Sankrit optional and coaching institutes

Dear friends
I am planning to take Sanskrit as my optional subject.
So, could you provide feedback about this subject.
Which are good coaching institutes for this subject ? How is Panini IAS classes for sanskrit ?

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  • I am preparing with Sanskrit as an optional subject. I do not know about the credibility of the Panini IAS.
    The number of candidates selected with Sanskrit optional subject in CSE-2013 is about 4-5.
    The coaching classes are 'good for nothing', according to the aspirants who have been to any coaching institutes. They all were duped by institutes.
    Prior knowledge about Sanskrit language is suggested, if you want to join a coaching institute in Delhi.

    Further from my side:

    I shall be happy to help you further. I consider myself experienced enough to suggest fellow aspirants regarding Sanskrit optional subject for CSE, I have not taken any mains exam.
  • @abhithepandey - I studied Sanskrit upto class 7 in Sarkari school. Thinking of Sanskrit. Can it still be done in 3 months?
  • @abhithepandey how has sanskrit performed over the years? I mean is it scoring? In how many months can it be completed considering i only studied it upto class X.
  • Also, is the study material easily available??
  • It's all about the reasoning and grammatical part. More than 50% syllabus is based on language's grammar and literature part is also an application grammer.If one has strong competency on grammar part , even 60% score in achievable. Let's start thread to develop a good command for this optional.
  • +1
    m in
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • guys...earlier it used to be easy.
    but since last 2 years...the pattern of the question paper has been changed.
    and its difficult to handle..
    so be aware of this while going for it.
    कुछ किये बिना ही जय जय कार नहीं होती
    कोशिश करने वालों की हार नहीं होती
  • I am planning to join panini in spite of its less credibility . At least this would avail desired envt to pratice sanskrit . Its true last 2 yr has set blow to sanskrit especially DA tried its best to kick out it from trend . One of my senior took coaching at panini and got through along his 3 friends . They used to hell lot pratice , 4 hrs a day for 1 month before exam .
    But this fellow charges too much 36.5k for 2 month , that also for sanskrit . But , people had got concessions as they used to threat to leave optional itself :O
    In addition , he says , he organises lots of test before exam which would definitely help us to harness marks .
    To sum up , once you decide to pick up literature, there should not be any give up plan otherwise it would be useless.
    I dont mind to pay if it allows me to ripe fruit , same I would suggest to you .

    @sahibaat and one more from forum itself cleared with self study so if you are sincere then u may not need coaching ! Choice is yours !!
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • me too thinking of taking as sanskrit. please provide guidance books and how to study so that it becomes interesting to study?
  • dont be in illusion that it will take only 2 months...that is marketing propaganda only.
    i knw it...
    u can ask to anybody who has attended classes there...he takes more than 3 months for classes only...
    and also making false claims also be aware :)

    कुछ किये बिना ही जय जय कार नहीं होती
    कोशिश करने वालों की हार नहीं होती
  • should we start from ncert?
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    Instead of joining classes let us meet guys to do it together at some mutually agreed place. I m in no position to start now, will take a 15-20 days break & then return with vengeance.
  • @dhiru is absolutely correct , its not a 2 month game .4 month min to acquire grip over sanskrit given current pattern. But , I m taking cause of its no link with GS except some 30.40 pages cultural/philosophical portion .
    Rest our dear friend @abhithepandey may enlighten us over theoretical material in english .indeed he could share any pdf , if he is having.
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • guys dont go with what bihari sir of panini says...i have taken coaching from him...all this sweet talk he did..but eventually it turned out to be the poor decision and now i have opted for philosophy.....i didnt wrote mains this time but i knew even if i would have...wud have been a disaster...first week he wud take very easy portion and lure you to take the subject...once u have paid the fees then u will realise that this cant be completed even in 6 months....all this i m saying from my personal all here are mature enough to take their own decision...if i have to suggest...i wud say dont take this optional only on the basis of it being short and easy to score...if u have interest and background its ok the...even hindi is far better than sanskrit....arrey atleast you can write some sensible stuff if u know the language
    Down-yes Out-No

    कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती।
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    Q-Can it be done in 3 months ?

    Group Study as is mentioned by you(in later comments), is a completely useless practice for Sanskrit optional subject, especially when none of the fellow members are well-versed with the optional subject. Look for some experienced aspirants, when pursuing such groups.

