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[Notes making] How do I Sync Notes in Microsoft Onenote 2013?

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freinds.. I'm not a tech savy.. so kindly bare my ignorance..

Recently i have started taking/writing notes in MS Onenote 2013..
The Notebooks/Sections are directly saving into my C-Drive Documents..
I'm afraid of my notes, if something damage happen to my laptop..
I know we can save or sync the notes online(into Skydrive / Onedrive (With 15GB free space online) and we can get back any time.

But my query is...
How to save / sync the notes automatically into My Laptop & Onedrive / Skydrive simultaneously, without fear of losing notes..??
Kindly explain / suggest few links in youtube.. (though i watched few.. couldn't understand)..
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  • Answered. Check inbox!
  • rrsrrs
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    Answered. Check inbox!
    Bro one more doubt.. plz..
    I understood what you said. but.. if you can see the image, which i have uploaded (3 windows clubbed into 1 image) you can understand and suggest better..

    Right now i'm saving Notes in Documents of Libraries and not Documents of Onedrive (may be i have chosen location as "Libraries ->Documents" and not "OS(C)->Ramesh->Onedrive->Documents")
    Every time I'm copy pasting Documents/Notebooks from Libraries to Documents of Onedrive bcoz what i have typed/written/saved is not saving/syncing into Documents/Notebooks of Onedrive.
    My Query is..
    1)Do i have to change (by going to properties of Notebooks) the location of Notebooks to sync online drive simultaneously?

    bro as i said earlier.. i'm new to this type of note making.. so plz kind to me., where ever i sound ignorant.
    Thanks alot..
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  • Look as per my understanding, the problem is in the Location. Whenever you create a notebook, it tells you to select a place. So, we normally have that in our Libraries as in our Documents/My documents folder, Right!

    Next, whenever we have to visit it, we have to go to Documents<< OneNotebook<<Quick Notes and then when you see Other Notebooks, you get your requisite Notebook that you have created!

    So, as you are saying that I need to change it by going to the Properties section, I would say do that and then go to Onelive.com actually you will have that link which will direct you to the OneNote online. There you should go & see time by time if its syncing or not! As for my problems, once it happened that I was also trying to move my Notebook from here to there as in from one location to another location and it created duplicate copies of every folder which created a mess! So please avoid all this! These technical hassles will kill time which we wont have hint later on!

    So stop copy-pasting from here to there! Just note in the Notebook and see that its there in Documents(Library not One drive). In your OneDrive, it just has a google chrome icon containing the link or html icon of the Notebook wherein if you click it will take you in your browser i.e. in Google Chrome and you can view all that you have notes in the OneNote online!

    I have seen all the illustrations you have pointed out here. I am okay with the 1st illustration as thats how my Notes are placed in the exact way! The Window 2a & 2b I ususally dont try to do as it might lead to complicated repercussions!

    Please try and see what happens after doing that "Properties" thing which you have said and after that report either here/in my inbox! Would definitely like to help you!
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    I just checked by going into my Properties that is in the respective Notebooks created! I have chosen


    Open OneNotebook, then there will be quick Notes, open it and go to the Properties of any Notebook suppose Anthropology, therein please change the location of it to One Drive<<Documents instead of


    After you do this, it will take some time and your Notebook's location will be changed!

    In your PC, go to the OneDrive(blue color) and there you will have as many Internet Shortcuts as many you have made notebooks. Those Internet shortcuts will be shaped as in Google chrome color icons. If you double click it, it will take you to the Onelive.com where you can see how much it has saved and synced!

    To confirm all of this, I tried doing and it really happened! Please do this task and see and still if problems persists, message me!
  • Plzz tell m to how to.make notes in onenoteonenote
    Answered. Check inbox!
  • guys is there a way to read onenote content in mobile without horizontal scrolling(like pdf rendering in Foxit reader)

    @Shamitav..... any idea?
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