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CSP 2019 - Strategy cum prep partner search.

Any serious candidate willing to do collaborative preparation in these last four months to CSP? We can schedule calls and do an overview of major CA and static topics.

I have the following plan in mind:

Revision Cycle 1
1. GS-III Topics (CA +Static +Practice Tests) 11th Jan-20th Jan, 2019
2. GS-II Topics (CA+ Static + Practice Tests) 21st Jan- 5th Feb, 2019
3. GS-I Topics (CA+ Static + Practice Tests) 6th Feb - 18th Feb, 2019

Revision Cycle 2
1. GS-III Topics - 1st March, 2019-5th March, 2019
2. GS-II Topics- 6th March,2019-10th March, 2019
3. GS-I Topics- 11th March, 2019- 15th March, 2019

Revision Cycle 3
Full Syllabus Revision+ 1 Daily Prelims Practice Test - 16th March-15th April

Revision Cycle 4
Full Syllabus Revision+ 1 Daily Prelims Practice Test - 1st May, 2019- 25th May, 2019

Anyone willing to collaborate can drop a personal message. Someone with PSIR optional is preferred.


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