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Maithili Optional for UPSC and BPSC

I am planning to take Maithili Literature for UPSC and BPSC. I belong to Bihar. I understand Maithili but not able to speak it. Will it be a wrong decision to take it then. Is there any book/ novel etc available by which I can learn how to read and write Maithili. Please help me friends.


  • If you can make broken sentences in Maithili then you can go for this optional. Because with time(in nearly 1 month if you take a guidance of teacher) you will turn into good writer in Maithili.I also had same reservations when I was thinking of taking Maithili. I also could not speak Maithili nicely. But a little effort made me successful. I am currently an IPS trainee. Hopefully I addressed your concern.
  • If you can make broken sentences in Maithili then you can go for this optional. Because with time(in nearly 1 month if you take a guidance of teacher) you will turn into good writer in Maithili.I also had same reservations when I was thinking of taking Maithili. I also could not speak Maithili nicely. But a little effort made me successful. I am currently an IPS trainee. Hopefully I addressed your concern.
    Thanks sir..appreciate your help. Could u please tell which material for Maithili will be good. I heard Manthan IAS materials are good. Also are there any good Maithili videos available ? Thanks in advance..
  • @swordiiitm Don't waste searching video for maithili as i could not find it anywhere. If you do coaching for maithili everything would be clear don't worry.
  • @praween453 perhaps u r 641 . congratss...!!

    Do u think hand writing and presentation matters most for scoring good in maithili ??
  • there is no doubt maithili is very short subject and can be finished in 1 month but this year Q paper was very tough...
    mere pas bas 3 months the aur maithili ki wajah se hi i cud focus on GS and hoping intw call...!!
    lekin paper-2 ka ratta marane me halat kharab ho gayi thi.... :-t
    mene bhi maithili isiliye liya tha ki kuch bhi likho aur marks pao.... B-)
  • @swordiitm I would recommend you to join some coaching for Maithili rather than just going through materials. I had joined Surendra raut sir. I find him the best among many teachers.
    @ autoglobe you should not Bother much about handwriting and presentation. As far as presentation is concerned you will be taught format to write any answer which is quite helpful for a non-lit background student. Again I say from my experience you should not worry about it at all.
    In response to @Newpandit....I would definitely say cramming is definitely required but this is not at all intimidating.

    I hope it addresses all your doubts and sorry foot very late reply.

  • @praween453 sir, can you please let me know the address of surendra raut's coaching institute.
    also does he takes weekend batch? i am working professional i will be able to attend in weekends only.
    Alive n Kicking
  • 090 15 277823 this is his number.... I am not sure about weekend class... Ask him....
  • @praween453 -Thanks a lot sir! I will contact him & enquire about the batches.
    Alive n Kicking
  • @praween453 Sir, I sincerely need an advice from U! 2014 was my 1st attempt and I wrote mains with philosophy. My preparation was not up to the mark dere4 I can't blame d optional. I am a Maithil and dere4 HV heard the language since childhood, though I can't speak it. I am seriously thinking of taking Maithili. Please guide me.
  • How is Shekhar jha (manthan IAS) ?
  • One must go for Maithili lit but few points need to keep in mind -
    1. There is not any so called scoring optional.
    2. I have seen candidates failing with maithili lit as well in their repetitive attempts.
    3. Good amount of time is required if one want to get outstanding score.
    4. Average marks scored in maithili is same as other optionals, which is around 180. And that's not sufficient to even get interview call.

    So my suggestion is -
    1. Read text books available of maithili lit (relevant to syllabus).
    2. Give same attention to maithili as one will give to any other optional.
    3. Focus more on analytical portion as mugging up will not help one. This is quite evident in papers asked from 2011 mains onwards.
    4. Frankly speaking sekhar jha's notes is not upto the mark, which is required to clear UPSC. Though one can complete M.A with that.

    Rest is upto you folks. Respect every subject u read for UPSC otherwise battle would be half won as our motive is to get final success not only get the interview call.

  • Is it advisable for a person who is not a native speaker of maithili to take it up as optional subject? I am planning to switch my optional from geography.
    Any help is most welcome. @praween453 , @sehansah and @all others.
  • I hv recently joined maithili class. Though it is my mother tounge but I can hardly speak it coz at my home ppl speak in Hindi and only in my villages it is spoken. Honestly I feel that one needs to know Hindi, not knowing maithili is not an issue coz even those who know it , know it grammatically wrong and its difficult for them to improve themselves. Its much simpler than Hindi and I would recommend giving it a try and attending few free classes. This year's result in maithili forced me to switch from philo.
  • @Don_001 i was also attracted to this optional bcoz of conciseness of syllabus and good results. But i think since i have absolutely NO IDEA of maithili at all and i am not in a position to join any coaching, self study will not be of much help. Am i correct?
  • Ya...some sort of coaching is must if u have no idea abt the language coz hardly any online help is available.
  • Hey everyone...I am planning to take maithili as my optional for next year. Kindly guide me about the books and notes...thank you!!
  • @praween453 @NewPandit : Kindly guide me for maithili optional please!!
  • How many selected from Maithili?
  • How many selected from Maithili?
    till now 7
  • edited January 2016
    Maithali not recommended...
  • hello guys...planning to take maithali for cs-2016...but got a very poor response frm som of the existing students...well the issue is tat thr is no good teacher for maithali in delhi...thr is sb as SURENDER RAUT abt whom thr is an opinion that that he is completing the syllabus in 6-7 months as he is going to patna every month for 10-15 days...else if teaching in delhi he is giving frequent holidays as he has to eat "MAANCH-BHAT"(FISH and RICE)...also when i talked recently to him then he is committing to complete the syllabus in 2 nd half wats the exact scenario for SURENDRA RAUT...plz giv necessary feedback...

