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geography 1

Though i didnt appear i am very curious to know the nature of 1st paper
मैं खड़ा हूँ उसी दोराहे पे, आज भी इंतज़ार में तेरे !
या तो ज़िन्दगी आये तेरे लिबास में! या मैं चलूँ फिरदौस की तलाश में !!


  • hw was geo paper ??? pls upload q.p also
  • Easiest paper ever. ...... though lengthy....
  • very generalist paper.
    everybody could have written something.
    depth and substance will matter.
    strive for greatness.
  • hw many questions were in P1???
  • 8 question, 2 compulsory , total 5 to attempt.
    strive for greatness.
  • Ya paper was general but I am happy that I applied numerous humam geog theories in answering gs type questions.....historical unjustice to geog paper undone....good questions
  • 8 question, 2 compulsory , total 5 to attempt.
    ok buddy
  • @nasela_batman asaan nhi tha bhai but bhut general tha. even GS student would have written something.
    apart from that i havent pepared more than 50% syllabus, maybe thats why i'm happy to see such paper.
    strive for greatness.
  • Wasnt easy.....seems easy....
  • seems like everyone is busy...all the best for P2.
  • Pub Ad mei to log bol rahe hain ki laga di...lets see geog kaisa rahta hai..All the best for p2
  • Pub Ad mei to log bol rahe hain ki laga di...lets see geog kaisa rahta hai..All the best for p2
    yeah, they even created a thread"RIP Public Administration". :( Compared to that P1 of geo seems easy...lets see hwz P2 especially Map portion.
  • By the way 2015 aspirants..what is the status of your optional ... I am yet to begin...
  • Geography was surprisingly most popular optional at Patna centre by big margin. Around 1/4th of all students had it. Same in other centres?
  • Well geog and pub ad are by far the most popular optionals...
  • How was P2 compared to P1?
  • How was P2 compared to P1?
    paper 2 was complex.
    It is not the eyes that are blind but the heart
  • Abe yaar aasan kaise lag rha hai sabko yahan toh tote ud gae :((
    sahi kaha.
    Jab likna pade ga tab pata lage ga ke aasan tha ya tought.But easier than last time no doubt.
    It is not the eyes that are blind but the heart
  • Easier than last time.. but lengthy with high possibility of vague answers.. Unfortunately missed 60 marks questions. I think my interview dreams are over. :((
  • How was P2 compared to P1?
    paper 2 was complex.
    map entries kaise thi? currents affairs se thi ya random places
  • Current affair based.. Easy, all familiar places.
  • ok, please share ur attempted marks out of 500.
  • Gurushikhar, Bhor ghat, Mundra, Hazira, Kalibangan, Shravanabelagola, Vembanad, Mahendragiri, Gangasagar, Chandipur
  • Non geography optional students can answer many of question
  • Yes, even non-geography students could have answered more than half of paper 2.
  • Out of 500, I have attempted just 425... Hoping to get at max. 200.. Life depends on Essay and GS now. :-SS
  • @all
    i think it would be better for aspirants to write down the answers in bullet points atleast for the questions that they can evaluate once the marks are declared..... after 6 months one would not renenber his/her defects and will become clueless or prejudiced in opinnion to improve....
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