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Interview Preparation : Travelling as a hobby in DAF

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  • mine is visiting places of interest, :) , but @mnrnjn will join discussion tomorrow
  • The first Question asked by any Panelist : What do you see when you travel to any place? Can we have some answers?
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    hi guyzz....wen we visit a place we l normally see,the human made-people there,their culture,food,their activities ,apart from it religious activities,...... then if it comes to other category of nature,scenic beauty,animals,birds,
  • Some questions from my side:
    1. Which type of places do you prefer to see?
    2. Comparison between them
    3. Architectural significance of monuments
    4. Geography
    5. Problems and prospects of tourism industry.

    It will be nice if list is expanded, people please contribute :)
  • hi guyzz....wen we visit a place we l normally see,the human made-people there,their culture,food,their activities ,apart from it religious activities,...... then if it comes to other category of nature,scenic beauty,animals,birds,
    In this we can also add that while visiting places we also look out the problems there and do think that what needs to be done for betterment of that place.
    Also by visiting several places we feel the rich diversity of our country which is wonderful :)
  • 1. How do You define travelling?
    2. Have you travelled to any disturbed area? If not then why?
    3. Have you visited the monuments in your state? Further questions on the monuments on whatever you mention.
    4. How often do you travel as you said it is your hobby?
    5. When did you travel last? Describe your experience in short.
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  • what is the difference between a traveller and a tourist?
  • what is the difference between a traveller and a tourist?
    Thats really nice question SUS.Thanks for bringing to light :)
  • Mode of travel will also be questioned
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  • better know all the tourist spots in your city and major tourist spots in your state.. esp if some place got heritage status.. are they properly maintained ? are they luring foreign tourists? what are they lacking?
    1st Attempt - 2014 - CSM-fail
    2nd Attempt - 2015 - CSP fail, Opt - Pol. sci. ,
    "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
  • 1. Travelling needs lot of money. How can I travel from Kashmir to kanyakumari without spending a penny ?
    2. Tell us some Noted medieval travellers from China and arabia
    3. Wat are available options for survival in desert if without water n food if lost while travelling.
    4. Travelling solo have its adv n disadv.identify some.
    5. If I ask u to travel in rann of kutchh...wat items would u take wid u ?
    6. where have u travelled longest? Wat u gained from it? Wat is difference between travel n journey.
    7. Travelling is for youngsters only..can person like me over sixty travel through Himalayas.wat precautions I ll have to take to come back alive?
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  • The trend of listing travelling as a hobby has increased in the recent years.What are the possible reasons for increase in the craze for travelling?
    Connection with travelling and tourism
    Which are the most preferred places for travelling?Why is that some places are less popular among travellers rather than rest of the others?
    Some people travel for quest on enlightenment like Steve Jobs travelled to India after being fired from his job for gaining some spirituality(although he returned disillusioned from India).What are your views on that?
    Is travelling alone especially by foreign women safe in India especially with reported incidents of them being harassed and raped few months back?
    Travelling has its own challenges.What do you think are the most common problems faced by a traveller?
  • Is there any one active in this thread??????
  • Hi all....lets have a list of some good quality questions from travelling hobby...my take

    1. Which is the most recent place you visited and why you chose that place. Your experience.
    2. You go to a tourist place and all your money gets stolen, what would you do ?? (this happened with me once).
    3. Lot of youngsters today travel on their bikes rather than train, bus to far away destinations. safety concerns.
    4. In what ways your travelling makes contributions to the local/state economy.
    5. Describe 5 inappropriate practices that you saw in your last travel/journey.
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  • 1) What are the prospects of tourism industry in India?

    2) Where did you travel?

    3) What is your most favorite destination?

    4) What do you make out of this hobby?

    5) Tell some names of historical travellers in India during ancient/medieval times

    6) Is there any specific TV channel on traveling and which telecast company owns it?

    7) Have you heard about “Musafir hoon yaaron” programme?

    8) Which magazine is most favorite in traveling field?

    9) Which city in India received maximum tourists last year?

    10) What precautions should a person take while traveling with family?

    11) Are travel agencies in India governed by law?

    12) Is there any national tourism policy? if yes, tell few points of that policy. If you are asked to make a policy, what will be your priorities?
    13) Despite great cultural-geographical diversity why we are not able to develop tourism in our country?

