nirbhaya, country’s first sub-sonic cruise missile to be launched.

    * Study highlights the huge environmental, health and thus economic cost of coal plant emissions.
    *Maoist torch two houses of its ally group leaders highlighting fissures among the LWE.

    * BCCC-self regulatory unit of broadcasters demand review of govt. policy to do away with license revocation and put fines instead.

    *noted Oncologist highlights wrong/unethical/unprofessional practices in cancer treatment in leading corporates for money-gain. over-prescribing chemotherapy.

    *SC issues notice to fashion institute over bogus degree.

    *Law ministers talks abt Judicial reforms.

    *Police question Virender, Ram singh over drug trafficking case.

    and Drona asked,"what do you see?","the sparrow's eye!"......and Krishna replied,"Turning their discerning mind to That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim and the sole object of their devotion, they go whence there is no return"
  • March 12
    *15 governors in country are former civil servants or army officers

    * Ram Singh, main accused of Delhi Gang Rape Case. commits suicide. highlights lapse in jail admin.

    *Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti, Environmental NGO rubbishes EIA report for nuclear project at Mithivirdi in Gujarat.
    *NGOs accuse police of institutional bias inthe wake of Punjab and Patna cases. hashimpura

    *UP govt. to distribute laptops to all intermediate passed students. to bridge digital divide.

    *Kisan mela in Uttarakhand highlights/exhorts for
    >technologies for S&M Farmers
    >need for diversification for sustainibilty

    *Punjab Budget
    >demands special package from centre as state’s agriculture plateaued and need for diversification and resource-efficiency(read water and fertility).
    > highlights merging of Services delivery(fad or substance?), Adm. Reforms and Info. commision

    * In west Bengal, people( SHGs), Civil Society, and government to retrieve Sunderbands in a unique and salutary initiative in Environment conservation. after Cyclone Aila devastated the coastline. A good model for environment conservation

    *Rajasthan to emulate Andhra SHG model.

    *Retired IPS gets jail term for narcotics pilferage during his stint.

    *This budget
    >few more infrastruvture debt funds created
    >RGESS revived
    in wake of 47/1trillion target, decreased savings to 30, drying up savings in infra sector

    *Vijay Prashad highlights how R2P is misused by western powers to secure millitary intervention for their national interests. Civilian casualty numbers were fabricated in Libya intervention.

    *In North-East paradox of huge electoral turnout and enormous number of insurgency exist simultaneously. Editorials terms it a vicious circle. Due to massive lack of employment opportunities, youth find insurgency as an ‘lucrative career’. Electoral participation is to gain control of politics of state. Insurgents themselves participate fully into the poli. process.
    Need to develop policy keeping this in mind.

    *North Korea conducts nuclear tests and adopt belligerent position so as to ward off the insecurity created by sanctions and focus on economic development. argues author

    *Centre plans alternative system for appointment of judges

    *National Alliance of People’s Movement enter Gujarat in its journey againd DMIC which it alleges has not done proper EIA and SIA(Social Impact Assesment).

    *Iran and Pakistan launch pipeline project. India kept out since 2009.

    *Govt. draws up plans to reduce subsidies in Oil, and in fertilizers. This year Food 85000, Oil 96000, fertilizer 65000

    *Spectrum auction remains a dampener.\

    13 March

    * Italy refuses to return Italian marines

    *Cabinet divided on Anti-rape Law/ Criminal Law Amendment Bill.
    termed draconian and prone to ‘malicious’ personal score settling complaints
    raising age of consent to 18 doesn’t reflect present social realities

    *Author demands change in mindset of judiciary too w.r.t gender trelated crimes

    *Pollution in Yamuna from Delhi proves as a bane for low-stream farmers.90% is used for agriculture. In Delhi, sewage treatment plants defunct. mostly open sewerages as per MoEF.

