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Haryana home state- probable interview questions

Guys let us discss probable intrvw questions fr state of haryana..


  • Why southern haryana is underdevloped...especially in education..??
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    Q1. question based on recent SC decision about Jats
    Q2. Girl/boy ratio is improving in Haryana . Is it a good thing ?
    Arz kia hai :
    "jab shakal par shak hua to hamne sheesha fod diya
    or jab akal par shak hua , to hamne UPSC fod diya "
  • @mokuu good questions..
    Guys if possible dscss answers also..wl b fruitfl for all of us...differnt opinions are welcm..

    Ques- what about the issue of chandigarh..or new capital for haryana..??
  • Q- Recently HR govt sought to change its capital fromchandigarh to karnal. What are its advantages and implications

    Q- Why jats in haryana are economically and socially ahead of other states

    Q- Should khap panchayats be allowed independence considering developmental issues and honour killing

    Q- haryana is a rich state still is socially lagged w.r.t women. Why?
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  • Opinion on sc verdct on jat resrvation..

    If caste can not be considered as the sole criterion for reservation ...then what about other castes in obc section....moreover the concept of creamy layer is there to check d caste as d sole criterion...nd should creamy layer also be applied in sc/st category...

    My point is intra caste exploitation is becmng a bigger problm than inter caste exploitation...tht shd also be chckd...measures must be taken to addrss that....!!
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    Why ru such BIG snobs? =))

    This can be a question.
  • In wid history..from haryana..
    Share ur views..nd help in intvw preparation...
  • Bhai Mukhyamatri ek series aaya tha haryana ke upar wo bhi dekh lo.. shayad kuch fayda mile
  • Q- Recently HR govt sought to change its capital fromchandigarh to karnal. What are its advantages and implications

    are you sure? can you provide a link?
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  • @papalegba. Bhai Plz provide link of that series
  • https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEJ_oaXcdPUvNl5vzw

    Telegram group for Interview prep with Haryana as Home state
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