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Test series paper for Public Administration

edited July 2014 in Miscellaneous
Please upload test series paper of pub-ad, whichever it may be. last year vision ias test papers with soln were available. I think they give previous years paper..but couldn't find them for 2013 or 2014..please provide if anyone having. ..?


  • Anyone having test series paper of vision ias 2013...please share..!!
  • Nobody has any papers of any test series? Please upload the images of test you give..!!
  • joined vision ias 2014 test series(6th sept batch)....those who need paper give ur mail id.

  • Plz send to
    Much appriciated brother..
    Manzil mile na mile ye to muqaddar ki baat hain, Hum koshish bhi na kare ye toh galat baat hain.
  • Please send to Thanks.
  • please send to:
    thanks a lot....
  • edited September 2014
    @zenguias -- Email pm to u...please send...much appreciated. .
  • Synergy Pub Ad Test 1
    1. Answer the following questions in not more
    than 150 words each. 10×5=50
    a) "Decentralisation inclines towards
    competition" H.Foyal
    b) Discuss the principles of organisation given
    by H. Eric Frank.
    c) Enumerate & explain the classification of
    organisation, as given by Katz & Kahn.
    d) Highlight E. Mayo’s view on society & politics.
    e) Gullick’s & Urwick’s views were much ahead
    of their times and unparallel. Comment.
    2. a) 'Not only the orientation of Taylor & Fayol
    were different, but their concerns were also
    different. Comment 25 marks
    b) Explain the Bureaucracy and highlight, how it
    meant something unique for Max Weber. 25
    3. a) Was Max Weber, all convinced about the
    effectiveness and efficiency of Bureaucracy? 20
    b) Are Scientific management theories valid
    today? 20 Marks
    c) "Whether the outcome is a comprehensive of
    luck or wisdom the moment of decision is
    without doubt the creative event in the life of
    executive" Explain 10 Marks
    4. a) "Leaders, not managers, conquor the
    content". Bennis. 20 Marks
    b) Bring out the differences between formal &
    informal organisations, in terms of their meaning,
    functions and characteristics. 30 Marks
    5. Write in not more than 150 words each. (5×10
    = 50)
    a) Transformational leadership is fundamentally
    different from Transactional leadership. Explain.
    b) Which is more effective “Theory X” or “Theory
    Y” of Mc. Gregor Analyse.
    c) Maslow’s thoughts on human motivation got
    a serious criticism due to its limited character.
    d) Contrast views of M.P. Follet with her
    classical counterparts on the issue of conflict in
    6. a) Classical theories were not only obotic but
    also atomistic & formalistic. Explain. (20)
    b) The “POCCC” of H Fayol is considered as
    foundation stone to achieve organisational
    efficiency. (20)
    c) Mayoism is an anti-thesis of Taylorism.
    Comment. (10)
    7. a) The contemporary approach in Leadership
    requires adaptation & innovation to deal with
    multidimensional circumstances. Comment. (20)
    b) Communication is the organisation. Comment.
    c) Group decision making is nothing but a
    window to bring in chaos. Comment. (10)
    8. a) Acceptance of authority not only hinges on
    communication. Explain. (10)
    b) Is something like "Ventilation therepy" , at all
    relevant in today’s organisation? (10)
    c) The effective value in an organisational
    communication is better attained by means of
    coping with its barriers & breakdowns. (30)

  • @zenguias -- brother pls send me also
  • sent the question paper to all.
  • @zenguias Plaese do add me also
  • Please add me too
  • @zenguias
    I didnt got the the question paper.Please send me on
    Thanks in advance...
  • Can anyone explain the classification of organisation katz and kahn?
  • I didn't get it too...please send it to
  • bro plz send to too.. thanks in advance..
  • plz send me too at in advance
  • please send me question papers

  • Please send q paper to
    Thank You
    Optional - Pubad
  • Plss send at
  • Please send me to Thanks.
  • Bro, please send the paper to
  • hi, please send me paper at please.....
  • it would be better if u create google drive for ques paper and share with us...
    kindly send them on my id
    jis sankalp me vikalp wo sankalp nahi ..
  • @zenguias Please send me vision ias pubad testseries qns paper and model ans..I will be grateful to u.
    A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you.
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