    *SC sends notice to Centre,States on follow-up action on Prakash Singh Guidelines in wake of recent incidents involving Police biac,insensitivity(yester Hashimpura incident) and negligence

    *Kasab execution secret + no wait> illegality

    *Gorkhaland movement temerd separetist by Mamata

    *Muaritius-India to resume talks about DTAA in April to arrive at mutual-benefitting solution. TRC
    Mauritius is important geostrategically. round tipping, 38% fi

    *Now China accuses India and US of cyber attacks.
    and Drona asked,"what do you see?","the sparrow's eye!"......and Krishna replied,"Turning their discerning mind to That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim and the sole object of their devotion, they go whence there is no return"
  • thanks, keep up the good work. its really helpful. =D>
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    13March IE
    I would try to minimize quantity of news and instead delve in quanlity.Google the terms your unfamiliar with and then spend some time exploring near-by areas around that term.

    1.AERB report asks Civil Aviation Security to replace "backscatter technolgy" scanners with scanners that used "millimetre wave technology" which don't emit X-rays.

    2.Terms of the day :
    "Sachar committee report and Ranganath Misra Committee report",
    "criminal law(amendment) bill,2013,
    "Nirbhay cruise missile,for eg.what is cruise missle,1mach=speed of sound per sec,US equivalent-tomahawk,Pak eq.-babur"
    "DTH,which satellites"
    "A.Q.Khan network"
    "dharmadikari committee"
    "DTAA,DTAC (double tax avoidance convention),frequently in news now wrt Mauritius."

    3.SC-Allowed MoEF to modify its norms to delink environment clearance from forest clearance,thus likely to resolve issues with NHAI and MoEF.This will not apply to roads falling in Protected areas and the eco-sensitive zones around it.[MoEF site has loads of info. do check it regularly].

    4.1."Flammable Ice" or methane hydrate-a potencial offshore deposited alternate energy source.Extraction reported by Japan,which is the largest importer of LNG and also when it has halted its nuclear programmes.
    4.2.New pacemaker made by Dr.Karami's team from University of Michigan relies on piezoelectric materials (like previous versions also) added with a magnet which amplifies piezoelectric material's response to vibrations,ensuring constant current making it irrevalent to the heartbeat speed.This is so because the pacemaker uses energy from the heartbeat to power its circuitary.

    5.Article of the day by C.Raja Mohan(Pretty much like the superstar of the paper as Sainath is in the hindu,though both deal in different subject areas).People not following IE should atleast regularly read his articles for International part online.So giving the link of all his article,including today's article at the top.Bookmark it.
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • edited March 2013
    1.Revenue dept. warned around 73k self assessment tax defaulters who owe 3.8k cr to exchequer resulting in considerable increase in service tax inflows and customs duty in feb though still short of target.

    2.Many states are not on board with centre to ratify the 1.9lakh cr. debt restructuring plan scheme for power distribution sector.
    For those states not agreeing or undecided think that they wouldn't be abe to stick to FRBM targets and also want the incentives centre has promised to be given upfront and not at the end of the cycle.

    3.Public Debt Management Agency of India Bill-taken up by Union Cabinet for approval.
    -seeks to set up independent agency (from RBI and even finance ministry )to manage borrowings(presently RBI) of the centre and states later on.
    -manned by central bank officials,civil servants,pvt. sector executives and obviously supervised by a govt. board.

    4.1.EGoM sanctioned 1.2k cr for drought relief in Mah.(~800cr from NDRF for rabhi crop loss,~400 cr from NHM(horticulture)
    4.2.Draft amendments to the registration act 1908,which aims to ensure land values are regularly updated and recorded enabling more accurate valuation of land thus helping in LARR bill.It also mandates registration of power of attorney to ensure no property is transferred without being registered.
    4.3.GoM recommendations will be incorporated in the criminal law amendment bill,2013
    -Rape would be gender specific and continue to use the word "rape"
    -No change in law regarding false complaint.
    -Age of consent 16
    -Martial rape not covered under law.
    -Voyeurism and stalking made bailable crimes.
    4.4.Draft of National Right to Homestead Bill,2013
    -Every landless and homeless in rural to get a homestead of not less then .1 acre consisting of dwelling of adequate facilities.Families living in rent also eligible.

