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What is your take home from the Union Budget 2013-14?

What are the five most important things that you would like to point out in the Union Budget? Please give your views as if this were an interview question. Thanks in advance :-)
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  • Some of them in my view
    Surcharge over high income group(even though its meagre)- Cast an effect on the efforts to bridge the ever widening rich-poor gap
    Gender Budgeting: Nirbhaya Fund and Women's Bank ( too little too late?) Supplementary grants may be needed and broader schemes..moreso for the implementation.
    Handmade carpets and cotton textiles to be cheaper: Good for indigenous MSMEs
    RGESS scope buck up savings and investments among middle income people.
    JNNURM received higher allocation than FY'13 good step towards infra build up but need to be seen how far its inflation indexed.
  • 1)clearly was a budget intended to tap the female votebank in 2014.
    2)The concessions given to cottage industry sector is not extraordinary but still welcome step
    3)The government has clearly shown tha environment focussed development in sustainable manner will dominate the scenes in policy initiatives henceforth.
    4)the education cess,at the least should have been increased to 4%.
    5)The fairer sex dont need a special womens bank,they need better access to the existing network.
  • (1) In consultation with RBI, instruments protecting savings from inflation to be introduced : A very pragmatic approach. This will make my savings really worthy for coming years. Also, encouragement towards savings.

    (2) 'Generation-based incentive’ reintroduced for wind energy projects and 800 crore allocated for this purpose. : A good move to encourage the cleaner and safer form of energy production.

    (3) An ambitious IT driven project to modernise the postal network at a cost of Rs. 4,909 crore. Post offices to become part of the core banking solution and offer real time banking services: This will assist the goal of financial inclusion.

    (4) Excise duty on SUVs increased from 27 to 30 percent. Not applicable for SUVs registered as taxies.: I hate these SUVs, source of pollution, and a symbol of dadagiri.

    (5) Government committed to the creation of Nalanda University as a centre of educational excellence: This is personal. I spent 12 years close to that place.

    My Take Home Salary remains unchanged.
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