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Bharat IAS and kas/ Byju's Bangalore reviews??

edited June 2014 in SSC
anyone here from Bharat IAS and kas/Byju's???
please share your reviews about the institutes...


  • I have been part of Byju's tablet+class course for 2015 CSE here in Bangalore ...
    Paid 75k for weekend classes & tablet with content

    Here goes my review

    They literally screwed up my preparation with their constantly changing of teachers and non-continuous classes.
    Their marketing is very good, so that's creative appreciation from my side.
    Very good teachers initially to impress students, but this changes later on with constant changing of teachers.
    They advertised a 2nd batch classes in newspaper, and integrated them with the 1st batch and repeated the covered topics. Hence they claim lack of time to cover topics, while they make money.
    Test series was average.
    No continuity in classes, i.e, history classes are held once in 2-3 months.
    Some teachers are really good and they did manage to complete significant topics.
    CSAT classes only in tablet

    just plain classes and no video visualization.
    Polity, modern history, int relations, internal security, economy are good.
    Other history, S&T, environment ecology, geography - suck big time !!!
    CAST classes are really nice.
    Basically, though it has good stuffs, there is equal number of dud content !!
    No Art & Culture
    Videos are watchable for 3 times and they do have a deadline when all the data gets erased (no issues with this).
    Providing mentor and all are shit, don't believe them !! Almost all teachers don't reply to your mails or messages when you ask for doubt.

    MY review summary : Though Byju's have a pretty good staff and content in tablet, they have an equally bad elements which actually negate their good work.
    I would recommend you to study at home by yourself.

  • Bharat IAS is the most hopeless institution in bangalore, neither are there any good teachers nor are they interested in teaching anything..
  • in Bangalore as such there is no good institution, thats why people go to delhi.:(
    among these two byju is fine, if they give discount it would be affordable for people like me...
  • As for as institutions in bangalore is considered most of them either do not cover the whole topics or they dont have teachers to take the particulate topics. had been to two institutions in bangalore ( i dont want to name them here ) and discontinued within 2/3 classes

    .. we are a group of friends who are civil service aspirants (WORKING ) . we conduct FREE CLASSES for gs n csat . interested aspirants can ...inbox me .

    thank you
  • I will plan to start a pub ad test series in Bangalore where with minimum intake I will be telling students about the best practices to follow in Mains answer writing.
    1-1 feedback session and ontime checking of copies will be other features of test series.
    Qualified prelims thrice and twice in a row with the latest patern.

  • Mr Rossi
    Can I know who are you
    Y u posted spammy post on bharat ias academy
    U are not student of bharat ias institute
    There s no records of ur admission in any of branches

    Bharat ias and kas coaching institute is one the best institute for upsc ias and Kpsc kas in bangalore

    Bharat ias and kas have more than 50 successful students in both ias and kas

    Many of their students working as officers in Karnataka and across India

    About faculties best selective faculties who qualified for interviews

    For more information plz visit www.bharatias.com

    Note:- please stop posting unnecessary comments. U people need to face legal action

    Competitors need to maintain ethics

    Please don't play cheap trick

    Thank you
  • I have joined Bharat IAS last year and that was the biggest mistake of my life. It's the most hopeless institute one can ever find. All the results they post are totally fake. Teacher's are not regular at all. Their basics are not at all clear. They teach shit in the class. Students join it because they don't have any other option. I request everyone not to join it and don't waste your hard earned money on them.
  • Byju ravindran is becoming a threat to the indian education system ,which is already in a dire state.#honest ,u like it or not.
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