    In News:
    5.1.Katju's newer proporsal of journalism institute regulation after setting up panel to decide for minimum qualification of journalists earlier.
    5.2.Terrorism violence again erupts in Kashmir.
    5.3.No action can be initiated against Italian ambassador by Indian court.

    6.Firefly spacecraft-to observing and cataloguing space rocks (asteriods) by Deep Space Industries.

    7.Article of the day:Regarding reforms govt. need to do in jobs creation,do read it.

    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • 15March IE
    1.Change in food security law.
    -Govt. can revise prices from time to time after 3 yrs of law.But prices will not exceed MSP.
    -Centre will have no direct stakes on the state-level grievance redressal mechanism.States will set up state food commissions to oversee implementation but will have flexibility to assign task to any old or new statutory body.
    -No general or priority categories.
    -Centre will decide % of population in each state,but state will have freedom to identify the beneficiaries
    -PDS reforms no longer pre-conditions for implementating the scheme.

    2.Readjustment of Representation of SC and ST in Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies Bill,2013
    - sent to PSC which intents to grant special power to the EC on delimitation of SC/ST constituencies.

    3.HDR(UNDP) 2013 report-
    -136/186 rank and 0.554 from .551 in 2012.
    -Norway top,Nigeria.India better then Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal and worse then SL,China.
    -132/148 in Gender Inequality Index.(due to loss reproductive health,empowerment,labour market participation.)
    -Brazil,China,India gdp=Canada,UK,France,USA,Germany,Italy.By 2050,these 3 countries would account for 40% of global output.
    -But rise in inequality,wide disparities despite rapid progress in the world.

    4.-CCI-govt. or aviation regulator cannot cap prices of airfares as its against the spirit of competition.
    -CPI inflation gives a greater weightage to food then WPI inflation.

    5.16th UN CITES (Conservation on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) in bangkok concluded.
    Few pointers-
    -international decisions about legal trade in wildlife species has impacts on conservation that go beyond nations that want to sell and buy because it has resulted in creating a market and giving the illegal trade a smokescreen to operate behind, for eg. to sell illegal ivory from across the world,including India.
    -2008,some african countries were allowed by CITES to sell ivory to China and Japan as an exception.
    -counter arguement is that by flooding the market with wildlife product legally sourced from farms,poaching pressure on wild population will decline
    -In reality due to endemic corruption,allow traffickers to "launder" caught wild animals as captive breed
    -most importantly, why wild animals (many with intelligence,empathy,family structure and complex lifes) have to justify their existence by the prices their body parts can fetch as decorations,rugs and delicacies.

    6.Article of the day:Why proposed women bank concept is less likely to make its desired impact.
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • edited March 2013
    14 March 2013
    *Fidayeen attack in J&K. cover provided by local students.

    *GoM Anti-Rape bill
    >to lower age of consent to 16
    >to make law gender-specific
    >sexual assault-->rape
    >voyeurism provision lightened

    *PM warns Italy of consequences in bilateral relations

    * CBI books former AIR chief. Corruption in defense circuit and to that high level!

    *New Refinery in Barmer.

    *Indian higher intelligence officials emphasize human intelligence over increasing use of technical intelligence. Technical intelligence = bulk, monolithic, needs evaluation. Human intelligence focussed. case of Kishenji.

    *Street vendors bill to ensure livelhodd security for Street Vendors to be tabled this session.
    It will also help in Security, Crima Prevention as registration mandatoy. but stop it from being another license Raj upon poor.

    *National Homestead Bill

    *Chennai Declaration (no over the counter sales, new degrees). emulate MRSA success. Read abt it. How?

    * Chidambaram, Modi doing google+ hangout.. Increasing Innformation Technology footprint in governance. IT, Social media huge democratizer.

    *MDGs are being restructured post-2015

    *Katju triggers a debate by seeting up a commitee to prescribe qualifications for journos like medical,legal and other professions(only for print not broadcasteers e-media).

