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Quest Forum ID of Forum Oldies and Friends

Please put your Quest platform ID here (for future contact purpose) if you also migrated there. Will be happy to see all popular or valuable people on the new and better Quest Forum platform. Waiting for your attendance at


My quest ID -

Being IAS... 4 U Onlyyy... :-)

" Woods are lovely dark and deep..
But I have promises to keep..
But I have promises to keep..
And miles to go before I sleep.. before I sleep. " :)

#HumHongeKamyaabEkDin :)


  • edited March 29
    @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh Sir please keep anyone of discuss / quest, active. Close and archive all threads of discuss...and plz make few rules of quest lenient ....
    Such as
    PSC thread be allowed on quest.
    And one thread for diary ( not for the Bakar).
    One thread for rooms.
    And one thread for sell of old stuffs, but not the coaching videos.
    And one thread for any suggestion regarding ways to improve quest platform.
    And one for explaining the rules and tutorials on how to use that platform, in lucid manner.
  • still no HTTPS on quest?
    The day we decided that the worth of an individual was determined by their performance in an examination, that was the day Education failed us.
  • edited April 1
    Https shows trustworthiness of a website... since u know quest and its authenticity...so it does not make much of the difference
  • @root
    sir what is this new website??..
    is it different from 9 pm brief ??

  • ClickHere said:

    sir what is this new website??..
    is it different from 9 pm brief ??


  • Hello guys, I'm switching over to Quest now. Took this decision after much deliberation. I will not be available on this platform anymore. You can reach me there.

    My quest ID -

    Thanks everyone. :)
    God bless you. :+1:
    While I breathe, I hope
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  • My id same.
    ये वक़्त ना ठहरा है, ये वक़्त ना ठहरेगा |
    यूही गुज़र जाएगा घबराना कैसा |
    हिम्मत से काम लेंगे, घबराना कैसा |
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