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Interview Transcripts - 2019 compilation

following collection of raw transcriptions have been taken from telegram group : , by @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh ( this contains present as well as some older transcripts ) , pdf compliation board wise will be also posted later if possible
, also please keep this thread purely for interview prep and no other doubts , unnecessary comments will be deleted


Vikram Nadhe(BSc Agri)
Date 28/1/2019
Board:P K Joshi Sir
Last to go in afternoon session.

Where have you been preparing?
Your interest is teaching why don't you pursue it?
What is the difference between NCC and NSS?
What is the head of NCC called?
Who is his equivalent in Army?
Have you visited any Protected area?(I told Koyana WLS and Keoladeo NP)
Tell me the difference between two?
Tell me contribution of Jyotiba phule?
Tell me some books written by him?

Difference between NP WLS and Biosphere reserve?
What are the types of biodiversity?
What are endemic species?
Tell some examples?
Where does volcanism occurs?
Places in India?
What is hotspot?
What is Forest management?
How administration in Forest areas takes place?
What is compost?
How is it prepared?

Tell me some future techniques in agriculture?
Which plants have you planted?(my extra coricular activity had tree plantation)
From where have you collected those plant?
What is van mahotsava?
What is JFM
What is Minor Forest Produce and examples of it?
What is watershed management?(my NSS activity they might had asked)
There is one place named after Rajguru in Pune do you know that?
What is Forest productivity?
How to increase it?
(The abruptly shifted towards chairman)
Chairman:Thank you Vikram.


Durgesh karkhele
Soni sir panel
29 jan 2019
{Bsc agriculture
Optionals: Botany and agriculture }
You did agriculture , Bsc agri?
What is purpose of your life ,why u are living?
When u come to delhi ? (From maharashtra)
Why preparing at delhi?
Why not at home ?
Is it worthwhile to study in delhi?
What benefit delhi giver to u?
Why farmer distress at vidarbha?
Issues with cotton?
What is DNA?
What is RNA?
Difference between two?
Difference between bryophyte and pteridophyte?
Tel me theory of evolution other than Darwin?
What lamarck tells about jiraf?
Tell me abt what u did in niriver cleanin ?(extra curricular)
Tell abt gvt initiative?
Abot namae gange?
Success of it?
Your suggestions for improvement?
What is bottom up approach?
What species u save from road kill?
Measures to prevent it?
Which is largest bird? (Watching national geography)
Tell specific about ostrich?
Who hatch eggs male or female?
Who care young one ?
Despite spines in acasia how jiraf eat it ie modification?
How acasia modify to prevent eating by jiraf?
Is horticulture and forestry in conflict?
Which disease transmitted from domestic animal to wild?
How to prevent it?
Durgesh it was like education class we share lots of knowledge.
Best luck for your future
Have nice day


Abhijeet Jagtap
Chairman: Dr Manoj Soni Sir
1. Have have joined any educational institution after 2010.
2. What u have learned in life in these years. ?
3. What are the incidences of happiness in your life?
4. Have u Visited any national park? Uniqueness of it.
5. Why u have appeared in CAPF exam?
6. Will you join C.O. post.?

1. Have you visited any sanctuary near Pune? Flora in it...
2. Mangroves in detail. With species.
3. Imp role played by Sanjay Gandhi national park.

1. What is remote sensing.? And details involved in it.
2. What is cloud computing?

1. What is geographical division of Maharashtra?
2. Forest in marathwada area
3. Sugarcane.. why UP is behind. ?
4. Cooperative sector...
5. Hobby related question.
Thank you.


*Omkar M Pawar*
Optionals-Agri engg. and forestry
29th Jan 2018
IFS interview transcript
PK Joshi Panel
Around 30 min

1. You have done BE form DY Patil College..Is it a private or a government college? what are you doing since graduation?
3. Tell me something about Pune

*Member 1*
1.what is joint forest management?
2. Despite of being successful preservation of forest over 100 years suddenly why it is required to have community involvement?
3.which are the forest acts governing the forest areas?
4.asked about engineering can it be used in forestry? are a sport you know of which wood cricket bat is made up of?
6.tell the scientific name of that tree
7.where is it found?
8.can you tell the regeneration method of salix aliba?(used for cricket bat)
9.what are the types of nurseries
10.How it is created? and factors considered
11.what is Ujjwala scheme? it is contributing in forest conservation?

*Member 2*
1.tell me about agricultural process engineering
2.what is rice husk?tell me it's uses
3.what is rice bran? agriculture waste can be processed using engineering methods?
5.what are conventional energy and non conventional energy sources?
4.give some examples of that?
5.why we need alternate sources?
6.difference between biotechnology and chemical technology
7.what are biodiversity hotspots?
8.How many biodiversity hotspots are there in India,tell the names tribals are administered?
10.what Is PESA?
11.fifth and sixth schedule, difference between them..
12.states where Sixth schedule is applicable?

*Member 3*
1.what is biodiversity?
2.what are the types of biodiversity?
3.what are the conservation methods?explain
4. what are the vegetative propagation methods?
5.what is climate change?
6.what is wetland?
7.effect of climate change on wetlands
8.Ramsar convention?
9.number of ramsar sites in India? two sites.
11.largest fresh water lake in India?
12.what is desertification?
what are the reasons for that?

1.what is forest cover of India?
2.despite of increase in pressure and population why is forest cover increasing? tribals contribute in Forest conservation?
4.what are the reasons for forest fires? sub questions about fire line

Thank You Omkar,Your Interview Is Over.



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