    * In 15th century we were fighting agaist this social evil, In 18th century too, and in 21at century also we are doing it.Krishna Tirath plans National Plan against Child Marriage

    *Desptite supplies being higher than demand, Onion prices skyrocket owing to huge inefficient middlemeen chain. Ruling out a ban on exports, centre decided to cut down on intermediarie

    *India intalks with russian for second nuclear submarine. In 2012 INS Chakra taken for lease

    *Nepal Parties close to agreement over issues and over election

    *Obama adds voice to the charge against China on stealing crucial economic industrial trade secrets and warns of offensive capabilities in cyber sphere.

    *CITES meet in Bangkok. DNA tests to determine to trace the origins of ivory to break the ploy of legal(captive, domesticated) to run illegal Thaailland China Africa.. African elephants are poached to dangerous levels in recent decades despite ban.

    *US’s boomin Shale oil output enabled world to move easily through the Arab Spring crisis in OPEC Arab countries. IEA says non-OPEC oil production is rising and worlds shock elasticity has increased.

    *Sudan ad South Sudan agree and oil flow to resume in two weeks

    *India skips talks on ITAgreement-2 of WTO. says ITA-1 virtually has wiped out IT industry from India. Fins out how?

    *Mars had the ingredients for organics-CHNPS confirmed, (organics not confirmed)

    *Most Powerful Telescope ALMA in atacama desert switches on. 10 times sharper than HUbble.

    *Study that Canadian Arctic glacier melt accelerating and irreversible.

    *Oslo Summit on Arctic melting
    ‘A race is on for the region’s resources withou anyone understanding the importance of ice’

    *Sabsyachi Panda of OMP homed in on probably earlier year Kishenji

    *In Brazil, Doctors fool biometric and people took salaries while not attending
    and Drona asked,"what do you see?","the sparrow's eye!"......and Krishna replied,"Turning their discerning mind to That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim and the sole object of their devotion, they go whence there is no return"
  • edited March 2013
    15 March 2013

    *‘Made in China’ tag of waether radars scares Indian MoD. disallows MoEs to set up china-made weather radars across coast.

    *Cabinet clears diluted version of Anti-Rape Bill/Crimilal Law Amendment Bill
    -18 to 16
    -rape replaced sexual assault
    -voyeurism and stalking criminal offence but 1> in case of stalking

    * Ruckus in Maharashtra Assembly over weak interpretation (CoM not bound on governor’s advice ) w.r.t Art. 371(2).

    *A mere safety gear provided by govt. can save great social and economic burden for professional hazards for workers in unorganised sector. In Allahabad’s Shanjkargarh Silicosis immobilises thousands of youth engaged in Sand Mining, Quarrying. need of focussed intervention.

    *Undertrials: quarter million undertrials, many of them oexceding maximum applicable terms pose a huge burden on Judicial and Prison system besides violating basic human rights.

    *Three major private banks-ICICI, HDFC, Axis- alleged to be involved in money laundering fooling RBI. by a sting operation. After Sahara,

    * Human Development Report 2k13 comes out
    India has poor Gender Inequality Index, apart from the overall poor Human Development Index (HDI). Apart from Afghanistan that got a rank of 147 in comparison to 132 of India, all the countries in the region of South Asia were ranked higher on Gender Inequality Index. China was also ranked very high on Gender Inequality Index. This Gender Inequality Index measures the inequality in terms of achievements between males and females in three main aspects namely, labour market, reproductive health and empowerment.

    *Nepal CJ sworn in as interim PM after agreements on key issues.

    * In US senate, India accused of being biased against US companies while favouring ASEAN, EU, Japan, Singapore and others by signing with them TAs. India and US have filed numerous petitions against each other in WTO. IP, IT and Agriculture.
    and Drona asked,"what do you see?","the sparrow's eye!"......and Krishna replied,"Turning their discerning mind to That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim and the sole object of their devotion, they go whence there is no return"
  • edited March 2013
    16 March 2k13
    *SEBI seeks SC nod to arrest Sahara top promoters, executives.
    Money laundering, Black money deeep

    *Diplomatic ties with Italy downgraded.

    *SC judge criticises Govt. for not doing adequate for consumer protection in India and not even fulfilling obligations under present laws. Warns of intervention.