    *When I decided to opt for Sanskrit, never I had thought about the 'performance of Sanskrit', so I have never thought about this point, till now. I am just concerned about 'my performance in Sanskrit'. 4-5 clear every year, this is more than enough.
    *As few aspirants with this optional clear every year, it must be scoring. (I have never thought about it, as one cannot conclude correctly)
    *Considering that you have studied Sanskrit till class 10th, in my opinion it would take you 18-20 months(or more) of self study to get command over Sanskrit optional subject. The level of questions asked are of post-graduate level, like all the optional subjects. So, one can understand that there is a difference of almost 2+3+2 years(minimum) between class 10th and post-graduation. I have been revising the Sanskrit since last 6 days and it takes me 12 hours to revise the Sanskrit syllabus, taught till class 10th in schools.
    The study material is readily available, in Mukherjee Nagar/ Rajender Nagar, New Delhi. I have bought from there. Only Panini classes(ownwer- Mr. Kailash Bihari) notes are available, only in Hindi langauge. You can score 20/500 after reading that study material. You have to refer to many other sources for compiling your own notes, in the language of your choice(mine is English). Getting command over Grammar part of syllabus+ referring several texts for compiling notes, takes 95% of the effort in preparation of this optional.

    Sanskrit optional is all about getting command over Grammar part and compiling your notes from several sources for the literature part of the syllabus. Rest all is cake walk, and takes as much effort as reading a Frontline magazine.

    You have no idea. Your comment as an opinion is misguiding.

    *Your information is highly incorrect and is completely inconsistent with what I have heard from an aspirant about Panini IAS.

    This is the excerpt from my conversation with him,
    [start of excerpt]
    "Q- Did the coaching institute(which you had joined), showed the sample answer booklet(of the test series that they might have conducted) of the previously selected students ?
    A- no he did not... also he will complete syllabus in 6 months though he will say will complete in 100 days. So in the end we pretty much didn’t hav time for anything. He completed syllabus on 10 october.

    If opted , i would suggest that rely on kailash bihari only for grammar." [end of excerpt]

    Then also, if you are willing to join any coaching class, I shall suggest you to get well versed with Grammar part of syllabus(from books mentioned in the Quora link ). How stupid does it sounds, when one claims that he can teach you a language and you shall get a command over it in 2 months(by paying Rs. 36.5 K). How many days did it took for us to get well-versed with English language?, apply the same analogy.

    dhiru is correct in mentioning the marketing propaganda.

    *You have no idea, when you say 30-40 pages of cultural/philosophical portion of GS. Period.

    *There are no GKtoday kinda pdfs for Sanskrit optional subject. It is a serious optional subject and one should move ahead with the steps mentioned by me in the Quora link to start his preparation. Please do not take it lightly. The Quora link prescribing the Sanskrit Grammar books is compiled by me after visiting Sanskrit Universities+ Sanskrit scholars of Varanasi, so have faith.

    I have been studying this optional subject. I can quite confidently say that, never-ever I took the books of Sanskrit out of enthusiasm to learn, it was more out of 'fear from failure'. Don't take this optional subject, if you shall not be able to get as comfortable in it, as you are in your mother tongue.

    You can start with the books mentioned in the Quora link provided by me to complete 90% of the Sanskrit optional subject. Rest all is searching+compiling+making notes for the literature part of syllabus(takes time,but requires less dedication).

    @div27 sounds correct.

    Personal Note: When I specify the amount of time to be invested in Sanskrit optional subject, one should understand that, it takes time to develop habit to read+understand+write a language. Getting command over a language requires more devotion than completing some optional subject(Physics/Engineering et. al.), according to me.

    One can not study Sanskrit for 15 hours for one month and claim to have command over a language. It takes time to assimilate/digest the feelings/intricacies of a language. I took Sanskrit, as I have studied it properly since class 6th to class 12th, honestly, from a qualified teacher of my school. As I stay in Varanasi, getting such teacher was easier for our school, so, this is the primary reason for me opting for this optional subject.

    Your mileage might vary.

  • thank you very much @abhithepandey and others..

