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Regarding eligibility for EWS quota

Can someone please elaborate the eligibility criteria for EWS quota? I am a general candidate. My family income is below 8 lakhs, my father is a retired central government pensioner. We however live in a flat that is 1200 square feet which is in my grandfather's name. My father pays the taxes for the house. So will the EWS quota be applicable to me?


  • If your grandfather is alive you are 100% eligible. If he is no more then maybe some jugad will be required
    36 ka aankda with upsc
  • Thanks for sharing an informative post.
  • @chokeslam Thank you for replying. My grandfather is no more. My father and uncle are the two heirs of my grandfather. My uncle does not live here since more than two decades now and lives in a different state. We have repeatedly asked him to come down for mutation of the property which he has not taken any initiative still. Online mutation has just been introduced so that wasn't an option before and even now I doubt my uncle will cooperate. Will going to the municipality help? I know you cannot say for sure. But any opinion on it will be appreciated.
  • @Debaleena you should get ews reservation because your father's "actual" property will be only 600 Square feet. According to me you should go to yout tahsildar and get clarity on the issue. One boy had similar issue with 2000 sq feeet house but his father has 2 brothers and he said his tehsildar said it can be done. So good luck to you
    36 ka aankda with upsc
  • @chokeslam Thank you for the help. Best of luck to you too.
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