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Apt Government job for UPSC preparation with less workload and also a good backup option

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Suggest whether Manager job in FCI or Transmission Executive job in Prasar Bharti would be a better option for UPSC preparation while on a job with ample time for preparation.
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  • Don't know about these jobs but I know, PSUs are time sucking institutions. :D
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  • Dont get into any PSU if u want to study
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  • Try to get into central armed police force as asst commandant. You wil be having enough time on many a days.
    Manzil mile na mile ye to muqaddar ki baat hain, Hum koshish bhi na kare ye toh galat baat hain.
  • @ashutosh_aditya , @Phoenix_Saga

    Absolutely right . Never ever join any engineering/banking PSU. You will lose all your time. posting in remote locations . A sad story indeed .

    @Confused_soul : bro where did you come to know that asst commandant job will give ample time ? As far as I know it is a hectic job with several transfers lined up and due to strenuous training and field job profile it sucks away all the energy from a mortal. However , if you have a better perspective , please enlighten us all.
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    उम्र-ए-दराज़ माँग कर लाये थे चार दिन, दो पढ़ने में कट गये दो रिजल्ट के इन्तज़ार में
  • Best thing is to join a ministry in Delhi as an assistant by clearing SSC.
    Fixed working hours,desk job,ample time to study,decent salary,can avail coaching and study material.
  • My suggestion is clear rbi grade b if you can. You will get support and a really good job in case you dint get through upsc.
  • Rbi grade b or ssc ny one of these wuld be gud
    Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax)
  • :O
    Musafir hu yaaron.... na ghar hai na thikana... mujhe chalate jaana hai, bas chalte hi jaana hai......
  • Even teacher job is good option
    I am a real ghost (after dead type). I am being honest. Boooooo......
  • @roshhan : i agree, you need to undergo 1year of hectic training. But after that in most of the forces, you mostly get 20-22 hours of work in a week, esp in NAXALITE areas.

    Moreover, in itbp, ssb and bsf too, in some postings you get ample time. In cisf, it depends on the posting.

    Hectic job is for the subordinates, generally not for the superiors. Also, its the best back up after all india services.
    Manzil mile na mile ye to muqaddar ki baat hain, Hum koshish bhi na kare ye toh galat baat hain.
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