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hv filled for both civils and forests. But the fees charged was 100 rs only. Shouldnt it be 200 rs.


  • You only fill ONE application form as the prelims is one and the same for both. And in that ONLY application form you either choose to appear for one or for both. So the fee is based on number of forms , and not on the number of exams.
  • One form filling, One day exam, one time slot, one admit card, one question paper.. then why two times fee?

    100 only is taken.
  • edited March 6
    If you qualify for both mains, then you'll be paying twice during the DAF of each of the exam.
    2017,2018 : P+M.
  • 200 katna chaiye tha u just got lucky
    Sunate The Ham Yeh Jindagee, Gham Aur Khushee Kaa Mel Hai
    Hamko Magar Aaya Najar, Yeh Jindagee Woh Khel Hai
    Koyee Sab Jite Sab Koyee Haar De, Apanee Toh Har Hai
  • 200 katna chaiye tha u just got lucky

    My God!! @indianatheist now u must treat us :blush:
  • Thank u all. I was worried. All the best to all kind souls.
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