    14) Why we receive very less foreign tourists in comparision to some tiny countries like Singapore, Mauritius?

    15) What steps would you take as District collector to promote tourism in your district?

    16) Do you think Indians are very responsible travelers? If yes, how, if no, why?

    17) What is eco tourism?

    18) What is religious tourism?

    19) What is farm tourism?

    20) What is cultural tourism?

    21) What is your view on Khumb Mela?
    22) What is medical tourism?

    23) Can tourism become a troll for social transportation?

    24) Can tourism be helpful in improving the economy of our country?

    25) How tourism can contribute to socio-economic conditions of villages?

    26) Tourism brings pollution. Despite this fact should we promote tourism?

    27) Can it be a career? If yes, why are you not looking for a career in this field?

    28) Do you know about Indian literature written by travelers?

    There are already lot of questions in forum portal!!!!
    new questions are most welcome...........
    I think more important thing is we should start discussing the answers with cross questions and how can we improve answer !!!!
  • Is there any one active in this thread????????
  • Yes, I agree that discussing answers is better than simply listing questions. We can come up with better points that way. Shall we start by chosing one question?
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  • Ya I agree.........
    @Arpit : If no one is active..... then we both should start

    I am writing what ever comes into my mind..... then we will further improve the answer
  • Goes with me! Whats the first question?
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  • There are lot of questions in this page... choose any one with which you are most comfortable
  • What is the difference between a tourist and a traveller?
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  • Q1.what does travelling mean to you?
    For me travelling means exploring my self , experiencing new things, learning from them and breaking the monotonicity
    Q: What kind of experience???
    experience the culture of people, understand their traditions learn from them and teach them.

    Q 2: Why do you travel???
    At different time there are different purposes of travelling
    I travel to break the monotonicity
    I travel to explore myself
    I travel to get new experience
    I travel to visit the diversity of nature

    Q3: do you travel alone or in group?give reasons.
    It depends on situation and purpose of travel. To explore myself I travel alone...... For celebrating happiness and for spending time with my friends or relatives I travel in group.

    Q4 : what do u see or observe while travelling?
    I observe people and environment..... I observe all things and activities related to people like their way of living, their culture, people to people interaction.

  • @Arpit Travelers and tourists are both people who travel to different locations. All tourists are travelers, but not all travelers are tourists.
    The word ‘traveler’ simply means someone who travels. ‘Travelling’ itself means going from one place to the other, but it most often means going on a long journey. ‘Tourist’, on the other hand, is a very specific word. It means someone who temporarily travels to another location just to enjoy the new place.

  • Some questions:

    1. What is the place you last travelled to?
    2. Coming for interview, can be called as travelling , what qualifies as travelling?
    3. How will travelling help in civil services?
    4. What kind of permits needed to travel in inter-state destinations?
    5. Travelling infrastructure, is it good or bad, what can be done?
    6.or, suggest some strategies to improve travelling experiences?
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  • Tourists and travelers may be the same, but regarding tourism , in my opinion, destinations are more important, but as far as travelers are concerned its about journey experiences.

    I like observing different places, social settings, interacting with people, trying new food, en capturing some good memories in my travels. it enhances my perspective towards everything, i learned a lot through my travel experiences.
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    I have travelled across himachal pradesh , uttarakhand extensively, yet i have not covered famous tourist spots in my home state. what to tell in interview? I m not ignorant, but wahaa jaane ka time hi nhn mila
    Can i tell them that i like travelling in himalayas the most?
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  • @surbhimmmm I think you have got the cusp right. Let me add a philosophical angle to it - tourism is a external activity while travelling is both external as well as internal. When you are a tourist, you only see the beauty of the places that you travel to but when you are a traveller, you feel the beauty of the world, feel the energy transpiring inside you and thus taking your consciousness to another level of joy.

    Interestingly, in my interview i was asked if I have deliberately tried to create a balance of inside looking and outside looking hobbies (I had mentioned reading, writing, travelling). I answered yes without a second thought but then explained that all three of them are themselves a combination of inside - outside looking.
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  • @Arpit

    and others. I have created telegram grp for people with travelling/Trekking hobby.
    Msg me your contact number so I can add you there.
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  • What's telegram? I know whatsapp groups only... :p
    Sharpen your axe, before cutting down the tree...
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