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IB ACIO Exam related discussion



  • Any body who has appeared before please state how to fill up the forms (do's and Dont's )

    How to prepare for interview ?

    is It true that final selection will be solely based on interview marks ?

  • @avatar
    Just fill what they are asking.

    IB people don't conduct interview like SSB( Service Selection Boards) in defence services. I find it difficult to believe that they select solely based on interview.

    In my interview they asked about Fundamental rights, fundamental duties, difference between FRs and FDs,
    Name 3 fundamental duties.
    Type of constitutional amendments
    Why IB
    Name Paramilitary forces . Difference between Paramilitary forces and Armed forces.
    Name DG of Assam Rifles.
    asked about Sub Corp HQ in Ambala.
    Regarding Name of Mohali District .
    Reason for Low Sex ratio in haryana.

    I was asked question on this because of my defence background and I had appeared in CAPFs and CDSE exams.
    These questions were asked in SIB , Chandigarh. Different SIBs stressed on different areas.
    Therefore , questions are asked according to one's background.

    On broad plane , I think we should prepare on IB, NE insurgency and states, Home state, Education Background, previous exams appeared ( you may mention only those exams that may relate to defence and security services- I did the same) .

    PS- I was not finally selected in ACIO 2013.
  • @manoj07 @avatar
    when does the training generally starts?
    Can it start before mains(december)?

    @avatar you are selected in cse14 right?
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  • @KiteRunner
    They call candidates in batches as they have limited capacity at Shivpuri.
    so don't worry about training before mains . usually you can get extension .

    I don't know more than this as I was not selected .
  • @manoj07 Is it necessary to get it attested from a "real" gazetted officer ?/ or just some random seal /sign would do ?/ In delhi, I dont konw any1 in personal so can u tell sum1 who can do it ??
  • A.F & SSQ have to be filled in both Hindi and English or in any one language?
  • @Deltoid I filled only in one language.
  • @Wittgenstein Bro I am from Chandigarh , I don't know about Delhi.
    I usually get them attested from my college.
    In Delhi there must b lot of gazetted officers who may attest your documents. Issue would be about Character certificate as Once a Major attested my document but didn't sign my character certificate .

    Before making efforts , try contacting MHA/IB
    to enquire whether Self attested document work or not.otherwise you can go for any random stamp or sign at your own risk.

    In case of my interview, one guy started asking about issuing authority for OBC certificate.
  • @manoj07 - bhai can i also get it done from my school's principal?
  • @kancha cheena
    On SSQ , for identity certificate page number 7 , point number 5 mention as follows

    Principal/Headmaster of the recognised school/college/Institution where the candidate studied last.

    Therefore , ideally it refers to your college or department. But I am not sure about school principal. College is always safe
  • @manoj07 - yes brother i have read that point..that's why wanted to confirm from you...yes you are correct that ideally it means college but what i thought that why they would mention school becoz minimum qualification required is graduate for this xam...so may be attestation from school be valid...what's your say?
  • @kancha cheena
    Bhai ab m to speculate hi Kar sakta hu...ab ye to in logo ko contact kr k ji confirm kiya ja sakta h...
    kyonki aisa bhi ho sakta h ki vo log sabhi recruitments k liye ek hi SSQ form use kar rahe ho...kuch recruitment m educational qualification 12th b ho sakti h ..jaise ki security assistant etc.
  • @manoj07 - yes....may be..
  • anybody having interview in bangalore?
  • what's the difference between this IB post n ssc cgl IB assistant..? which one better n why?
  • what's the difference between this IB post n ssc cgl IB assistant..? which one better n why?
    This is for ACIO-II which has grade pay of ₹4200 while SSC one is for ACIO-I which has grade pay ₹4600 hence better. Also people say u will get less field postings in SSC one.
    Chuck the Chucking Chuckers!!!
    Interview: ---------
  • @rossi bangalore.. 17th August...
  • what was your score?? n how are you preparing

  • dnt remember the score..!! studying for upsc right now.. no much prep for IB as such... whens ur interview..??
  • edited August 2015

    Thanks for the detailed answer ...

    They haven't mentioned the character certificate anywhere... ?
    also no where they have mentioned that you need get your docs attested , only thing that i have come across is an identity certificate (attestation form , pg 6) that we need get attested.
    OR am i missing something ?


    Did any body get documents attested in Delhi ? if yes where ? was he know to you ?

  • 18th @ ABD
  • Also ,

    They have asked to bring AF and SSQ forms in triplicate.

    so should we fill up one set and get two photocopies or we need to fill up all the three sets separately ?

    clear these doubts guys.
  • @avatar
    So no character certificate , I meant Identity certificate .

    regarding attestation certificate , if I remember correctly last I had them attested . Will read instructions again
  • Documents kya kya chaie ??
    Original or xrox would suffice.
    Please answer , , grateful to you. !!!
    Upsc upsc upsc upsc .!! Aur upsc !!
  • bring original and attested copies of photocopy of original documents...
    i am simply awesome and i love everyone
  • documents ka self attestation chalega kya?
  • no..we have to get them attested from gazetted officer or any authority mentioned in the interview form
    i am simply awesome and i love everyone
  • i have attested identity certificate but not 10th,12th certificate.....cann't we do self attestation in that?
  • yar, koi identity form pe attest karne ke liye maan hi nahi raha hai. Sab keh rahe hai ki, they dont know us personally. Self attestation chalega kya ??
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