    * At NBA meeting, MoEF JNR promises that the exploitation of natural resources wont be allowed in name of research

    *.P. Sainath criticizes the govt. for foregoing revenue to the tune of 5.7 lakh crores and still lamenting about subsidies which benefit poor e.g. food subsidy. Realizing this can wipe out govt. deficit. Also, it is worrisome when we see that India has one of the lowest tax/GDP ratios in the world.
    decreasing per capita net availability of foodgrains after liberalisation

    *CITES meet: gang of eight escaped sanction in view of their pledge to act.(illegal trade)Thailand Chian and african countries

    *UN rapporteur find US guilty of
    -disproportionate civilaian deaths
    -violating sovereignty of Pakistan
    and dismissed
    -US innvation in expanding internation law (global war on terror>drone use justified)

    * WHO : Hypertension major contributor to avoidable deaths in India. increasing impact on rural areas. WHo formuating voluntary targets against NCDs
    and Drona asked,"what do you see?","the sparrow's eye!"......and Krishna replied,"Turning their discerning mind to That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim and the sole object of their devotion, they go whence there is no return"
  • thanks a lot, continue the good work. its really helpful.
  • 16,17march IE
    -MoEF high level committee constituted to identify areas to be kept out of purview of coal mining suggested "delineating certain mining zones as inviolate" to be determined based on their biological richness,thickness,landscape intergrity and hydrological and wildlife values.
    So Coal Ministry demanded a detailed discussion with all stakeholders before the move is implemented , if implemented this might mean near complete ban on mining areas near to national parks,tiger reserves and wildlife santuaries.[areas which are currently outside Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.]

    -CCI found no evidence of cartelisation of airlines but the prices are determined by the market's demand and supply for the recent slashing of airfares to attract more passengers.
    But CCI soon would proble into the alleged cartelisation in petrol pricing.

    -ICICI,HDFC,Axis have started investigating on their own hiring audit companies on the allegation of money laundering exposed by while RBI also has commenced its probe.Videos show banks agreeing to receive unverified sums of cash and put them in investment schemes and benami accounts.

    -US spends $1billion to deploy additional ballistic missile interceptors along pacific coast to counter N.Korea's weapons.Done to show Japan,S.Korea that US is willing to commit resources to deter N.Korea and warn Beijing that it must restrain its ally or face an expanding US millitary focus on Asia.

    -China hopes to maintain its good relations with Pakistan and also offered his support in protecting SL's national sovereignty (i.e hinting at Beijing's intent to starve the US-backed resolution against the SL at UN HR council).In fact last time also China backed SL when US brought similar resolution last year.

    -SPACEX Mars mission.-a commercial space travel company to send humans to Mars by roughly 2025.
    Inspiration Mars foundation-A non-profit charity by Dennis Tito to send couple to mars by 2018
    Mars One-A model by a dutch entreprenuer plans to raise money to land 4 people on Mars by 2023.

    -"Reduced to Skin and Bones Revisited"-project and report by TRAFFIC International and WWF Tigers Alive Intiative.
    ~maximum no. of tigers seizures between 2000-12 amongst 12 Tiger range countries was India.
    ~5 hotspots identified in India for seizures-Delhi(also for leopard seizures),Ramnagar (near corbett and Nepal),Central India (like Kanha and Pench National Parks,Jabalpur),Kolkatta,Western Ghats.
    ~India lauded for its efforts.

    -Finance Ministry red flagged some changes proposed in the NFSB over 38 % jump in food subsidy.Its has objected to the proposal to do way with origianal categorisation of beneficiaries into priority and general.
    Dept of Expenditure. also objects on reservation against the sweeping coverage in which 75% rural and 50% urban would be guaranteed subsidised foodgrains and suggested proposed prices should be valid for 1 year and then revised,while food ministry vouches for 3 yrs.
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth

  • Excellent piece of information. plz read
    Topic : Methane Hydrate also known as "Fire ice"
  • from past 4 days r there any major issues?? becoz iam unable to find any imp current affairs!!
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