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Profiles of all those who cleared 2013 mains

edited March 2014 in SSC
i wanted to make a new thread of all those guys who cleared mains 2013

here just provide us the details which will help us understand what materials you guys used,your strategy and whether you were in a job or not

please provide details like mentioned below

aim: ias,ips,ifs or ifos

job: yes or no

newspapers: hindu, ET, IE etc

materials for prelimns: TMH,spectrum,Ncert etc

materials for mains: any coaching institute materials, supplementary,books etc

sites refereed: mrunal,govt websites etc

did u join a coaching institute: yes(which one?) or no

your optional:

materials used for optionals: books,websites,coaching materials etc

any additional information:

your comments:


  • edited March 2014
    After interview is finished many would like to comment here.. But certainly not now!

    Right now everyone's ass is on fire!
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  • Since interviews are almost over. Is it possible to upload your profiles?
  • C'mon guys results are out,please post your profiles.
  • Yup .Results are out and it will be for all of us here on forumias.

    Waiting for the profiles now .
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  • Let me start.

    aim: ias or ips

    job: yes. Took leaves with no pay for 2-3 months. Wasn't sufficient.

    newspapers: hindu only.

    materials for prelimns: none except newspaper, laxmikanth, etc. Was sure about paper 2 so dint really care.( 90s + 180+). I have had a habit of reading random books that helped me everywhere.

    materials for mains: all standard books like laxmikanth, ramesh singh, bipin chandra, spectrum art etc. Forte was current affairs notes prepared from newspaper everyday. As you keep doing it for months you start seeing connections and links that help write better answers. Nowadays I can read a news and can recollect its whole history and imp. points without any effort. For example Indian Patents office rejected an patent applicatikn for another drug recently under section 3d of indian patents act, i could readily recollrct sc's glivec verdict and IPAB's naxavar. I hope you understand what I am getting at. Some selected visionias notes for random topics.

    sites refereed: selectivery mrunal especiallu enb part. Prsindia.org.

    did u join a coaching institute: no just visionias test series.

    your optional: doesn't matter didn't prepare well enough. Probably could have scored 30-40 more marks here even with 2-3 more weeks of prep. All is history now.

    any additional information: primary focus on daily newspaper with the kind of general question they ask nowadays. Writing practice is a must. I scored more marks in general questions where i dint know much while questions i thought i knew all about were less scoring in test series. You must prepare to attempt more. You'll never be able to guess the scoring pattern/mind of the examiner, better to give him a lot of options to award you marks.

    Result : not recommended.
  • yes. @all please share your profile and details. Lets hear it!!
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