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The hindu in e-book(~750KB) format

edited November 2014 in Tools & Technology
I am an aspirant from rural area where the Hindu' hard copy is not available, and while reading in online we have to open news articals link by link(either from feedly or Today news paper page ),so it is little-bit uncomfortably for me and also worried for limited data plan consumer.
So an alternate way of reading the Hindu, is in E-book format.
just download blow softwares, then go to fetch news option, then select India, and select which news paper or magazine you wanted to download.
most imp thing is whole paper/magazine seize is vary nearly about 700-800 KB.(because e-book format).
If you have windows 8.1, then you can download e-book reader app from store.(book bazaar reader, nook etc.)
but if you have any other version you can download ice cream eBook reader.
You can also read these eBook(paper) in your smart phone eBook reader, by simply import from your SD card in app.
These are the links
Hope you enjoy.


  • edited November 2014
    Yes, this works. Very useful for those with Tablets. But then if you can access the newspaper as such, nothing better than reading the actual newspaper.
    I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.
  • Plz tell me android app name for that
  • Y not epaper
    I am using it only 1800 for whole yr
  • yes, you can subscribe e-paper(1800/-), but by reading this method no subscription is required.
    Calibre fetching all RSS feeds from Today's news paper page and arrange properly and in an e-book format.
    I think it is cheap (only data charges are(daily ~800KB) applied) and more convenient.
    I recommended that, you have to try at least 1 time.

    calibre is available on windows platform, so after download (the HINDU e-book file
    ) on your PC , you can transfer it on any device(Android/windows/ios), and read it by any e-book reader (bookviser, Freda reader, etc. you can search in your app store by typing e-book reader )
  • good thing mate! had Calibre but never tried this feature!

  • Not only Hindu but you can read many others for free. It is classified based on countries.
    I don't know where I am going but I am on my way.
  • I am using Android on my tab.... Which app will work..?
    Also, I have no pc to download the ebook on it first and then transfer it to my tab.
  • As I mentioned above you have to had a pc/lapy to run the calibre.
  • As I mentioned above you have to had a pc/lapy to run the calibre.
    For your kind information let me tell you how much wrong info you shared here..

    1) Calibre works not just on window 8.1 but also for lower versions even with Vista.
    2) Icecream Reader provides no option to download newspapers from the internet. It just facilitates reading of books already downloaded or lying in your hard disk.

    Please refrain from disseminating wrong infos....
    Mathematics CSE 2015
  • @DareDevil : Tamhin15 didnt said anything wrong..

    (1)Mine is Windows 7 Home Premium. Calibre is working fine.
    (2)When does he told that icecream reader gives option to download news papers from internet? You need to understand that calibre was for creating epub and Icecream was to read that epub. :)

    You please read carefully before you say others are wrong.

    Thanks @tamhin15
  • Sorry..i misunderstood about Vista..But i think anyone can know about OS requirements, by googling Calibre
  • @tamhin15 please address my two queries.
    1. Can i convert only today newspaper to ebook or can i do previous date papers too?
    2. Will i be able to copy paste from ebook to word document? or is it read only?
  • any 1 having Vision Ias notes of science & tech...?? plzz upload
  • himanshum, as I mentioned above Calibre fetching all RSS feeds from Today's news paper page, It is pre-programed by developer, so You do not able to fetch previous news papers.

    Yes you can copy past from reader

    Second thing I want to mention here is, you can also read these epub(e-book) in calibre' own reader. click on view tab.

    Now one of the most imp function of the calibre is, you can import OPML file(feedly feeds list) and download all selected feed articles.
  • DareDevil, you have to read at least one more time and tried to understand meaning of
    above pera.
  • Hi, you can also follow this blog, the hindu ebook in pdf and mobi formats are uploaded here daily, check it out
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