    also regarding SHEKHAR JHA almost everybody is saying that he has done infinity times PHD in fooling the students through his GOL MATOL gossip...

    so guys plz help as i dont want to waste my time, energy n money with these professional DACOITS who are born just to ruin the life of students...may GOD punish their children in the WORST possible manner if the related rumours are true...
  • edited January 2016
    @kishore2016 I have studied Maithili this year from surrender Raut sir. Mine syllabus has completed in about 3 months. And he has taken only 2 days leave in entire 3 months. I am astonished to hear all this rumour about him.
    He is a gem of person. He tries to give attention personally. I even called him up for my doubt removal at 11pm once and he gladly removed my doubt during mains.
    There is no comparison with Shekar Jha. Surrender sir is far better. There are many students who first attended Shekhar Jha class and then come to Raut sir.
    Even if you have any doubt then I will suggest you to take the demo classes of both and take decision.
    Death is only truth rest all is Dhoka...
  • @kishore2016 I joined the Maithili optional at Prabodhan IAS, Surendra Raut Sir on 23rd Nov'15. Within 2 months around 65-70% of the syllabus is done and by Feb it is expected to be complete. Regarding Maithili as an optional only if you dislike Hindi or you have no interest in literature then Maithili could be a tough call. Otherwise Maithili is a better optional compared to others.

    Regarding Surendra Sir, you would hardly find any other faculty who is as cooperative, as flexible, as friendly with the students as him. Plus he has a strong hold on the subject not just the static syllabus as it seams but the dynamic nature too. He explains every possible modifications possible in the topic so that if a twisted question comes in exam then we're familiar with that too.

    I don't know from where you heard all that nonsense that you posted above. Its better to attend a couple of demo classes and then make your own inferences instead of going by "WHAT I HEARD" !! And for clearing UPSC you need to clear GS-IV (ethics paper) too, so think rationally and choose your words before putting it at a public forum.

    I hope this helps. All the best !!!
  • Guys r8now m doin maithali classes by surendra raut sir .honestly I enjoy learning maithali by him.I don't know how can ny1can use abusive lang if one had really attended his classes.hez regular & hardly does NY gossip in class...wat matters is the quality in Upsc exam.& I'm damn sure no serious aspirant can deny DAT Raut sir provides quality input.even whenever I call 4 queries .(even11pm) he ans my call.I don't think we can expect nything more than up to u..all r mature enough to decide their own future course of action.all d best
  • Friends I am shocked by such comments on raut sir. It is totally wrong. He has complete dedication towards students and it is very difficult to find such genuine person. He broadly covers d syllabus in 3 months with standard quality and finally plz don't compare him with shekhar jha
  • @kishore2016 hi kishore, seems you are new to this field, well there is a small suggestion for you, have full confidence in your teacher before you join any institute, regarding me i was also a maithali student at surender raut sir but recently i have shifted to PSYCHOLOGY a few days back somewhere at mukherjee nagar, no doubt surender raut sir is a very decent person, very cooperative.....but for last some time he is taking his class very casually, he skipped 10-15 days in december again 12 days in january. i had joined him during sept., 2015, and january is about to be over, that batch(which i had joined in sept) syllabus is not over till date.well i am a relieved person now as i have changed my optional paper. i dont want to blame anybody, as nobody can snatch my fate. i dont know how somebdy joined on 15th nov and completed 65pc of the syllabus(if somebody cant give a genuine suggestion the plz dont give fake information)...and for yr concern i had called up a friend of mine who had joined on 22nd november he said that it will take another 15 days for paper 1st to be completed, and another one month for paper 2nd. well leave all these people who are just sychophants or some marketing strategy. you better join to that place after having full confidence. one thing more in mukherjee nagar you will find 90pc of the coaching institute as money minter, they hardly care about you or your future. only they will be selling you big dreams that you can become an IAS officer. best of luck
  • u hv right to put your view across but u have no right to say anyone sycophants. I have joined Maithili classes in may 2015 and by June 20 mine 90% syllabus was complete. The last 10% was completed in September after prelims.
    I don't know about ur experience but mine was brilliant that's why I was outraged by the comment like maach bhaat.
    Death is only truth rest all is Dhoka...
  • I am yet to decide my optional and taking any language including maithili sounds risky...
  • By criticising ny1 w/o rationality z really wastage of tym ...won't say anything more but honest request n advice if planning to take maithali go 4 raut sir.....
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