    @abhithepandey Your comments are very insightful. My sanskrit was very good till class Xth but after that I have never studied it as a subject, but I enjoy reading it. But as I don't know whether there are adequate study material available out there and also whether there are good teachers for sanskrit in delhi, cause I don't think I can do it on my own now. Please inbox me your contact number

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :)
  • I registered today on forum to start a new sanskrit thread only...gud to see one already started.

    I opted for Sanskrit optional last was my first attempt...wrote mains...dint qualify...did not write anything on d ongoing threads as i was waiting for d result to come..

    I always thought of Pub admn. as d subject i would go for...infact i completed its syllabus also, but seeing d discrimination it suffered at the hands of UPSC went for sanskrit in the month of June,2014 on advice of one bhaiya who gave 2 interviews..
    I joined sanskrit speaking class here in ahmedabad which wasnt related to our subject in any way...i went frustated because i had to carry on with the subject no matter what..i thought that i wud go to delhi after prelims and will take some coaching..

    Went to delhi after prelims...but a famous teacher named Mr. Pankaj Mishra who teaches in St. Stephens told me tht i wud not be able to do it in such a small time...honest teacher...he cud have easily earned from a desperate soul lyk me...i had option of going to Rajendra Sir also but decided tht rather thn wasting tym here and there i will prepare on my own...i came back to ahmedabad..

    I gave everythin i could to sanskrit...infact d tym i devoted to sanskrit was more than wht i gave for ol d other papers combined...i had all d notes tht were required...nd i had rattified almost every line of dem..

    Before goin into d exam i wasnt very hopeful given tht writing in sanskrit was always difficult for me...

    D 1st paper was disastrous...i just sat there trying to write something...nd ol d people sittin beside me were also doin d same...dey also din know wht to write..i cried after d exam nd thot tht d year was over for exam went so pathetic tht i thot i wudnt even score 50 marks...

    i had lost hope before d second paper itself...but to my surprise i was able to do exceptionally well in it...i expect to get more than 120 in it...

    now for people who want to go for sanskrit i have d following pros and cons:

    1) syllabus is very small in comparison to other subjects.
    2) Paper-2 is ol ratta...even if u dun understand d language but are gud in ratta u can easily score mor thn 100 in me on tht..
    3) Fixed pattern of question papers...paper-2 me to change ho hi nahi paper-1 they already changed d pattern in 2013, so its nt happening anytym soon..
    4) U can surely complete d syllabus before prelims starting today..
    5) even with an exceptional performance in humanities subjects u cannot score more than ad, socio me to ye bhi nahi aate...but a below average sanskrit paper can also get ya 150 marks...tht was my grnd for opting sanskrit..

    1) Paper-1...u need to know d language in order to get good good marks i mean more than 100..
    2) u need to rattify a lot...put in a lot of hardwork...but seein d time available u can do it...
    3) unlyk many others, i think tht there is no favorable biasedness of d language examiners towards their candidates..

    i have failed i know...but i was on d same boat lyk many of you last year...i went mad with this subject...every 10 days i used to think tht i wudnt be able to write anything in d paper...thn i used to get motivational dialogues and continue..

    dis tym first of all i am goin to get coaching which wud help improve me on my paper-1...i know more than 100 marks can be scored in tht paper also easily...nd i aim to get 250+ dis tym...

    i might sound optimistic to you but i am not bluffing guys...nd also to some of your queries regarding coaching...d coaching is 30-40 days only...thts d only tym i can get leave from my job...also, panini's coaching is raddi...long nd of no use...

    thank you for bearing with me..more queries are welcome..

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    guys if u have read sanskrit till 8th or 10th standard nd know atleast a bit of it, get RACHNAANUVAAD has got 60 exercises...try to do first 20 exercises by yourself..u will get an idea..
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  • as i had seen , those who know sanskrit are damn arrogant @ abhithepandey like sanskrit language itself. .indeed ,there was a thread on forumias where these same sarcastic fellow used to demotivate each other .you may scroll history !
    @abhithepandey ,did you clear mains ? not ! but , one of my senior along his 2 friends without any background ( all MBBS graduate ) cleared this time with 3 months of extensive exam oriented study ,not to have scholarly knowledge ,the one you were saying is implies that only !
    hell negative energy instilled in your mind ! period !

    sorry i was in wrong camp ,these frustrated guys wont allow anyone to move forward ! i wont come here again ! :-))
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • @baali dude, as sum1 said on the other thread..."there are very few of our breed here" wud not be rite to leave just bcoz u think tht one person is spreading negative energy...u can be a help to many people..everybody has his/her personal opinion...let it be..
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  • ^^ +1, @baali you should not leave just because on an online forum you get criticized. I am going to attend first class of Panini tomorrow in kingsway camp. Are you also planning to attend this class?

