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Which coaching has best study material for general studies?

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Preparing General Studies requires two sides: 1st static portion of syllabus and 2nd current affairs.

Current affairs are easily covered by The Hindu and Pratiyogita Drapan etc.

But for most of the static portions of general studies papers, standard books are not sufficient as most of them cover very less topics. So, we need fodder, static portion to understand such topics.

Can someone suggest which coaching institute's material is good enough for static portion of general studies (mains exam)?

Vajiram or VisionIAS or Khan's study group or which one? Please suggest and what would be the cost?
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  • GS1 ==> no need of any notes. All topics can be covered with std reference textbooks.
    GS2 ==> found visionias supplementary notes good. But, ARCs, Puncchi, LAxmikant, New Horizons of Public Admin are much better. No idea about IR.
    GS3 ==> Sriram good for Economics along with visionias material. For env studies ==> Shankarias (~270 pages). For Security ==> IDSA, ARCs, Puncchi. No idea about coaching notes.
    GS4 ==> Lexicon by Chronicle IAS academy. Also, SK Mishra's notes (~400 pages) are good after that.

    visionias notes ==> ~1200 pages (all GS). Their notes are good for GS2 and for some parts of GS3. GS4 notes are not that useful. Lexicon is better.
    Sriram ==> ~400 pages good for economics.
    Vajiram/==> have not used them.
    KSG ==> not used them.

    I think you should visit insightsonindia also. See what they suggest. Their sources are also good. Consider every thing and then decide which material to refer.
    pre - 2, mains - 1*
  • which coaching is best for ethics integrity and aptitude (GS4)
  • FACULTY Required for the General Studies subject in a Reputed Coaching Institute at Delhi location. Preference would be given to the Candidates appeared Mains Exams of the Union/ State Civil Services , State Judicial Services Exams .
    Contact with YOURS ACACDEMIC DETAILS to the Director,
    Contact no.: 9810724991.
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