    @TAR bro does Mr Pankaj Mishra teach in some coaching ? How did you reach to Mr. Mishra ? Does being an English medium student have any effect on performance ?
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :)
  • @Bankelal_hehe pankaj mishra sir used to teach in a coaching class...but i came to know yesterday that he has stopped teaching over there due to paucity of rajendra sir teaches in tht institute..but there it is weekend class...they claim to cover d syllabus in 2.5 months...but rajendra sir in his personal tuition completes d syllabus in 30-40 days flat..i m goin for his personal tuitions only...most probably will start from 2nd-3rd may..if interested PM me...

    i dun think being frm english medium is any disadvantage..whether ur medium is english or hindi u r goin to attempt d questions, other than those elementary to be attempted in sanskrit, in english and hindi only...y wud a sanskrit examiner be interested in ya medium..on d contrary i think being from english medium can be an advantage..

    P.S. i know u din ask for it...but it is a suggestion from my side tht u shudnt go to panini classes if u r frm english medium testimonies for tht..
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  • @TAR I will attend first class of Panini tomorrow. I have not yet decided whether to change to sanskrit or continue with my current option i.e. Pub Ad. Really in a fix. Are you in Delhi or still in Gujarat? When are you planning to attend sanskrit classes ?
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :)
  • TAR @
    i agree with this gentleman ! but , i choose panini as i thought there is no other teacher to guide on sanskrit ! to my surprise there are two more pankaj mishra and rajendra sir to teach sanskrit ! indeed , i googled about rajendra sir ,there are very good reviews about this fellow ,but bit old (2009)

    my choice to panini was forceful ,given no option available to take guidance ! i met kailash bihari ,he is very unprofessional ,irritating ,keep boasting about himself ! but , unfortunately he is only one who teaches sanskrit so have to bear ,no choice i had !
    in addition , as he enjoys monopoly over sanskrit coaching ,there are very good no of candidates to compete. He organizes test series before mains ,that i dont think anyother is doing currently .
    its these were the reason which made me to think join panini !
    still ,i will see if @TAR could help us more over the same !
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • I hv studied from Rajinder Sir.He is excellent.Personal experience.You wont regret.
  • @cingrahul
    Where does he take classes ??
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • @baali
    rajendra sir teaches at his home which is in yamuna vihar...i have talked to him...will be goin on 2nd may...he charges Rs. 30000 nd he assured me tht he will complete d syllabus within 30 days whn i told him tht i cant take leave for mor thn 30 days..

    PM me if u are interested...
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  • @TAR I will attend first class of Panini tomorrow. I have not yet decided whether to change to sanskrit or continue with my current option i.e. Pub Ad. Really in a fix. Are you in Delhi or still in Gujarat? When are you planning to attend sanskrit classes ?
    yaar d reason i switched from pub ad to sanskrit last year was bcoz a very good pub ad exam wud fetch ya 180-200 marks whereas a below average sanskrit exam can still fetch ya 150...nd sanskrit has d potential to get ya 230-250 marks with a little effort nd guidance...just weigh ya options...think of other subjects lyk philosophy or mayb anthro(if bio backgrnd)...they also have small syllabus...a class of panini will not help ya decide..ask frm d selected ones..

    i wil most probably be goin to attend rajendra sir's classes from 2nd may as i mentioned in d above comment..rite now i m in ahmedabad...i work here...not a gujarati...:P..

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  • In with Sanskrit.( First attempt) Guys don't loose hope. Would be looking for all of your guidance for interview.
    life motivation - जेहि के जेहि पर सत्य सनेहु, सो तेहि मिलई न कछु संदेहु ।।
  • In with Sanskrit.( First attempt) Guys don't loose hope. Would be looking for all of your guidance for interview.
    congrats bro..gud to hear sum1 wid sanskrit passing...
    did ya take coaching...if yes, thn from whom..??
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